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5 Best Video Game Bullet Cams of All Time

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It doesn't matter if you're heavily invested in a role-playing game or skipping stones in Viva Piñata. When it comes to slow-motion kill cams — nobody can help but stop and admire the skill that fuses into each and every passing bullet. Whether it's a volley of shells knocking against a target at close range or a single shot fired from a quarter-mile away — bullet cams just have this gory appeal to them, and we honestly can't help but spend our days trying to capture the ultimate clip that bleeds precision and potluck.

Bullet cams have been a thing for quite some time now, with a lot of their use going towards die-hard shooter fans and their hunger for quality kills and clean footage to share with the world. A few games that prescribe the best bullet cams in the history of gaming, on the other hand, well — we'll just leave these five here for you to scope out. In our eyes, these provide the most satisfying bullet cams in gaming. Cue the slow-mo.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

The Dead Eye feature that became famous from the first Red Dead Redemption chapter wasn't utilized as much as Rockstar probably would've liked. Just as well Red Dead Redemption 2 went on to boost its presence and amplify its overall benefits, thankfully. And although it didn't stack up compared to most war-based games on the market — it was still a smooth and seriously epic addition to the Western tale.

Activating the beloved Dead Eye talent would ultimately grant you a few seconds to pin targets on your enemies, and then finally spring off a few rounds in a couple of seconds flat. Lo and behold, the desert strip before you would become littered with corpses, leaving you to loot and loiter at your own pace. No shame, no regrets. Just addictive fun in its simplest form. Thanks, Rockstar.


4. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

Let's be honest here. Any game that makes use of a sniper rifle is basically destined to have a killer bullet cam. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 (or just Sniper in general) is no exception to that, either. In fact, its bullet cams are actually what make up for ninety percent of the experience, with the remaining ten dedicated to simply lining up the opportunities to capture such moments.

For years, players have taken it upon themselves to capture the cleanest footage. With montages plastered all over the web and an entire subdomain dedicated to them, it's clear Sniper has its army of hungry followers. It's long-range combat in its prime, as well as an endless volley of mindless fun. It's Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, clean and simple.


3. Fallout 4

For years, Fallout has made use of its slow-motion bullet system, giving us that extra advantage whenever glossing over the battlefield. But just which game in the series managed to exploit that system for all it was worth and push it to the next level? Well, in all honesty, despite its shortcomings, Fallout 4 probably did.

The Vault-Tech Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S for short) was the feature that managed to evolve the increasingly popular bullet cam idea into something original and, in essence, far more superior. Stopping time and pinpointing a bunch of critical spots to spring out the chamber just hit differently compared to other games. It was special in its own sort of way, and actually made the majority of battles far more enjoyable than simple bullet sprees without any level of theatrics.


2. Crysis 3

Crysis has had a long standing history with using quality bullet cams in its games, with technology that trickles on the same line as the likes of Sniper Elite and what have you. Sure, the odd game might have relied on mods in order to enhance its authenticity, but considering the series was known for contributing some pretty fantastic gameplay sequences — we couldn't help but let the odd one slide. Mod or no mod — Crysis was one heck of a ride.

There's honestly no greater pleasure than seeing a bullet eject from a smoking barrel and navigate its way into a target completely oblivious to your presence. Of course, Crysis can be completed without the use of stealth in most instances, though the few nuggets it does have never fails to impress us — especially with the stylish bullet cams that go alongside them.


1. Sniper Elite 4

Speaking of Sniper Elite, it would feel like an absolute insult to cast a shadow over Rebellion's fine works over the years — especially with the Sniper Elite series. And as far as bullets and stealth go, the fourth chapter in the timeline flawlessly envelopes the both and does something truly remarkable to each. Think Metal Gear Solid V — only with better kills, better vantage points, and much higher satisfaction with every claimed soul. That's Sniper Elite 4.

From the moment you touch down in the Italian warzone, you're immediately saddled with a rifle, a belt of ammunition, and a series of tasks that need to be completed before extraction. Along the way, you'll have to master long-range combat and snag a chain of mind-blowing kills before finally taking the next step to the enemy frontline. That sniper of yours, well — let's just say you'll struggle to make so much as a dent without it. Out on the battlefield, that prescribed bullet of yours is, in essence, judge, jury and executioner. So what's the verdict?


So, what did we miss? Are there any epic bullet cams we should have included on this list? Let us know over on our socials here.


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