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NHL 24: 5 Best Fighting Tips



NHL 24: 5 Best Fighting Tips

Ice hockey is agreeably a fast-paced and violent sport that often triggers players’ temperaments. In the National Hockey League (NHL), it is more of a physical altercation as opposing teams brawl to control the puck and score as they eye the Art Ross Trophy. Perhaps this explains why fighting is allowed and encouraged in NHL 24 and the prequels. 

Technically, it is a violation of the NHL rules. But the good thing is that it’s never stopped once opposing teams decide to drop the gloves. It’s now an integral part of the simulation video game NHL and one that makes its gameplay even more captivating. But only when you know when and how to start the fight and the tricks to give your team the upper hand, so let’s get into it. Here are the 5 best fighting tips for NHL 24 players.

5. Build a Strong Team

Team Playing Ice Hockey

NHL 24 provides players with unmatched flexibility when it comes to building teams. The franchise offers different game modes, like Be a Pro and Franchise modes, allowing you to build your team. With the Be a Pro mode, you can develop players from scratch, proceed to the draft process, and more. However, the Franchise mode offers more advanced options for building a team. 

Ideally, you choose to create a new team from scratch or take over one of the already available team names on Be a Pro. You can also create players from the expansion draft in the game’s new Franchise mode. While you could still do this in NHL 23, the new edition is more advanced and allows you to focus on player elements like their stats, which are helpful in building a robust team. You control your team’s aspects, including coaching, signing, marketing, trading, and more. 

With player stats and the freedom to build and control your team, you can create a robust and useful squad in the fights. Just focus on players' physique, fight attributes, and strength ratings and gather an unbeatable NHL gang.

4. Learn the Best Time to Start a Fight

Fight Request

NHL 24 arrived just in time for the NHL season, and fans are right into the latest release to explore the title’s new features. Like the previous editions, the game provides different avenues to start a fight, and you could even unknowingly trigger one. Therefore, it makes sense to understand the best time to invite your opponents for one. You can pick a fight after the final whistle, but this doesn’t offer much strategy, as the game has already ended.

However, starting one right before the puck drops at the center for the face-off is quite tactical. Pulling the unexpected can help align the game’s momentum to your advantage. Furthermore, the winning team in a fight will get an extra boost on their forward and defensive pairs. That said, starting and winning a fight at that moment gives your team the upper edge throughout the game.

Also, it’s good to play with caution to avoid triggering a brawl at an unfavorable time, like when it would least benefit your team. For instance, coming to blows right after the opposing team shoots the puck into your net could deny you the chance for a comeback if they already piled up some goals. Just remember the actions that could possibly attract a grapple, such as landing massive hits on opponents or generally playing rough.

3. Master the Fight Controls

NHL 24 Fight

Once you spot the perfect time to trigger the fight, you must know what buttons to hit. Again, after getting the battle on, you want to know all the fight controls to allow you to land mortal blows swiftly and kicks to avoid losing your ground.

Typically, you will use the same buttons in normal gameplay, so you must master them well before the action. If playing on PlayStation, you only have to double-tap the Triangle button to begin a brawl. Pressing on L2 will help you grab your opponent better for hits, while R2 will be used to dodge, block, or lean back to avoid the enemy’s punches.

Double-tapping the Y button for players catching NHL 24 on Xbox will start the fight, while LT will grab the opponent. On the other hand, you can dodge, block punches, or lean back with RT.

2. Learn to Deal Big Hits

Fight during an Hockey Match

Now that you can prompt a scrimmage on NHL 24, you must know how to land lethal blows and shift the game’s momentum to your team. The right analog thumbstick lands a blow for both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. You only have to hold up on the right sticks, but to land massive hits, it’s more than just a casual flick up on the stick.

Upon identifying the player, you want to strike the puck-bearer. For instance,  just move straight up to them by angling the left thumbstick in that direction. After you get close enough, pull down the right stick and flick it up quickly to land a bone-crushing punch.

1. Fight to Gain an Edge

Player on bench during a fight

It’s all fun to have your team moments on the ice rink, and the fights add to the realism of the simulation video game. However, that doesn’t mean you can always pick a fight just because you can. It will be a more remarkable feat when you exchange blows and win, so that’s just what you need to aim for. Whether it’s the other team that decided to put up the action or one of your teammates just landed a blow on an opponent, make sure you turn the battle to your team’s advantage.

To some extent, winning narrows down to the timing, your team’s composition with reference to the opponents, and how well you’ve mastered the fighting tricks. By observing these aspects, you will be more accurate in determining your odds of winning a battle and deciding the best strategies. For example, using your most resilient players to throw the first punch improves your odds of victory.

So, what’s your take on our NHL 24 best fighting tips? Do you think they will help build the game’s momentum and give you a psychological advantage? Let us know on our socials here.

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