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5 Best Video Game Mothers of All Time, Ranked



To celebrate Mother's Day over in the UK, we thought we'd rustle up a few all-time favourite video game moms and mother-like guardians, all of whom have helped embody the richest qualities of parenting. And honestly, there have been a fair amount, even if they've only played a minor role in the overall journey.

From the magic-oriented nomads to the wok-wielding super chefs, mothers have been summoned from all walks of life, and we wouldn't change any of them for the world. But as for the five that have left the biggest mark on our hearts over the years, well, that's pretty obvious from where we're standing.


5. Clementine (The Walking Dead)

After the fall of Lee Everett, Clementine unwillingly blossomed into not only a natural survivor, but a mother figure fit enough to advise a new generation of youths. Specifically, a young boy named A.J, who lost his parents to the bitter reality conjured from the walker outbreak.

Despite being a mere teenager with a loose grip on a survivor's mentality, Clem took it upon herself to take a child under her wing. Through the thick of it, the two became increasingly close, to the point of forming a mother-son relationship. From the second season through to the third, Clementine played a key role in aiding A.J's growth, teaching him not only how to stay afloat in a ravenous world—but how to keep ahold of the things that made them human.


4. Cooking Mama (Cooking Mama)

Everybody's favourite baker, of course, comes in as no other than Cooking Mama herself. As a global hit on Nintendo DS that longed out for years, the happy-go-lucky queen of cuisine went on to accumulate an army of faithful followers. And to this day, we're still happy to pay our respects, despite not having seen her in a couple of years.

Cooking Mama has been the poster child for the cooking simulator series ever since it booted up in 2006. Over 15 long and fruitful years, the beloved Nintendo star has pulled in quite the reputation, effectively becoming one of the all-time favourites in the portable world.


3. Naru (Ori and the Blind Forest)

As far as gut-wrenching opening cinematics go, Ori and the Blind Forest basically has it dialed. With thanks to Naru, our protagonist's foster mother that looks to shelter the starved hero from birth, we, as players, are made to watch through a thread of events that shape and strengthen the duo's bond. And then, of course, it all gets thrown to the wolves. But we'll leave that there, you know, just to avoid any spoilers.

Although the opening cinematic is somewhat overshadowed by the sheer beauty of Blind Forest's radiant worldNaru's maternal instincts remain a beacon of pride for mothers all over the globe. And as far as video game mothers go, Naru captured basically every trait and tribulation in the book. So, with that, we're more than happy to give credit where it's due.


2. Béatrice (A Plague Tale: Innocence)

Béatrice de Rune played a rather small role during the early sequences of A Plague Tale: Innocence. Though, her mysterious demeanour eventually became loaded with purpose, and it was, in reality, all to protect her younger son, Hugo, from a family curse. And it turned out, she had devoted his entire upbringing to keeping his fate from meeting a bitter end—all at the cost of losing her own mortality.

Around the time the book was nearing its final chapters, Béatrice unraveled herself as one of the most determined and courageous mothers on the block. Knowing her son's future, and the cost of slowing down the grains in the hourglass before yielding to the deadly curse, to be fair, is exactly why we fell in love with her. Small part or not — Béatrice de Rune was one of the most loyal mothers of all time, and one we'd happily embrace if given the opportunity.


1. Freya (God of War)

While it's all well and good portraying near-perfect mother-and-child relationships on-screen, we do have to give God of War a well-deserved nod, if only for the theatrics between Freya and Baldur. Although the famed Witch of the Woods did play a crucial role in Atreus' development, as well as play as an ally to Kratos during his early endeavours, her tale was really, to our absolute surprise, a series of train wrecks waiting to untangle.

After loading her son with the curse to never feel again, it was only natural that Baldur went on to resent Freya. And yet, in an attempt to prove that blood does indeed run thicker than water, she swore to avenge his death after Kratos stepped in to aid her struggle. And so, severed bond aside, Freya went on to show that not all parent and child relationships are made on sunshine and rainbows. Some, on occasion, have the power to be far more—and we respect God of War for bringing such a complex scenario to life.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there any video game mothers we should have put up here? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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