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5 Video Game Simulators You Won’t Believe Exist



Video game simulators: what started off as a pretty no-nonsense type of genre eventually transitioned into this otherworldly spool of unorthodox worlds and hilarious concepts. Humans were swapped out for goats, pets were binned for common house flies, and basically anything you could think of soon became entwined with the evolving genre. And as for the future of the unusual thread, well, I guess there's just no telling what will pounce to life. Though after controlling a slice of bread a few years back, I for one am certain that whatever comes next will have no boundaries to hold back its profound creativity.

But let's talk about what has already come and gone; what's made the biggest splash and what's turned one too many heads over absurdity alone. From bread to bees, squids to skies — here are, in our opinion, five of the most unusual simulators on the market. Move over, I Am Bread. There's a few new fish in town.


5. Lawn Mowing Simulator

Lawn Mowing Simulator | Xbox Announce Trailer

I personally don't know anyone that honestly enjoys cutting grass enough to feel the need to do it virtually, but there you go. The world is a crazy place, and so if being an elite grass cutter is what makes some people happy then sure — by all means, be the lawnmower; cut that grass.

On the surface, Lawn Mowing Simulator is, well — a lawn mowing simulator. Set across the luscious landscapes of the British countryside, your only goal is to soak up the surroundings and the ambience of the four seasons and, well, mow the grass. That's basically all there is to it. Think along the lines of an idle-clicker game, only with blades of grass instead of cookies and coins, and you've got yourself the basic premise of Lawn Mowing Simulator. I really don't know how else to explain it, nor the emotions I feel when I think about being a lawnmower in general.


4. Granny Simulator

Granny Simulator - Granny Simulator Trailer - Gameplay

Anyone who has ever looked after a toddler will know that babysitting is no walk in the park, especially when you're an outsider to a family that's desperate to test your limits. But being a granny, on the other hand, means you're likely to let those little tikes get away with a lot more than the average teenage sitter. Things like, I don't know — setting the house ablaze, or pushing your sibling down the stairs.

The idea of Granny Simulator is simple: survive the unforgiving bloodbath that your grandchildren conjure. Do your gardening, soak up the sun and go for a walk — so long as you don't let the littles ones get to you. But should you play as one of the little monsters, on the other hand, well then the goal is slightly different. As in, you basically have to kill grandma. How that's done, of course, is entirely in the hands of your most twisted fantasies.


3. Cockroach Simulator

Cockroach Simulator Steam Trailer

We've witnessed goats charging into groins aplenty over the years, which means we're sort of used to seeing weird stuff in video game simulators. That's why the Cockroach Simulator doesn't really stand out anywhere near as much as it probably should. But anyway, it still pops its head up as one of those games; one you can't help but look at as much you really don't want to.

Again, the idea is pretty simple. Playing as either a cockroach or a poor homeowner, you're tasked with going to war with one another in an everyday kitchen, using your environment as a first line of defence. With the ability to assemble up to ten players, Cockroach Simulator becomes an all-out warfare between two desperate forces. It's wacky, it's destructive, and it's weirdly addictive.


2. Drunkn Bar Fight

Drunkn Bar Fight - Oculus Quest - Trailer

Picture this: you're sipping whiskey on the rocks down at your local dive bar, only to notice a change in atmosphere emerging from the nearby table. You glance over to your left, and then out of the blue, you're hit with the neck of a guitar and thrown from your bar stool. The attacker, of course, is your friend — and they're hungry for a good old fashioned punch-up. It's Saturday night — and you're about to enter the ring of intoxication.

Welcome to Drunkn Bar Fight, a game where almost anything is possible with the right amount of liquor under your belt. As a rather rowdy patron with a punch-drunk attitude, your goal is pretty clear: start a bar fight, and win. Clear out enough venues, and you'll stagger away with an imaginary belt of some sort. Oh, but you'll have to ruin a rooftop wedding and beat up a few angry groomsmen first. You know, as you do.


1. Bum Simulator

Bum Simulator - Official Trailer

Just when you thought video game developers couldn't sink any lower, they came up with an actual simulator that lets you take the reins of a homeless person. Yes, a homeless person. Of course, many wouldn't usually agree with something as inconsiderate as that, but its humourous twist sort of redeems it in the strangest way. Though, in a nutshell, it is a game that basically just lets you roam the streets and, you know, torment people.

Sure, the primary goal is to mop the streets for loose change and interact with local townsfolk. But, when all's said and done, the real work begins, allowing you the freedom to carve a legacy of your own making. Seek revenge on strangers by throwing them in a back alley skip, or maybe even hold up traffic with a bunch of shopping carts. Do whatever you wish, so long as it sets your name in stone as the go-to legend of the suburbs.

So, what simulators have grabbed your attention lately? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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