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Ghost Recon Wildlands: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Ghost Recon Wildlands may have been released quite some time ago; however, the experience it gives players is still top-notch. Players are able to explore a wonderfully realized world with immense space and things to do. In addition, there is an array of weaponry to choose from. Each of these weapons manages to bring its own flair to the overall gameplay. Simply stated, this game simply offers a superb tactical experience. That being said, here are our picks for Ghost Recon Wildlands: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Use Your Environment

One of the most important aspects of Ghost Recon Wildland's gameplay is its tactical elements. Oftentimes, players will have to plan their route of attack well in advance before approaching an enemy stronghold. This gives the game a surprising amount of forethought that goes into its core gameplay, especially on higher difficulties. However, Ghost Recon Wildlands is unique in that the more difficult you make the game. The more tools you take and the more convenience you away, the better the game gets.

This can be something as simple as removing the HUD elements from your game. This is where the more immersive aspects of the game come in. Things such as weather, which has a dynamic system, may very well affect your operations. This means you will have to use your environment to your advantage. This could be something as simple as using an overlook to scout out locations or something more complex. All in all, knowing how to implement environmental changes to your advantage make a world of difference, making this one of many fantastic tips for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

4. Know What Weapons to Bring

Next on our list, we have a tip that is sure to go hand-in-hand with our last tip. Using your equipment and preparing yourself for battle with the game's AI soldiers can really aid in your success. Part of doing this is knowing which weapons fit your current situation. This could mean the mission type you are undertaking or the concentration of forces you are about to encounter. For example, if players were to know they were encountering airborne threats, then they need to bring anti-air assets and so on.

There are a wide array of weapons within this game, which serve a number of functions. There are lighter weapons for more stealth operations and larger, more explosive weapons when you simply are fed up and want a more bombastic approach. Knowing the weapon types within the game will certainly help you take out more outposts as a whole, which will definitely benefit the player while they are playing. In conclusion, knowing your weapon arsenal and what needs to be used when is one of the best Ghost Recon Wildlands tips we have to offer.

3. Enemy Patrols and Encampments

For our next entry, we have a category that can truly make or break a playthrough of Ghost Recon Wildlands. The enemy AI within the game, especially on higher difficulties, can be studied. This means players will be able to watch enemy patrol patterns and learn from them. This makes the infiltration of enemy bases extremely fun and exciting. There are many ways to accomplish this. Players are equipped with binoculars which they can use to scout out enemy positions as well as mark enemies on the map.

These pieces of equipment will become your best friends throughout the game. The player also has access to a surveillance drone, which allows players to scout out ahead of their location. This makes the game incredibly immersive and allows a multitude of approaches to any given situation. A lot of the time within the game, players will find enemies holed up in massive camps. These can range from a few tents to entire villages or military installations the player will have to contend with. And knowing how to understand and use these patrols and encampments is simply one of the best tips for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

2. Gather Intel

Next on our list, we have an entry that, for some, may come as no surprise. Gathering Intel within Ghost Recon Wildlands is simply one of the best tips. This is due to the fact that many times, having the right intel at the right time can astronomically affect a battle. It does this in many different ways. For example, if you scout out an area and find intel, perhaps it tells you something about nearby forces or simply where to find resources. This is great for the player who wishes to max out the skill points of their character.

That isn't all that gathering intel has to offer, either. Because you can also receive story bits of lore from it as well, this gives the game an immersive feel. Due to the fact that you are slowly learning more about the surroundings and country you are in. So, to close, gathering intel is a great way to stay ahead of enemies, as well as improve the power of your Ghost. So if you have the time to do so, definitely try and gain as much intelligence as possible prior to attempting missions or clearing out strongholds.

1. Tag Supplies

For our final entry on our list of the best tips for Ghost Recon Wildlands, we have a tip that can save you a ton of resource gathering and also has other gameplay benefits. This will benefit the player in a number of ways. First, players will be able to use these supplies in order to earn skill points. These skill points can then be spent on many different abilities for the player as well as a number of other things.

Players will have to do many different recon-gathering activities, such as learning supply routes, in order to gain skill points. This makes exploring the world and learning their locations extremely important as more skill points could mean the difference between longer drone time, as well as a myriad of other bonuses the player can receive. This tip is aided by the game's side missions which allow you to gather supplies rather quickly to aid your group of freedom fighters. In closing, tagging supplies is a tip that, for some, might simply fly under the radar. However, it is truthfully one of the best tips for success in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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