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5 Popular Comics That Would Make Great Video Games

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Comics are one of the oldest forms of artistic storytelling. They're a vast universe of amazing tales, compelling stories, and just great narrative fiction. Because of their immense power to develop a captivating story, we can thank comic books for inspiring some of our favorite movies and video games of all time. There is so much proof already that comics make for great video games, but some of the most popular ones have yet to be done.

With so much untapped potential, we want to take a look at five popular comics we feel would make for a great video game title. These comics all share a common theme of gripping storytelling, which in turn, offers the chance to develop them into immersive action-adventure video games. So let's take a look at five popular comics, we want to see as video games.




5. Daytripper

Daytripper may not be the most uplifting and fantastical comic out there, but it has the potential to be developed into quite a compelling narrative story. For context, Daytripper follows Bras de Olivias Dominguez through multiple important periods of his life. Each chapter are different accounts of his life that are filled with happiness, sorrow, love, loneliness, and regret. Except, each memory end's the same, with his death. Then right after, he wakes up in a new memory completely oblivious to his death in the previous chapter.

I won't sugarcoat it, a Daytripper video game wouldn't be all sunshine and rainbows, but it could develop a really interesting narrative. One that dwells on the emphasis of capturing life's best and worst moments, because we could all pass at a moment's notice. It definitely could be interesting done in a way that uses Dominguez's internal voice as the narrator throughout moments in his life. Almost in the same fashion as Journey or The Stanley Parable.


4. Deadshot

Since his debut in The Suicide Squad, Floyd Lawton or better known as Deadshot has been rising in popularity. Original fans of the comic series will already know that Deadshot's claim to fame is that he's one of DC's deadliest assassins, who never misses a shot. Undoubtedly this could deliver some great action-adventure gameplay, that really explores and utilizes all of Deadshot's weapon kits. However, there is a strong narrative behind Deadshot that could be developed into a more immersive game.

One reason Deadshot pursues his life of crime in Gotham is to give his daughter Zoe the life she deserves, or at least a better one than he had. We can see Deadshot's internal conflict as Zoe constantly judges her father's actions. Through this, we can see the good potential of Deadshot that could come. This could be made into a narrative choice game, like Mass Effect. With that it lets the player choose to be a vigilante or a criminal. Of course, this will ripple effects on how the story play's out, but the narrative is so strong in Deadshot's story it surely would make for a great video game.



3. Invincible

Invincible is one of the most popular comic series of all time, with one of the most surprising plot arcs in comic history. Don't worry, there are no spoilers here but if you haven't read the comics or checked out the TV series, I would highly recommend it. In Invincible, you follow the story of Mark Grayson, son of Omni-Man, the most powerful human being on planet earth. Mark Grayson has yet to develop the superhero abilities of his father, and so the comic follows his come up story.

Learning Mark Grayson's superhero abilities, alongside him to kickstart the game is a great way to dive into the story. Ultimately it puts the player in the exact shoes of the protagonist. This could be done in an open-world setting that lets you and Grayson progress toward becoming Invincible, together. Slowly leveling up until you have mastered your powers and can take on the greatest of enemies. Then, just as you're getting comfortable in the story, it flips and unveils the massive story arc that has brought Invincible its popularity today.



2. The Sandman

It's a shame that one of the best comics of all time, The Sandman, hasn't been developed into a video game yet. The narrative here is just too strong not to, and it would really shine as a great video game. The Sandman focuses on the protagonist Dream, who also goes by Morpheus and a whole host of other names. Dream, who has been imprisoned for 70 years, has escaped, but since then has softened up to his formerly cruel ways.

Dream is one of the seven Endless, alongside Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Destruction. The comic series blends these concepts together in a fantastical way of horror and mythology, so there's a lot at play for the story. Through his story, Dream struggles with change which he learns is ultimately inevitable and leads him to be an unlikely hero. This is just begging for a “hero's journey” action-adventure game, with so many layers. It's something that would need existential thought and planning, but it would make for a title.



1. Gotham Central

Gotham Central has the potential to offer one of the most original and unique video games we have ever seen. For that reason, it takes number one, and here's why. Gotham Central focuses on Gotham Cit's Special Crimes Unit amidst a city of villains and vigilantes. Basically they are living in the shadow of superhero work, mainly Batman. The crime is no different, the classic DC enemies are all there, except you're just a regular detective working to bring justice to all this chaos.

Set in the comic crime capital of Gotham City, there is so much potential for making an immersive game. With a grungy noir style, that looks to expand on the dark themes consistent throughout Gotham. Handling these crimes, not as a superhero, is an original idea that could bring so much mystery with it. I would love to see this done in a style similar to Disco Elysium, as the essence of the game is already there.


Do you agree with our list? Are there other comics you think would make great video games? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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