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5 Best Adventure Games on Nintendo Switch (May 2023)

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Best Adventure Games on Nintendo Switch

After a long day at work, adventure games on the Switch are a great way to unwind. Whether you prefer a choice-based narrative or an action-packed adventure, you'll find something to your liking on Switch. For a long time, players turned to The Legend of Zelda to escape reality. However, there are numerous other adventure games that are just as enjoyable to play in your spare time. Today, we're scouring all Switch adventure games to find the ones that are worth your time. Among the games we found, these are the best adventure games on Nintendo Switch in May 2023 that you should consider playing (if you haven't already).

5. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

Mario is a household name now; it’s difficult to compile action-adventure games without a mention or two. If you’re wondering which Mario title to start your adventure with or which is the most worthy of your time, check out Super Mario Odyssey, a 2017 platformer that is an absolute gem. This time, Mario and a new ally, Cappy, embark on yet another wild adventure across the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s the perfect game to jump into after The Legend of Zelda's Breath of the Wild, thanks to its vibrant, eccentric touches of pure fun.

By now, the Mario franchise has perfected its craft, curating adorable stories that hook you from start to finish. Mario is tasked with stopping a wedding between Peach and her kidnapper, Bowser. But the story, although pretty creative, isn’t the greatest thing you’ll experience. Rather, they hop from one stunning location to the next within the Mushroom Kingdom. Ironically, some of them mimic real-life places like New York City. You can freely explore your surroundings, often running into memorable creatures along the way.

Mario’s gameplay is also quite enjoyable. There’s enough variety to keep you engaged, with the option to create the most impressive collection of moons. Collecting moons goes beyond the main story, which is fun to still fake-live within this world, customizing Mario’s outfits, and enjoying the visual appeal far better than any other Mario game.

4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is yet another open-world adventure you won’t want to miss. It restores Metroidvania in all its glory and exudes the most beautiful hand-painted artwork. This critically acclaimed masterpiece tasks players with exploring an expansive, exotic world where both friends and foes come to life. 

Along the way, you’ll find challenging puzzles to solve and slowly uncover Ori’s mysterious fate. It’s a deeply captivating experience that marries storytelling and action into one. You can engage in speed-run challenges to test your skills against other players. Or, dedicate hours to mastering Ori’s all-new shard system to power up his spirit weapons, spells, and attacks. 

3. Astral Chain

ASTRAL CHAIN - Launch trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Alternatively, check out Astral Chain, an action-packed hack-and-slash adventure not for the faint of heart. Players control not one, but two characters at the same time. These are the protagonist and several Legions, so not exactly “two.” In The Ark, a hugely multicultural city, a portal suddenly appears that makes way for alien creatures to attack and corrupt the land.

It’s a premise you’ve likely seen before, but Astral Chain executes it fashionably well. Humanity’s last hope has the direness it deserves. As a rookie cop, you’re given a Legion to help you solve cases and save mankind. This legion is a living weapon and your absolute best friend, whose sole purpose is to do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Legions can help you solve cases, open otherwise inaccessible places, and provide several opportunities for success. So, definitely pour some attention into learning a Legion’s type and skills and coordinating attacks to save the world from eternal doom.

2. Hades

Hades - Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Unlike most adventure games, Hades doesn’t employ a similar free-forming spirit or open worldly features. Still, it remains one of the best adventures to experience without stepping foot in the Underworld itself. When Zagreus defies his father, the god of the Underworld, Hades unleashes all of the Underworld’s might against him. It’s hardly a walk in the path; to fight against deadly long-lost souls and escape the Underworld. However, it’s a task that must be done to successfully complete the game.

Hades is also a roguelike title, so if you die, and you sure will (more than a few times), the game whisks you off to the start of your journey to begin again. Fortunately, each respawn will trigger a series of new events and challenges, so the game remains refreshing every time. Hades is the perfect way to enjoy an adventure game while still experiencing multiple genres, including dungeon crawlers and action RPGs.

1. L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire - Nintendo Switch Trailer

L.A. Noire racked up plenty of high praise, so it’s definitely an action adventure worth checking out. It follows Detective Cole Phelps, who starts off as a rookie cop and gradually works his way up the L.A. police department. It’s not an easy ride, though. Far from it. L.A. Noire is a violent crime thriller set in 1947 Los Angeles, featuring the post-war boom of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a true detective, L.A. Noire is the place to be. Between the variety of cases brought to Phelps’ attention, you’ll find yourself engaged in the typical detective action chases and shootouts. Corruption has grown two heads, and the drug trade is at its peak. Murder cases follow closely, at an all-time high. It’s a busy month for both the good and the bad guys.

However, each case you solve doesn’t necessarily end there. Soon, you start to discover connections between them. Strings of wrongdoing begin to form, and conspiracies unravel before your eyes. The police department, it turns out, is also a player in the underground crime world. Can you hold steady as chaos runs the city? Will you uncover all of L.A. Noire’s deadly secrets and keep the city safe? 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of the best adventure games on Nintendo Switch in May 2023? Are there more adventure games on Nintendo Switch we should know about? Do let us know over on our socials here.


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