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Evil West Review (PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S) 

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Evil West Review

The Wild West has had a lot going on. Historically, there's been much peril and violence going on, especially with the gunslingers. Flying Wild Hog decided to add a new type of menace to the West, the bloodthirsty atrocities-Vampires. Unlike other games where you step into the shoes of Dracula and go on blood-drinking sprees, Evil West puts you in front of the vampire-slaying action. 

Featuring a linear western story, Evil West is the type of game that turns your weekend into an intriguing one. The third-person action-adventure playthrough takes about 10-15 hours to complete. It may feel shorter, considering the intense game mechanics. Interestingly, you'd think all it takes to kill a vampire is a couple of silver bullets. Well, no. Flying Wild Hog goes above and beyond to include an electrifying roster of weapons. Quite literally.

Also, as the masterminds behind Shadow Hunter, the developers do not spare the gory details in combat. Expect some hardcore blood spilling. But this is just a scratch off the surface. Having played the game, I don't want to dish out spoilers, but this article will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly for you to decide if it's worth playing. So let's get started with this Evil West Review.


The Story

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The game takes place in a fictional Wild West time in America. A period when myths and legends no longer lurk in the shadows but are now an adverse threat to humanity. The bloodsuckers are now out rampaging the city and causing hellish havoc. 

As the Men in Black is to Aliens, so is the Rentier Institute to the sanguisuge monsters. The institute is a conspiratorial organization headed by William Rentier, the protagonist's father. Rentier has been on undercover missions, slaying monsters, since the 18th century. However, things get out of hand this time after a Grand Elder causes a rampage and frees the vampires from the shadows. 

The storyline is quite obvious and details the heroic attempt of a vampire slayer to free his country from atrocities. Moreover, there are plenty of cut scenes where Jesse traverses locations hunting for vampires. The game does not explicitly pay attention to creating an intriguing backstory. It seems pretty silly and predictable at best. However, developers make up for it with intense and gruesome blood-gushing action.

Cowboy Turned Vampire Hunter

EVIL west review

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Jesse Rentier is the perfect embodiment of what the Rentier Institute stands for; a vampire slayer hellbent on vanquishing the supernatural threat that wants to establish dominance. He is an excellent example of a son going above and beyond to make his dad proud. However, this is more than that, since he is next in line as his father's successor. Raised by his father in the institute, Jesse has a firm grasp of all the nitty gritty surrounding vampire slaying. He excels at being the right match for the vampires; however, he sometimes comes off as stubborn and defiant.

Dressed as an average cowboy in a patterned leather trenchcoat, a wide-brim hat, and leather boots, his mean appearance is quite intimidating. Honestly, if I were a vampire in the game, I'd choose to bail rather than face his enraged and vengeance-determined face. 

What's a vampire slayer without a loyal sidekick? Batman has Robin, and so does Jesse. Fighting alongside the story's protagonist is Edgar Gravenor, a senior agent in the institute. After the existential threat hits the oblivious town, Edgar sacrifices his sweet retirement to fight alongside Jesse as a loyal aide.

The Monsters

Evil West Review

The Evil West introduces four species of creatures behind the territorial threat. The creatures are believed to be mythical, with only the Rentier Institute knowing of their existence. Each specie harbors massive strength, from burrowing into the ground to flying the skies. The strongest of all is the Highborns. Thanks to their massive wings, they can launch ariel strikes while also summoning bats to deal more damage. As if that wasn't enough, the bats can also regenerate this species' health, making it a taxing foe to battle.

Next in line are the leechers, who possess a preternatural shield of spikes that allows them to step forward in line during combat. The shield does an excellent job of deterring frontal attacks. However, damaging the shield makes them vulnerable. Your best bet at taking them down is swift action once their shield is down since they can regenerate it. 

Naglas seems to be a cross between werewolves and vampires. The heavily built creatures are fast on their paws, making them excellent at launching ambush attacks. They move in small packs but grow stronger with a harmonious howl. 

Finally, the Boo-Hags is a rare species of vampires that can't grow their skin. They have a seemingly low IQ and have no fear when it comes to prying on humans. However, don't let their zombie-like traits fool you; they are fierce and notorious enemies. 


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Explosive action, blood spilling, and evolving combat. Evil West lets players assume control of Jesse as he hunts down vampires through the American Frontier. As the potential savior of the vampire-laden country, Jesse works with a cool set of gadgets from the institute that match up to the creatures' susceptibilities. That's what you get for having your dad be the head of a monster-slaying institute. 

His most fascinating weapon yet is his electric gauntlet, which can do so much. In a tweet, Flying Wild Hog made a reference to the gauntlet, saying, “Name a more iconic vampire-killing duo.” The gauntlet is not the only intriguing technology Jesse holds, but it conjures more fun and electrifying performances, literally. You can stun the creatures with a gauntlet before giving them one in the face that obliterates them in a gory encore. 

Moreover, you can use the gauntlet with other weapons to unleash a satisfying combo. Evil West zeros in on combat as the game's core. Every action is meticulously crafted, which leaves you asking for more. The gauntlet is what transforms Jesse into a monstrous killing machine. Aside from yanking enemies, the oversized glove can teleport Jesse and throw a kick-ass punch that splits the maniacal creatures into two. The gauntlet is an undeniably powerful weapon, especially when facing off with the nastiest vampires. 

Slowly, you'll get access to more unconventional weapons while upgrading those in your possession. For instance, you can increase the number of rounds your pistol fires or fuse your rifle with electric power for more damage. Moreover, it doesn't take long to gain access to new abilities that enhance the slaying experience with a fresh feat. 

Out of this World Weapons 

Unconventional battles call for an unconventional arsenal. As a Rentier Institute protege, Jesse gets access to the finest steampunk gadgets. Each weapon has a unique range of abilities that players can combine with the gauntlet for an unbeatable, gratifying kill. 

The revolver is a perfect companion for launching fast attacks at close and mid-range. The rifle is ideal for accurate shots and hitting the creature's vulnerable spots. Additionally, the Rentier Boomstick, which is a sawed shotgun, deals massive damage from close range. The Rentier Gauntlet, however, reigns as the supreme tool to use in battle. With plenty of tools to choose from, it's up to you to make the right combination for powerful attacks.


The Verdict

Evil West Review

Evil West is a mix of good and bad. The intense combat action and impressive steampunk gadgets add a layer of fun to slaying vampires. At first, I thought I would be driving stakes into the creatures' hearts to defeat them, but punching the evil out of the monsters is a sweeter alternative. Not to forget the vigorous energy that Jesse beholds. Every counterattack feels personal, making it overwhelmingly satisfying. 

On the downside, the game's story feels bland and incomplete, unlike other gunslinger games like Red Dead Redemption. With no interaction with the monsters, it's hard to discern their origin story and intentions. We know every villain story needs a backstory and a dialogue spotlight that sheds light on their despicable acts. Much of the story is told from Jesse's perspective, which is simply not enough.

Overall, Evil West provides a new perspective on terror in the Wild West that will have you trading your guns for an all-mighty Thanos glove.

Evil West is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. . For more updates on the game be sure to follow the official social handle here.

Evil West Review (PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S) 

Not so Wild Wild West

Evil West is a third-person shooter video game smashing linear gameplay as the entrée. It features an ever-expanding list of abilities and upgrades to unlock, which gratifies the combat. Aside from that, there isn’t more to the game. It lacks a compelling storyline that lets you develop a connection with the protagonist and his quest. Other than that, the Rentier gauntlet is an absolute favorite and complementary addition to Jesse’s arsenal. Also, the backdrop is quite mesmerizing. Not to forget the high-quality character details having a play of grotesque and horrific elements for the perfect intimidation setting.

The game is developed by Flying Wild Hog, the masterminds behind Shadow Warrior 1 and 2, and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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