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Best Character Designs in Fire Emblem Engage

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Fire Emblem Engage is a game that isn't without its memorable characters. One of the many reasons that players will remember these characters is because of their strong aesthetic. Whatever the reason may be, these characters seem to stand out just a bit above the rest. So if you enjoy great character designs, give Fire Emblem Engage a try. So without further ado, here are our picks for the Best Character Designs in Fire Emblem Engage.

5. Yunaka

Yunaka is a somewhat quirky character overall. This is only accentuated by her character design. The character is mainly a Thief character that likes to deal physical damage when in combat. Yunaka typically fulfills a support role on players' teams and allows them to use Mend in order to heal allies. This is an ability that becomes invaluable to players in a pinch, especially during the more challenging difficulties in the game. This makes her a great character to have on your team during these challenging times.

Added to this, Yunaka can also restore HP for the player, which will allow them to have more longevity in battle. However, this isn't where her character stops, as she can also use Antitoxin to get rid of Poisons. From a design standpoint, Yunaka is absolutely striking. The character has a very star-themed aesthetic that fits them very well. She also does a fantastic job of dealing critical damage to enemies when the time calls for it. All in all, Yunaka is one of the most visually stunning character designs in all Fire Emblem Engage.

4. Rosado

This next entry on our list goes to Rosado, a knight who is obsessed with things that can be considered cute. This leads to quite a juxtaposition with his character and shuns the stalwart male knight stereotype. They are from the nation of Elusia and can be a fine combatant and stand out for their strength in battle. They are also a Wyvern Knight and a retainer to Princess Hortensia. One of the things that stands out about Rosado is their love for all things adorable, which certainly makes them memorable among the Fire Emblem fanbase.

The primary use for Rosado in battle is primarily as a scout. This is added by the fact that they are incredibly tanky and able to take hits from most of the lower-level units in the game. They can also use their Vantage ability to counter a foe's incoming attack, given the foe attacks first. All in all, Rosado stands out for their design which is a sleek and quite adorable knight that a ton of Fire Emblem Engage fans are sure to enjoy.

3. Panette

Hailing from Solm, Panette is a Berserker class and, much like Rosado, serves as a retainer. However, the princess that Panette serves is Princess Timerra. There are many attributes of Panette that make them adorable. For one, their design is really quite cute, with just the right amount of whimsy and seriousness. Additionally, those among the player base that enjoy spooky things will be glad to know that Panette does as well, as listed among her likes are ghosts and folk tales.

This isn't the only quirky interest they have either, as they are also infatuated with insects. This makes for a rather odd combination. Additionally, it is seen throughout the game that while Panetta may have been a tad on the wilder side in the past, they have refined themselves quite a bit and become much more reserved. This makes for quite the contrast considering her Berserker combat style. In conclusion, Panette is a fantastic character, both from a writing standpoint and an aesthetic standpoint, with them having one of the best designs in Fire Emblem Engage.

 2. Ivy

Now is the time for a character from Fire Emblem Engage that exudes more princessly energy. Ivy is the crown princess of Elusia and does a fantastic job of leading the country with the appropriate balance of power and compassion. While she may not look it, she actually has quite the capacity for compassion. Her design is absolutely stunning, with her outfit being one of the most regal yet intimidating outfits in the game.

Ivy is a Wing Tamer and has the ability to use Grasping Void and Spell Harmony to inflict much chaos on her foes. Seen as one of the strongest characters in the game, Ivy is certainly a formidable force in her own right. However, this rather stoic and cold princess shows that it takes a lot of power to hold the reins, and oftentimes she chooses not to show any emotion that does not befit her as a princess. So, in short, Ivy has a design that is absolutely striking and definitely fits her character. One that features various frills and colors radiating power from them.

1. Timerra

Timerra is a Sentinal unit with a forthright outgoing personality that really suits her. Her outfits are oftentimes showered in very vivid and vibrant colors. This is fantastic for the character and truly makes them stand out amongst the crowd. A fan of music, Timerra is the crown princess of Solm but does not allow this title to separate her from her people. In fact, they often will take open suggestions from the people of their kingdom to heart when making decisions.

Her design features very flowy and billowy outfits. These really stand out among the more stiff and more rigid designs in the game. It is clear that this character is meant to be loved by all, and they surely leave quite an impression on the player. Their Sandstorm ability also makes them extremely formidable in combat. It applies a different calculation to the damage stats when attacking. To close, Timerra is one of the most original and outgoing designs in Fire Emblem Engage. This makes her instantly memorable from the moment she appears on the screen, which is a great feature to have in a character. It is for these reasons that we believe that Timerra is the best-designed character in all of Fire Emblem Engage, which is certainly no easy feat.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Character Designs in Fire Emblem Engage? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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