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Best Factions in XDefiant, Ranked

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Best Factions in XDefiant

XDefiant requires players to choose a faction before playing. The game features five factions: Phantoms, Cleaners, DeadSec, Libertad, and Echelon. Interestingly, each faction bases itself on a different Ubisoft game, including Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, and The Division.

Each faction in XDefiant offers unique skills and abilities that can give you an advantage over your enemies. However, different factions suit different playstyles, which may affect your overall gameplay experience. For these reasons, it is essential to familiarize yourself with multiple factions before making your decision. Here is a comprehensive guide ranking and reviewing the best factions in XDefiant.

5. DeadSec

DeadSec faction

The DeadSec faction enables you to disrupt and hijack your enemies' systems, compromising their skills and abilities. Interestingly, DeadSec bases itself on the hacking system in Watch Dogs.

This faction offers four abilities and traits. Its ultra-ability, Lockout, limits your enemies' ability to use their abilities, HUD, and mini-map. The Hijack ability also enables players to hack enemies' active skills. Players can also transfer the hacked abilities to their teammates and use them against their enemies, thus taking them down in their own game.

DeadSec allows players to deploy a small spider-like robot called a Spiderbot. This bot jumps on the nearest enemy's face and stuns them, incapacitating them temporarily. Finally, the faction also features a passive trait called Fabricator. This handy trait prints copies of every device you deploy, ensuring you always have crucial devices.

However, DeadSec has a few shortcomings. Most notably, the Lockout and Hijack abilities only work within a small radius. As such, you must get close to your enemies to deploy them, exposing yourself to danger. Additionally, enemies can easily take out the Spiderbot with one shot if they see it coming.

4. Cleaners

Cleaners faction

The Cleaners faction is about blowing up your enemies or setting them on fire. It gives you access to fiery and explosive weapons like a flamethrower, Molotov cocktails, incendiary ammo, and napalm bombs. 

The best ability in the cleaner's faction is The Purifier. This ability temporarily equips you with a powerful flamethrower to burn all enemies within reach, causing substantial damage. Additionally, the Firebomb ability deploys a Molotov cocktail, igniting a solid fire around you to burn and repel nearby enemies.

Alternatively, you can go for a hands-off approach using the Incinerator Drone ability or Incendiary Rounds passive trait. The Incinerator Drone ability, on the one hand, sends out a drone that drops napalm bombs on foes below while flying in a straight line. On the other hand, the Incendiary Rounds' ability deploys bullets that explode in contact with enemies, inflicting extra burning damage.

The overall advantage of the Cleaners faction is that you can inflict considerable fire damage on your enemies. However, it also has three notable shortcomings. The Incendiary Rounds trait reduces your weapons' range. The Cleaners faction's abilities have prolonged cooldown periods. And finally, Cleaners have a larger hotbox than other factions, which makes them easy targets.

3. Phantoms

The Phantoms faction

The Phantoms faction focuses on defense to protect you and your team from attacks. It is beneficial for getting your team from one point to another when under heavy gunfire. You can use it strategically to help you take a moment to dominate.

This XDefiant faction's Aegis ability deploys an impenetrable spheric shield around your team. The Aegis ability also equips you with a close-range electro-scattergun to disperse nearby enemies. Alternatively, you can use the Mag Barrier ability to deploy an electromagnetic shield that blocks enemies' bullets and grenades. Conveniently, your teammates can shoot through the barrier to repel approaching enemies.

The Blitz Shield ability deploys a larger but less efficient shield. This shield blocks most of the incoming fire, reducing the amount of damage incurred from the front. Additionally, players cannot use their guns when the shield is active. On the plus side, you can use the shield to bash your enemies.

Besides deploying protective shields, the Phantoms faction also boosts your health. Its passive trait, Hardened, increases your health meter by 20%.

2. Libertad

Libertad faction

The freedom fighters of Yara in Far Cry 6 inspire the Libertad faction. It specializes in healing and other health-related buffs, giving you and your players enough juice to fight.

Libertad's Medico Supremo ability deploys a medical backpack on the ground that accelerates regeneration and increases health. The backpack benefits all teammates within the active radius. 

In contrast, the El Remedio ability deploys a gas canister that releases healing gas to restore the health of all teammates within range. Notably, the healing gas is limited and runs out after some time. Moreover, the gas canister stops working when shot. Another ability called BioVida Boost unleashes a fortifying wave that accelerates health regeneration and increases your allies' health meters.

Libertad also offers a convenient trait called Espiritu de Libertad. This passive trait continually provides healing to you and your allies without deploying medical packs or gas canisters.

The Libertad faction is ideal for beginners trying to stay alive as they learn the ropes. Moreover, veterans can use it to increase their survivability later in the game as fights intensify.

1. Echelon

Echelon faction: Best faction in XDefiant

Echelon is hands-down the best faction in XDefiant. It specializes in stealth and oversight, enabling you to hide your positions and uncover enemies' positions.

When you activate this faction's Sonar Goggles ultra-ability, you can see enemies hidden behind objects like walls. The ability also temporarily equips you with Sam Fisher's powerful 5.7 pistol to hunt and kill hidden enemies. Additionally, the Intel Suit ability enables you to share the positions of hidden enemies with your teammates.

Regarding stealth, the faction's Low Profile passive trait ensures you don't appear on your enemies' mini-maps. Additionally, the Digital Ghillie Suit ability makes you almost invisible, enabling you to sneak up on enemies. However, moving and aiming reduce this ability's effect, making you visible to enemies.

So, what's your take on our picks and rankings of the best factions in XDefiant? Let us know over our socials here or in the comments below.

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