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Kingdom Hearts 2.5: Best Tips for Leveling Up



Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix has this awful habit of creating a soothing ambiance that’s as equally homely as it is downright demanding. In a similar vein as the first chapter in the book, the sequel comes with its own treasure trove of problems—ludicrously powerful bosses, unattainable loot boxes, and synthesis-based items that, quite frankly, are nigh impossible to unlock unless you’re willing to get your hands dirty, for example. However, unlike the prequel, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 does, in fact, allow you to bend the rules just a smidgen, which means, whilst you are still able to embark on all of the same drawn-out grinding quests as before, you can also deploy a few tools to help that process of leveling up a little less burdensome.

Provided that you’re aiming to stick around through the final stages of the game, you should have a fairly proportionate amount of quality items in your inventory—Elixirs, AP Boosts, and Tents, being three of the bare necessities that you would’ve likely collected during your travels across the thirteen or so worlds in the network. If you have acquired plenty of health and stat-boosting items, then you’ll only need to focus on one thing: leveling up. And that, of course, is where this guide will come in handy. Well, hopefully.

As a rule of thumb, you should be aiming to arrive at Level 55 by the time you reach The World That Never Was, which serves as the final portion of the story. The bad news here is that, whilst you can still technically reach this level without having to embark on any lengthy side quests or grinding expeditions, you probably won’t hit the plateau without all of the correct tools in your arsenal. And that brings us to our first stop: Weapons.


Gull Wing

When it comes to romping through the levels at an efficient pace in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix, you’ll only need the one weapon: the Gull Wing—a blade that, while technically impossible to use against tougher enemies, has the power to boost your XP intake during “critical” moments. In other words, if you’re hovering below 50% HP during the final strike, then any Heartless or Nobody that you defeat will automatically reward you with double the XP. So, if, say, you defeat a Heartless that is known for spewing out 400 XP, the Gull Wing, embroidered with the ability to double the intake, will magically transform that into 800 XP, and so on and so forth.

To obtain the Gull Wing, simply speak with the three Gullwings in Hollow Bastion after protecting the town from the hordes of Heartless. Note that this portion of the story is only unlocked after beating the initial chapter in the timeline.


Experience Boost

Once you’ve successfully managed to bring Sora up to Level 17, you’ll have access to Experience Boost, yet another invaluable tool that has the power to elevate your overall XP gain by a whopping 50% per victory. Similar to the Gull Wing, you only earn the added XP by defeating Heartless when your HP is dipping below the halfway mark, which means that you’ll need to prevent either Donald or Goofy from curing you during all of those critical moments. To stop either of your two companions from healing you in battle, either remove their potions or elixirs from their inventory slots, or head into the Customize tab in the menu, and adjust the appropriate sliders to restrict their abilities.

Best Areas for Leveling Up

Without doubt, one of the best locations to farm XP in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix is The World That Never Was—a region that continuously spews out Heartless and other relatively low-level enemies. If you can equip the Gull Wing blade and Experience Boost Ability, then you should be able to accrue large amounts of XP in short bursts of time. Again, it is worth pointing out that, in order to harvest the maximum amount of experience, you’ll need to dial your HP down to anything below 50%.

Of course, The World That Never Was is the final world that you’ll unlock in the story, so you will have to put in your fair share of work in earlier worlds in order to reach it. Ideally, you’ll want to be somewhere between Level 50 and Level 55 before reaching this area, in particular.

On the other end of the scale, you’ll find that Beast’s Castle can also be a solid substitute, as it has some of the largest arena-type rooms and spaces in the entire game, too. Again, if you start your journey by equipping the Gull Wing and Experience Boost, the only thing you’ll need to do is gradually work through each of the wings and rooms around Beast’s Castle. Remember, you will need to have less than 50% of your HP in order for the trick to work.

If All Else Fails

Lastly, you’ll want to pour some time into Olympus Coliseum, or the Underworld, if you will. Unlike the original chapter in the series, you don’t actually earn XP for competing in the Cups. With that said, the Underworld is known for hosting a lot of heftier enemies, and so, if you can help it, aim to cycle through each of the chambers several times over with the Gull Wing and Experience Boost duo.

If you’re keeping to a rather tight schedule, then consider utilizing the Final Form as much as possible, as this will allow you to shred through both Heartless and Nobodies in a matter of seconds. If, however, the likes of The World That Never Was is proving to be too much of an obstacle, then consider traveling to a low-level world, such as Land of Dragons or Twilight Town.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best tips for leveling up in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix? Let us know your thoughts over on our social channel here.

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