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WarioWare: Move It! Review (Nintendo Switch)



WarioWare: Move It! Review

Video games aren't always about blood and guts or heart-pounding adventures that make you want to throw your controller in frustration when you mess up. There are games out there that offer vibrant, fun-filled journeys with simple objectives. The bottom line is to have fun, even if it's a zany game full of whimsical characters. This is where the WarioWare franchise shines.  

As a branch-off of the Mario franchise, the series blends minigames and platforming into a delightful concoction. These games excel at pulling you into their fantastical worlds, and the latest addition is no exception. 

WarioWare: Move It is the newest entry, and it's a whole delight to play. Want to know more? Sit tight as we unpack every detail in our WarioWare: Move It! Review. 

I Like to Move It!

Characters in WarioWare: Move It! Salivating

WarioWare: Move It! Marks a triumphant rebirth of the series as the tenth installment, right after WarioWare: Get It Together! The game sticks to the series' whimsical stance with goofy characters, colorful cutscenes, and unique characters. The characters are the crux of the game; they always have been. But before we dive into that, let’s closely examine the story. 

A TV advert springs Wario into action after the promise of a vacation to Caresaway Island. Of course, it comes with a catch: buying a garlic burger. Hell-bent on winning the prize, Wario goes ahead and purchases fifty burgers. This frivolous expense bags him the prize, but much to his dismay, he has to tag along with twenty friends on the trip. 

After landing on the island, the residents gift Wario and his friends Form Stones to help them face any challenges. However, Wario's unpleasant behavior upsets the residents, leading to a rift between them. As a result, the group decides to split up and explore the island individually, embarking on a series of unique adventures.

Ideally, the Wario franchise isn't particularly known for its storyline, and no one plays it for the plot. But it somewhat provides a lifeline to the eccentric characters. Also, it gives gamers an immersive experience.

Back to Basics

A WarioWare: Move It! Quest Win

Remember the generous gift you get from the residents? The Form Stones? Well, they play a central role in your adventure. As legend goes, the stones were a gift from a mysterious deity to the residents. So, it's only courteous of them to give you a feel of the Island with the proper controls to navigate your adventure. The stones have various forms, which translate to how you utilize your Joy-Cons. They are the equivalents of the Balance Stone and Form Baton in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. So how do they work? You simply gesture the action on your screen. For instance, the Sky Stretch involves raising your hands above your head. 

The controls are intuitive, and unlike other games in the series, you don't have to make wild guesses by smashing different buttons. Move It gives a brief 30-second intro to each pose. However, as you progress, you'll need a keen eye to deduce what needs to be done. 

In one game, I was supposedly a chicken laying an egg, and the glow of the chicken's hands was a sign to squeeze my hands to get it out. So, absurdity is the way of the game, but that's the franchise's special ingredient that tops up the fun. 

Plus, it doesn't stop there. Since the game supports up to four players, one player can spectate the sport, as other players make ridiculous moves to complete an objective. It is a hilarious experience for the spectator. It's just like playing charades, only that you're not communicating a word but trying to peck worms as a chicken in the game. 

The Stars of the Show

WarioWare: Move It! Stars

Move It gives all characters in the Wario franchise a chance to shine. The 20 friends are simply the entire gang making a triumphant return. Each character has their own move and minigame, adding variety to the gameplay. For instance, the Diamond City high school cheerleader, Mona, sets off on a rescue mission to save Lulu from a fish's mouth. To do so, you must perform a Sky Stretch. Dribble's move is the Knight, which involves holding one fist over the other, while 18-Volt's move is the Ba-KAW, a chicken-mimic pose. 

In another scene, Kat and Anna are looking at a parchment. The parchment is a map of the Island, which gives the duo directions to an ice cream parlor that will satisfy their Caresaway Parfait craving. However, they soon set off on a goose chase after Leo steals the parchment from them. Leo then stumbles into the wild and is eaten by a Cractus. Kat and Anna take on the plants and soon regain their parchment as the Cractus coughs out Leo, too, unharmed.

Let the Fun Begin

characters in WarioWare: Move It!

It's undoubtedly clear that the Wario franchise is all about fun. Move It firmly establishes this foundation with over 200 games to dive into. You can play the game's story mode solo or tag with another player. Much of the minigames are designed for two players simply because it makes for entertaining gameplay. Plus, after completing a series of quests, you get access to more activities available for single or multiplayer. Every round of the story mode games culminates in a final boss battle. It may be challenging to beat the final level in the first round. Still, the game's replayability ensures you get a rope of things soon enough. 

The game also features mega games and extended versions of the minigames. One mega game has you stacking up muscles after completing a series of twenty games. The movements are ideal for a passive workout as you're stacking up virtual muscles. 

Furthermore, the sensibilities of the mini-games align seamlessly with the motion controls of the Joy-Cons. It is worth noting that you may need to attach your Joy-Con wrist straps for certain games, as they require you to release your grip on the controller. The ingenuity lies in how straightforward gestures can translate into diverse actions. Some actions may appear unconventional, such as holding one controller near your mouth while the other is positioned at your rear to imitate a chicken. In summary, “Move It” presents inventive ways to engage your hands in ways you may not have previously considered. I hesitate to reveal too much, as discovering these novel interactions firsthand is part of the enjoyment.

Let Loose with Party Mode

Medusa in WarioWare: Move It!

Move It's party mode is where all the fun is. The game heavily emphasizes multiplayer mode, where you team up with two to three players. The Party Mode gives you access to four games, which are playable on a split screen. 

Listen to the Doctor! is a reenactment of the classic “Simon Says” game, with a medical twist. In this game, participants are required to follow the commands given by the “doctor” during a microgame. These commands can range from naming words that start with a specific letter to performing physical actions like jumping up and down. If the participants execute the instructions correctly, the other player acknowledges their success by waving their controller.

Medusa March seems to draw inspiration from elements seen in Netflix's popular series, “Squid Game.” In this game, players advance toward Medusa while combating slithering snakes along the path. However, a critical element of the challenge is to avoid meeting Medusa's gaze and promptly freeze in place whenever she turns around, similar to the tense moments in squid game when characters had to obey specific rules or face consequences. This combination of action and suspense adds an exciting twist to the gameplay experience.

Go The Distance is an exciting microgame with a boxing theme. In this game, players are randomly selected to engage in a boxing match, and the ultimate goal is to outlast your opponents and emerge as the sole survivor in the ring.

Finally, “Who's In Control” is a multiplayer game designed for teams of two to four players. It's all about taking turns playing minigames while one teammate pretends to join in. The fun part is when the opposing team tries to figure out who's really playing and who's just pretending, adding a touch of strategy and excitement to the experience.

A Minor Shortfall

WarioWare: Move It! characters falling down

WarioWare: Move It may be a game playable by all ages, but it can be limiting for certain people. The game requires you to stand and make moves like squatting or jumping, which can be challenging if you cannot bust such moves. But you can wittingly manage these controls while sitting down. However, this may call for more hand-swaying and raising your arms for the motion controllers to sense movement.

Moreover, there are instances where the infrared sensors fail to pick up motion. This is common in fast-paced stages and during the ‘Hand Model' Form. As a result, you lose the game before it even starts. However, sometimes, this can happen due to obstructed views. So always keep your sensor free from objects, including your Joy-Con strap. 


A scene in WarioWare: Move It!

WarioWare: Move It marks a triumphant return for this uproarious franchise despite a few stumbles. Its predecessor, Get It Together, may have hiccups, but this new title irons out the kinks. From the user-friendly motion controls to the vivid, cartoon-like setting that immerses you completely, everything about Move It just clicks.

And if that doesn't pique your interest, WarioWare: Move It is a game that can bring families and friends together. With the holiday season on the horizon, it's the perfect choice to unleash your inner goofball and have everyone in stitches with laughter.

WarioWare: Move It! Review (Nintendo Switch)


A Looney Tune Adventure Awaits

WarioWare: Move It is the perfect definition of simple and fun. For a franchise that started as a handheld game, Move It proves that it can evolve to greater heights. Even if the game doesn’t qualify for an AAA rating, it’s a worthy entry to add to your library. 

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