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Best Weapons in XDefiant

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Ubisoft has created a name for its classic action RPG and FPS games, which are an undeniable force in the shooter genre. From veterans like Far Cry to Ghost Recon and The Division in 2016, these video game masters know how to keep their fans entertained. And now, in 2024, they are triggering all these memories with their XDefiant release.

XDefiant pits you in Ubisoft universe, with its gameplay revolving around the factions dubbed Defiants, which are drawn from Ubisoft titles like Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Watch Dogs. The game has a pretty thrilling first-person shooter title. And when the factions don’t seem to offer you much, you have a generous weapon selection to turn everything around. With that in mind, here are the 10 best weapons in XDefiant to see your Defiants rain terror. 

10. M60


Unlike its counterpart in the LMGs category, you don’t need to deal much damage to unlock this rifle. Just deal 5,000 damage with light machine guns, and you will have it. The machine gun hits enemies hard and has an average load of 100-round magazines. These are enough to kill multiple opponents, especially if you can take them down with the all-important headshots. However, the movement speed is slow and reloads take a while.  

9. P90


For only ten hip-fire executions with a submachine gun, you unlock P90, a fast-firing rate weapon with one of the largest default magazine sizes on XDefiant. The gun has a name as an all-rounder in most first-person shooter Ubisoft games. And with the largest submachine gun magazine, you can be sure your opponents will feel the barrage of hits. However, its slow mobility and reload times pull the SMG down a little. 

8. MP7


The MP7 is also a submachine gun, but it does a better job on enemies than the P90. Perhaps that's why it requires 20 kills with an SMG to unlock, double the amount P90 requires. It’s a worthwhile weapon based on its performance, especially if you want to deal a hail of shots at close range. The gun's mobility is perfect, it has a good magazine capacity, and it has a pretty high fire rate. Once you pair the MP7 up with the perfect load-outs, you will rarely go wrong, even in the heat of XDefiant battles. 

7. M4A1


The M4A1 is a traditional M16 variant that comes pre-unlocked in XDefiant. If you’re looking for an all-around weapon that will serve you in mid-range and long shots, the M4A1 is a great choice. It’s also quite easy to use, so you won’t struggle to land the shots. You will love its steady recoil pattern, meaning you can execute multiple hits on enemies accurately, whether in close quarters or far away. The rifle leaves medium damage, so you must land multiple shots if you want to kill the enemy. 

6. M44

M44: Best Weapons in XDefiant

M44 is in the Sniper Rifle category with TAC-50, but anyone who’s tried both can agree that M44 beats the latter. TAC-50 is good at strategic positioning, but only eliminates foes when you deal two well-precisioned shots. You will definitely drop an enemy with body armor with the two shots. For M44, you only need a single well-placed shot to take out any enemy. It’s a great weapon when you want to kill a targeted enemy that you consider highly risky. 

5. AK-47


The AK-47 is always a classic in first-person shooter games, and you can expect it on the best weapons list. Despite having a slower fire rate and a little more complex handling, you will surely want to try it. But only after dealing 4000 damage with assault rifles. It’s a great weapon that does a pretty good job in medium-range assault. Only skilled players manage to maneuver through the XDefiant gameplay with the AK-47. With this one, you have yet another weapon that deals devastating damage when you can deliver headshots. 

4. MK 20 SSR

MK 20 SSR : Best Weapons in XDefiant

XDefiant unlocks this weapon by default, so you only have to keep playing to unlock this rifle. Drawn from the Marksman Rifles category, the MK 20 SSR is a semi-automatic weapon that will see your Defiant take down foes from afar. If you enjoy XDefiant moments in cross-play, your character will greatly support your team with this weapon. It’s a pretty robust, long-range rifle with remarkable accuracy. Skilled aim players will be taking out enemies with a one-hit headshot. 

3. ACR 6.8

ACR 6.8 : Best Weapons in XDefiant

Nothing feels better than having the fastest TTK in first-person shooter combat, especially in multiplayer mode. It’s no different in XDefiant, and the ACR 6.8 will get you quite close to that. For those who can pull perfect headshots, it only gets better. The assault rifle comes in handy in medium- to long-range assaults, and it’s quite easy to use. So, with the ACR, you will enjoy a good mix of devastating long-range damage and seamless handling. Take out foes in 10 long-range kills with an Assault Rifle to unlock the weapon. 

2. RPK-74

RPK 74: Best Weapons in XDefiant

With an effective range of up to 36 meters, the RPK-74 is a great long-range light machine gun. It’s in this category with the M60, but the RPK hits rather harder. The weapon’s recoil is greatly reduced. You will be firing shots consistently without worrying much about controlling your rifle. This makes firing more straightforward, and your Defiant can focus on combat. Once you hit 10,000 damage with light machine guns, you’ve unlocked RPK-74. 

1. M16A4

M16A4 : Best Weapons in XDefiant

No weapon comes close to what Defiants do with the M16A4, making the gun a top choice among the best weapons in XDefiant. A burst rifle that fires three bullets simultaneously to deliver effective hits, whether at long-range or from close quarters. Its burst fire with three bullets compensates for its slow firing rate. The rifle also has a unique recoil pattern that sees the gun make a vertical jump after firing, before returning to its initial position. With this pattern, you can be sure your next shot will also be as accurate.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the best weapons in XDefiant? Do you have any favorites? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments. 

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