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5 Best Worm Games of All Times Ranked

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5 Best Worm Games of All Times Ranked

Since the latest release from Team 17, the Worms Rumble of 2020, fans have been asking for more. However, even with the late releases, the fan-base keeps growing due to the entertaining aspect that worms bring to the players and viewers.

Worms is a series consisting of tactical artillery games that started with the Worms episode of 1995. The Worms expedition is followed by more than 20 main games and spin-offs. The worms game revolves around a platoon of worms who exhibit human-like traits. The worms battle in teams, where the winner gets a chance as the sole survivor. Team 17 ensured to bring us a fleet of action-based fun surrounded with humor and surrealism with the cartoon worms.

While we await any new release, here is a list of five best worm games of all time, ranked.


5. Worms Crazy Golf

Nerd³ Plays... Worms Crazy Golf

The Worms Crazy Golf is a Worms series that defies the standard storyline of Worms. Rather than the usual battles to victory, this spin-off references the spotting realities of golfing. The game gives you the thrill of golfing with the addition of the action-filled worms gaming characteristics.

Embody a characteristic worm and try to hit a golf ball into a golf hole in as few moves as you can. The game is not that simple, though; as you navigate your hit through the golf terrace, you must watch out for other obstacles. For instance, the game has sheep, obstructing the terrain that you can blow up using your golf ball. While at it, collect coins to use for new costumes and unlock new golf clubs.

In addition to the unique theme the game follows, Worms Crazy Golf offers delight mechanics and camera control features. Team 17 includes a fantastic golf terrain fitting suitably to the adventurous experience. This 2D game will give you an exhilarating experience of the vast possibilities that can come with worm expeditions.


4. Worms WMD

8 Minutes of Worms W.M.D. Gameplay

The release of Worms WMD brought the most excellent strategic game in the worms series, filled with exhilarating action. The 2016 game represents the milestone that Team17 corporation has reached since the initial game of 1995. With the magnificent design of the worm's landscape, the WMD progression brings a never-seen adventure into the series.

The players get complete control of a fleet of worms either through manual selection of the cartoons or by selecting a pre-existing team. Following the original plot in worms, the teams battle each other for a chance of survival. Your worms benefit from the tactical use of buildings in the gaming scene. Use a wide variety of weapons to eliminate your enemies and change the course of events by employing vehicles in the game.

The adrenaline you experience here results from the unique design in this game. This sequel removes the water physics and learning classes features available in the last series. However, it adds several aspects like weapon-crafting abilities. Different mechanics like vehicles are also added to the episode.


3. Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - PS5

As the latest release from Team 17, Worms Rumble takes on the characteristics of the previous releases and mixes them well to develop a magnificent game. By incorporating a real-time action strategy, the 2020 release proves to be highly deserving. Similarly, enjoy the nice compliment between the conventional style in worms with the exquisite modern sensation. 

Like its sequel, the game's goal is to clear out an opponent's team to emerge victoriously. The game offers different modes to choose like the Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing, in addition to the new Deathmatch mode.

With exotic weapons and a battle royale experience, the players also acquire jet packs and grappling hooks that help navigate the landscape. Customize your appearance with the game point you earn as you gain more and more experience.


2.  Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Worms Ultimate Mayhem (PC) Gameplay

2011 brought Ultimate Mayhem, which does justice to the development of Worms with the wild, destructive elements. The quest to victory comes when an opposing team loses all its players. Losing comes by depletion of life health or knocking the player off the gaming platform.

Ultimate Mayhem series allows single to multiplayer and local to online gaming levels. To play, you need to choose a team of four worms. Depending on the gaming mode you choose, you will need to battle an enemy worm team consisting of four worms each. While in the game, you can only control one worm at a time. With a good strategy and wise weaponry selection, guide your team to victory.

Every turn-based move is enlightened with the variety of weapons available to choose from. The game also offers a 2D and 3D graphical layout. Although the 3D graphics are a little off, the game will still have you rocking your chair in multi-directional movements. Enjoy an introduction to more areas and the wonderful music and voice animations.


1. Worms Armageddon 

Worms Armageddon - Pro Match (2 vs 2) PavelB, lNNNlJohnmir, Odinist, `Pn`Virus`ae`

23 years of existence is not shaking the quality of this game. With the outstanding features, it is no wonder other series of worms base their creations on this series. Like every other game of worms, the Armageddon series takes you on the venture to victory by defeating competing teams.

How to play? Well, as you start the game, select a platoon of eight worms. Then decide whether to play on multi or single player. Whichever you decide on, you must choose an itinerary of weapons to fight the opposite team. Active characters are determined automatically and sequentially; however, you can select your personality with valuable prizes.  

Comparatively, Worms Armageddon offers a solid 2D graphical layout enabled through regular updates. Whatsmore, the series content comes with vast weaponry and content array, diverse terrain, and the additional number of worms included in a game. The series did not shy away from inheriting and improving features, such as additional  40+ missions, from its sequels. 


And there you go, the 5 best Worm Games of all times ranked. Do you agree with our listing? Do let us know your experience with either one in the comments below or our socials here

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