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Best Masks in Payday 3



It’s all well and good being able to waltz into the thick of the crime scene all belt and braces and what have you, but without a collection of sturdy masks to instill fear upon your enemies, are you even a criminal at all? No, you’re not — and Payday 3 does everything in its power to remind you of that fact, too. However, thanks to its in-game vendors being in possession of an entire vortex of cosmetics, gloves, and suits, you can rectify that problem with great ease. That is, of course, providing you have the coin and power to fund the projects, so to speak.

So, what more do you need to know about Payday 3’s masks and other in-store products? Well, if you have just started out with the game, then be sure to read on for all the details. Let’s dive right in.

Introduction to Masks

While masks in Payday 3 do not grant you any exclusive privileges during heists, per se, they do give your playable character a bit more of an edge. Having said that, it is advised that newcomers to the game spend their initial paychecks on better weapons first, and then shift their attention over to masks, gloves, and suits a little later down the line.

To unlock masks in Payday 3, you will first need to have leveled up your character to meet the criteria of the corresponding mask. Once you’ve officially unlocked a mask, you will need to purchase it using the cash you have accrued from your successful heists. You can equip the acquired mask through the Loudout section of the menu.

Best Masks in Payday 3

There are a total of 36 masks to collect in Payday 3, few of which are unlocked only by climbing to Level 150—a feat that, in all honesty, won’t come easy, or even overnight, for that matter. Fortunately, there are 11 masks to equip right off the bat, as these do not require any additional TLC in order to pop. And while said starter masks are, at least cosmetically, okay-ish, there are definitely a few belters that you’ll want to unlock as soon as the funds and levels become available.

It is worth noting that, while some of the best masks in Payday 3 are hidden behind some form of in-game paywall, there are several alternatives that serve the exact same purpose. However, for custom masks—the ones that are either golden or with some amount of color on them—you will need to ascend the ranks and earn a set amount of money from the heists. And on that note, the following six masks are the ones that you should aim to acquire just as soon as the funds and status becomes available.

Striped Sam

The Holy Grail of Payday 3 masks, basically. This is arguably the best and most visually appealing mask in the entire catalog, and not to mention one of the only masks that comes with eternal bragging rights for unlocking it. Getting to that phase, however, does mean having to plow through a set number of obstacles. That’s 150 levels, by the way. If that’s a bit of a stretch for you, then you can also opt for the Seedy Sam mask, which can be purchased at Level 75. Sure, it isn’t quite as flashy, but it definitely does the job.

Seasoned Capo

The next on the list is Seasoned Capo, a bloodied and worn mask that’s inspired by the notorious criminals of the mafia. Granted, it isn’t the most threatening mask in Payday 3, but it is one of the toughest to unlock. If you can climb to Level 149, though, then you’ll be able to claim the prize and, of course, the bragging rights for doing so. Failing that, then you can always aim for one tier lower and shoot for The Capo, which pings at Level 82. Again, it isn’t quite as artistically pleasing as the custom mask, but it still has a certain appeal to it.

Tax Day Abe

There’s something awfully sinister about Tax Day Abe, and understandably so. As if the hollowed eyes of the former president weren’t evil enough, then get a load of that clown-like smile — sheesh. Like it? You can get your hands on one by reaching Level—wait for it—143. Don’t want to wait around for it? Don’t sweat it — you can get the standard version, Dishonest Abe, at Level 99.

Beaked Red

Arguably one of the creepiest masks in Payday 3, it’s Beaked Red, an irresistibly gruesome and terrifying cosmetic that, quite frankly, has that certain wow factor. Unfortunately, the eyepatch-sporting bird doesn’t come without its brutal unlock criteria; you’ll need to reach Level 137 to obtain it. Alternatively, you can settle for Beaked Boss, a lesser-known version with fewer embellishments, at Level 92.

Big Bank Hoodlum

Arguably one of the most iconic faces in the series to date, Big Bank Hoodlum marks the beginning of a whole new era for Payday. It’s also a mask that, unlike a lot of top-shelf items, doesn’t require a huge amount of work to unlock. That said, you will need to reach Level 131 to get your hands on the gold-plated version, as shown above. In the meantime, you can opt for the Star-Spangled version, which is available at the very beginning of the game.


If you’re an avid fan of the sport, then you’re definitely going to want to pour some cash into the Ballsy mask, a top class cosmetic that’s not only visually disconcerting, but weirdly lovable for all the wrong reasons. As it stands, there isn’t a cheaper alternative, so you’ll need to reach Level 68 to be able to represent the team. Worth it, though — especially if you’re a die-hard supporter of baseball and, more importantly, the Yankees or NYC, in general.


So, what’s your take? Have you found a favorite mask in Payday 3 yet? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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