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Wrestle Story: Everything We Know

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Wrestle Story: Everything We Know

Wrestling has withstood the test of time, suffice it to say. Since the early days of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and John Cena, its fan base has continued to multiply greatly. If you are a die-hard fan but jumping off a tightrope seems like an impossible task, good news, you don't have to. 

Tic Toc Games has unveiled a new turn-based wrestling RPG, Wrestle Story. This is the game for you if you want to experience the thrill of being a pro wrestler without breaking a bone or tearing up your knee. It's time to make the ring yours.

So what do we know about this upcoming game? Thankfully, developers have dished out a bunch of information about the game. However, it's not enough to fully add flesh to the skeleton. Notwithstanding, we've raked up all the details to give you an exclusive sneak peek. Here's everything we know about Wrestle Story.

What is Wrestle Story?

Wrestle Story is an upcoming turn-based wrestling RPG by Tic Toc Games, the mastermind behind B.Ark and Pip. The game pays homage to classic RPGs like Paper Mario, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger with its familiar battle system. Players will live out their wrestling fantasies by becoming the undisputed champion. The upcoming title has a contender in the genre of WrestleQuest, which is also yet to be released. 


Wrestle Story is not only about knocking the snot out of your opponents to make it to the top; there's a storyline. A bunch of corrupt individuals are attempting to draw the curtains on your favorite sport. They're rising through the ranks and defeating each of the Five Territories champions. It's up to you to thwart their plans by doing what you love the most, wrestling and making the ring yours. 

Here is the game's premise: 

“Gold and glory beckon just over the horizon in the world of the Five Territories. Embrace the fiery spirit of a fearless underdog attempting to topple a corrupt network that seeks to control the sport you love. Turn the tables on each of the so-called “champs” by unleashing brutal timed-based attacks and, of course, flashy finishers, ensuring a clean win to make crowds go wild!”


Wrestle Story


Wrestle Story is an exciting game that will get you hooked. From the moment you step into the ring, you'll be thrown into a world of twists and turns, where you'll need to think on your feet to outmaneuver your opponents.

Right from the start, you'll have the opportunity to customize your character. You'll be able to choose from various outfits and accessories, allowing you to create a unique look that sets you apart from your opponents. You'll also pick your backstory and entrance music, giving you an edge in the ring.

Moreover, the game's expansive 3D world opens up a myriad of possibilities. You must traverse the vibrant zone to go head-to-head with the nefarious enemies. Fortunately, your teammates will be by your side to lend you a hand. But, the burden of saving the wrestling world entirely rests on you. 

The game provides a range of incredibly satisfying finishers and tag-team moves to give you the upper hand against your enemies. As you size up your opponent, you'll need to keep your wits about you and stay on your toes. One way to do so is by leveraging action command-based attacks to increase damage output. If you're familiar with South Park: Stick of Truth or Paper Mario, you'll feel right at home with this technique. A meter fills up by long-pressing the action button, readying you for an ultimate attack that will pin down your opponent. 

To top it off, Wrestle Story highlights the essence of team play by letting you recruit six tag-team mates. Increasing the bond between you and your mates will unlock various techniques that will prove helpful in and out of the ring. You can give your teammates a unique personality by customizing their abilities, gear, entrance music, and perks. Additionally, you can customize their appearance using cool hairdos and tattoos, and more, to spice up the gameplay.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter a variety of opponents, each with their unique style and personality, as is typical of any turn-based RPG. Some will be easy to beat, while others will be more challenging. You'll need to use all of your skills and experience to take them down. Thankfully, you will progressively access improved gear and move sets as you defeat your foes. 

Of course, no wrestling game would be complete without a range of signature moves and finishers. In Wrestle Story, you can access various devastating moves that will help you take down your opponents. Whether you're hitting them with a Stone Cold Stunner or a Rock Bottom, you'll need to time your moves perfectly to land the knockout blow.


Tic Toc Games draws inspiration from beloved JRPGS to tailor this upcoming title into an exclusive masterpiece. Speaking during an interview, lead developer at Tic Toc Games, Steve Jimenez, said,” We looked at the epic JRPGs we grew up playing and saw a ton of amazing parallels with wrestling; the over-the-top characters, the fully realized fantasy world, the huge finishing moves. After that, things just started to fall into place in the best way.”

This is especially true since the game features an immersive storyline that will appeal to fans of RPG gameplay. 


Wrestle Story - Announcement Trailer

Does this interest you? If so, check out the game's trailer to know what to expect once it drops. Tic Toc Games showcased a 1-minute 12-second trailer during the Future Games Show that hints at the gameplay and exciting action. You can see more of this in the video embedded above. 

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Wrestle Story will be available on Windows PCs and Macs via Steam. Tic Toc Games is yet to announce when the game will be released and whether porting to consoles will happen in the near future.

You can follow the official social feed here for more information on the Wrestle Story. If anything changes before its release, we'll fill you in on all the vital details here on

So, what's your take? Will you pick up a copy of Wrestle Story when it drops? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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