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Best Elden Ring Mods in 2023



Elden Ring is a phenomenal game that also features an exceptional modding community. These mods range in their functionality, as well as many other factors. But they all still manage to affect Elden Ring in an endearing way. Although, often, these are passion projects from fans of the series paying tribute to the Souls legacy. Other times, it's a needed feature. So without further ado, here are our picks for the Best Elden Ring Mods in 2023

5. Seemless Co-OpTips for Beginners

Starting off our list of the best Elden Ring mods in 2023, we have one that greatly adds to the experience. While the base game itself does have co-op functionality, this Seemless Co-OP mod allows for a more ergonomic experience overall. It accomplishes this in a number of ways, which make it one of the definitive ways to experience the game. For example, players oftentimes would get frustrated by the fact that they couldn't play the entirety of Elden Ring alongside their friends. This mod does away with that and relinquishes the reins on that whole concept.

This makes it so that even if players want to play together directly following the game's tutorial. They have the ability to do so. This is wonderful and really manages to capture the world of fantasy through cooperative elements. Added to this is the quick reconnect feature, which is an absolute lifesaver for game sessions that would otherwise have been dropped. Simply put, this mod truly smooths out the entire experience and somehow manages to improve upon an impeccable foundation. So if you haven't already, make sure you check out the Seamless Co-Op mod, as it is one of the best Elden Ring mods available in 2023.

4. Uncapped FPS ModTips for Beginners

For the next entry in our list of the best Elden Ring mods in 2023, we have the Uncapped FPS mod. Much like the name would imply, this is a mod that manages to unlock the frame rate for Elden RIng. This is a great technical achievement and helps players have a better overall experience. This means players won't have to deal with hitching or any other frame-stuttering type issues, and in a game where milliseconds matter, this is vastly important. It should be noted, however, that this mod only adjusts the framerate on the PC.

Additionally, this mod also allows players to change their field of view. This is great, as many players have wanted more customization in this regard. However, in the base game, this functionality isn't allowed, so it's great to see modders putting in the world to bring such a sought-after feature to the game. So if you are someone who wants more performance out of Elden Ring and you have the PC rig to accomplish this task. Then the Uncapped FPS Mod should be right up your alley, for sure.

3. Disable Rune Loss on Death

Now we come to a mod for Elden Ring that takes a lot of the frustration out of the game. One of the best mods to have in 2023, the Disable Rune Loss on Death mod, does just as its name would imply. Upon death, players, instead of losing all of their obtained runes, will be able to keep them. This makes the game easier in a rather passive way without changing the base difficulties of bosses or anything. But that isn't to say the difference this mod makes can't be felt. It absolutely can.

This quality-of-life mod goes a long way in aiding the player in a game as unforgiving as Elden Ring. It's nice to know that there is a little bit of respite in things like this mod. So if you are a player that has been looking for a way to maintain your runic progress throughout the game, this mod may just be your salvation. It is for these reasons that we consider the Disable Rune Loss on Death mod one of the best mods available for Elden Ring in 2023.

2. Grand Merchant

Has this ever happened to you? You seek out the Travelling Merchant, only for them to not have an item you need in the area you are in. Well, the people behind the Grand Merchant mod certainly thought of this. The Grand Merchant mod allows for players to trade all items in the game with the merchant right away. This means you can go to the merchant in Limsgrave and obtain late-game items if you so choose. This greatly improves the freedom of the game and allows you to gain access to more in-game items easier.

This certainly goes a long way in terms of helping the player along their journey. However, this mod comes with a warning, if you play online with the mod, the likelihood of you getting banned increases exponentially. This is due to the fact that in multiplayer setting this mod can be seen as grossly overpowered. So, all in all, the Grand Merchant mod does a fantastic job of arming players with what they need to succeed. Just keep in mind our warning and enjoy grabbing your items early on. It is for its overabundance of uses that we believe Grand Merchant is one of the best Elden Ring mods to have in 2023.

1. Elden Ring Reforged

Wrapping up our list of the best Elden Ring mods in 2023, we have Elden Ring ReforgedElden Ring Reforged, much as the name would imply, seeks to reforge the base experience in the game. The mod makes the game significantly more challenging for those who didn't get enough of that in the base game. As with the Grand Merchant mod, players should not take this mod online, which can result in a ban. The mod comes equipped with new blocking mechanics as well as a new class system that differs from the base experience quite a bit.

Additionally, the equipment in the game has been tweaked to be more balanced and fair while adding new spells. The enemy AI has also seen a pass in this mod, improving their overall behaviors and fighting pattern. And for quality of life improvements, having the bosses be able to be revived at the Roundtable Hold is absolutely huge. To close, Elden Ring Reforged is one of the best and most ambitious mods for Elden Ring in 2023.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Elden Ring Mods in 2023? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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