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10 Best Fortnite Skins (July 2022)

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Best Fortnite Skins July

One of the best features of Fortnite is the sheer amount of variety there is when it comes to customizing your player. No other game has amassed as many collaborations for skins as Fortnite has, which now numbers in the thousands. In fact, the game currently holds approximately 1,300 different skins. Resulting in a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the skin you'll take into battle. However, as the motto implies, look good – play good. This is why we're looking at the 10 Best Fortnite Skins July currently offers because a lot has been added as of recent.

Notably, Chapter 3, Season 3 has been one of the best seasons for skins, with a handful of them making this list. This has also inspired us to look at some of our favorite skins from over the years, that are still up for grabs. But we'll be honest; choosing 10 amongst the thousands of options isn't exactly an easy process. So feel free to comment below and let us know what skins make up your top 10. However, without further adieu, here are our picks for the 10 best Fortnite skins as of July 2022.


10. Kawspeely

It goe's without saying that the originally Peely skin in Fortnite falls amongst the best of all time. Furthermore, all the variations of the skin after it have also been pretty appealing (We just couldn't resist the pun). However, the most recent variation, the Kawspeely skin, seems to be majority disliked by a lot of players. However, as a collecter of the Peely skins, and a fan of KAWS, we'd have to say it makes for a pretty cool collaboration. Like we said though, apparently an unpopular opinion.



9. Snap

The Snap skin is one of the newest ones that has landed alongside Chapter 3, Season 3. It's also one of the more creative and customizable skins we've seen added to the game. While most skins give you variations of the one skin, the Snap skin lets you completely customize your character's head, arms, legs, and torso with that of other skins. Making for some pretty outlandish skins, but we're all for it. Want a panda head with a robot arm, go for it.



8. Malik

The Malik skin in Fortnite comes as part of the Age of Kings set. And while the base skin is already pretty snazzy, its variations are even more appealing. Most notably, the Platinum Rift, Lapis Slurp, and Auric Blaze editions. They do cost around 20 Battle Stars, but we'd argue it's totally worth it because these skins present themselves and play beautifully in-game. Plus, everyone looks cooler rocking a cape.



7. Imperial Stormtrooper

The Fortnite and Star Wars collab has brought some of our favorite fictional characters from the Star Wars universe into the game. Now, we aren't arguing that we are on the side of the Imperial Order, however, getting to play as a Stormtrooper is something that most of us have always wanted to do. Plus with the E-11 Blaster in the game and lightsabers, it really makes it that much more enticing to throw on the all-white suit, even if it's for the Dark Side.



6. Itachi Uchiha

Fans were ecstatic to learn that Fortnite Naruto Rivals skins would be added to the game. Most likely because Naruto is unquestionably among the best anime series of all time, making the opportunity to play as your favorite characters in Fortnite an exciting experience. What no one expected was for the skins to be animated in-game. Evidently, this made them look pretty cool, but for us, it was Itachi Uchiha's animated skin that took our heart.



5. Green Goblin

In honor of Willem Dafoe coming back for his iconic role as Green Goblin, Fortnite thought they'd honor him with a skin. Most well-known as Spiderman's arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin's skin is depicted perfectly with the classic green and purple color combo. Then what tops it off is the fact that you also get his iconic glider to deploy into the game. This really makes you feel like you won't rest until you've destroyed all the Spider-Mans in your battle-royale session.



4. Madcap

It is a little un-ironic that the Madcap skin didn't get added into Fortnite when Reality Falls did, as there's obviously a correlation there. Nonetheless, Madcap is a skin you can grab in Fortnite right now and one of the best ones of July. That is if you like ninjas that take on the appearance of a glowing mushroom. Jokes aside, Madcap came together very well and the glowing fluorescent style to the skin really gives it a great aesthetic.



3. Spider-Man Zero

Best Fortnite Skins July

The Spider-Man Zero skin is based on the Zero War series of Marvel and Fortnite-inspired comics. The skin is now available for direct purchase from the item shop, whereas previously you had to obtain one of these comics to redeem a code. Nonetheless, if you're a fan of the web-slinging hero, then you'll definitely want to consider this skin. As it comes with the iconic Spider-Man stance and Spider-Drone in its bundle. Plus playing as Spider-Man with the Grapple Gun slotted, really makes his experience come to life in the battle royale.



2. Darth Vader

Best Fortnite Skins July

If you've seen the original Star Wars trilogy, you'll understand just how terrifying Darth Vader was. Well, thanks to Epic Games' excellent job of accurately replicating Darth Vader in Fortnite, he presents himself just as menacing in-game as he did on screen. If there's any reason to join or fight for the dark side of the force, this is understandably it. Just hope you don't run into an Obi-Wan Kenobi skin, as history often repeats itself.



1. Indiana Jones

Best Fortnite Skins July

Indiana Jones is the newest collaboration to come to Fortnite and it's easily coming in as one of the game's best skins of July. Something about the courageous and charming treasure hunter just makes venturing around the map, so much more adventurous and cinematic. Plus with a series of Indiana Jones-inspired challenges to unlock him, you can feel even more in his shoes. Really the only thing missing for this is his iconic bullwhip, which we're rather surprised didn't make it as his melee weapon.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top ten? Are there other Fortnite skins that you currently think are the best of July? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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