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My Lovely Empress: Everything We Know

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My Lovely Empress

It's the season of showcases, and the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2023 had plenty to unveil. Various headlining titles have left gamers over the moon with anticipation, from returning favorites to brand-new titles. One particular game that caught my eye is the return of the My Lovely series by GameChanger Studio. The series debuted in 2018, giving us a first dive into the first alchemist simulator game. 

My Lovely Daughter tested the depths that a father would go to save his daughter as he battled with grief. The game's predecessor, My Lovely Wife, focused on Jake, a widow devoted to resurrecting his wife. The upcoming title sticks to this premise, with yet another lonely soul on the verge of reconnecting with his dearly departed. If this type of game beckons to your soul, stay with us as we unpack what the upcoming title has in store. Here is My Lovely Empress: Everything We Know.

What is My Lovely Empress?

My Lovely Empress

My Lovely Empress is the upcoming title by GameChanger Studio, making it the third installment in the My Lovely franchise. If it's the first time you're learning about the series, let me shed some light on its narrative. In My Lovely Wife, Jake mistakenly kills his wife while trying to defend her. He then later discovers he can summon succubi. 

Obnoxiously, players are to lure these demonic species into a love trap and later sacrifice them to revive Jake's dead wife. Going by its predecessors, the game will also be a simulation, but of a different kind. Instead of blending science with magic, you'll manage an empire.


My Lovely Empress centers on Emperor Hong, the current ruler of the Crimson Empire. After the demise of his mother, his Empress, he is left in charge. But running an entire empire is not a walk in the park; it comes with an insatiable number of challenges. This is where the Alchemy element comes in. You'll have to rely on Yaoguai, eerie creatures that feed on human souls, to bail you out.

Here's the game's official description from its Steam page:

You have an empire at your command and the world at your feet. Your hands hold the happiness, hopes, and lives of an entire nation and those who call you their ruler.

You are Emperor Hong, the esteemed Emperor of the Crimson Empire, and you have experienced profound loss. Following the passing of your mother, the former ruler, you tragically lost your beloved Empress as well.

Faced with no other options, you are compelled to summon and seek the aid of the Yaoguai, forbidden but powerful creatures of the north with a taste for human souls, to assist you in resolving imperial challenges, enforcing your will, and supporting the welfare of your citizens.

You are far from the only ruler in the world, and balancing the needs of your people with the businesses you conduct with other rulers will be a difficult necessity on the path of growing the Crimson Empire.

However, once your land has hit the peak of its prosperity, you are given a choice—live with all you have created or command the Yaoguai to bring about a calamity to devour your Empire and sacrifice your people in a bid to resurrect your beloved Empress.


My Lovely Empress: Everything We Know

As an empire management simulation game, you'll have plenty to do on your hands. But not directly. After summoning the Yaoguai, they'll take charge of your imperial duties. The game hints at each Yaoguai having different characteristics and traits. 

Plus, you'll decide whether to forge formal relationships with other rulers or walk a different path. Whatever you choose affects the narrative's direction.

Moreover, resource management will be an essential activity in the game. You'll need to manage resources carefully, making tough decisions about what to create and when. Your choices can impact the game's storyline, character interactions, and even the world. The alchemical process is a metaphor for personal growth and transformation as you return your empire to its former glory.

However, after all is said and done, you'll need to make a tough choice: remaining allies with the Yaoguai or sacrificing them to revive your Empress. 

Furthermore, for the first time in the series, the game will feature 3D models. According to Solomon Temowo, Co-Founder of Neon Doctrine, “Seamlessly blending the best of both worlds—the charm of 2D with the immersive experience of 3D—what we're creating allows us to not only honor the original vision but also take it to new heights.”


My Lovely Empress: Everything We Know

The game is a masterful creation from GameChanger Studio and Neon Doctrine. GameChanger Studio was brought to life by two academicians, Dodick Surdiman and Riris Marpaung. Interestingly, Riris, the CEO, has no gaming background, while her counterpart is a game designer and a former lecturer. 

Following the success of ‘NSFW,' the duo ventured into creating PC games, which saw the birth of the My Lovely series. 

On the other hand, Neon Doctrine is a global publisher; the studio has earned its reputation from publishing various games, including Lost Castle, Double-Blind, Project Altheia, and Yuppie Psycho.


My Lovely Empress | Tokyo Game Show Xbox Show 2023

Following its announcement at the Tokyo Game Show, we now know what My Lovely Empress is shaping up to be. The announcement trailer gives a hint of its gameplay and visuals. You can catch a glimpse of what's in store in the video embedded above. 

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

My Lovely Empress will come to the Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. The game is expected to launch in 2024, but the developers have yet to announce a precise release date.

If this game has triggered your interest, you can keep up with its progress. Follow the devs on their official social media page for the latest insight into its development. If anything remotely interesting about My Lovely Empress drops, we'll be sure to let you know right here on

So, what's your take? Will you pick up a copy of My Lovely Empress when it releases on PC, Xbox Series, PS5, and Switch? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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