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Unicorn Overlord: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Unicorn Overlord

It’s difficult to keep tabs on the tactical RPGs you can play but it’s unlikely any fan can forget Unicorn Overlord. The tactical fantasy role-playing game from Vanillaware that every gamer with a knack for a knight’s battle and exploration yearns to play. The game is based on a fantasy of a five-nation world known as Fevrith, with a unique focus on one of the nations, Cornia. Under a dynasty’s rule, Cornia’s general rebels against the royal family’s reign, breaking a war that rips the country apart. 

Immerse yourself in the epic gameplay as Alain, the prince of the fallen kingdom. Alain learns the tricks of the sword from Joseph, the knight, who ushers him into Palevia after the queen's death. With combat abilities, traverse the land in a quest to reclaim the throne and liberate your land. Grind away in the phenomenal gameplay activities, from cultivating an army with more than 60 characters of beasts, elves, and humans to gathering allies and creating bonds to steer you to glorious victory. But before you dive right in, here are Unicorn Overlord's 5 best tips for beginners that will point you in the right direction.

5. Test Yourself Out on the Tutorial

Unicorn Overlord

Many gamers find that Unicorn Overlord offers a different perspective on the first-person tactical video games they’ve played. And in fact, a little gameplay into Unicorn Overlord’s gameplay on the demo makes the game feel more like a strategy RPG. However, even the most accomplished tactical role-playing game players don’t have to dive right into the story, tactical, or expert gameplay levels. Vanillaware provides a prologue and some tutorials. 

Upon launching the game on your console, it begins with the tutorials before dumping you right into the three difficulty levels. Going through the tutorial helps you understand the basics right from the start as you familiarize yourself with the game's atmosphere and the continent you’re about to explore. Besides, sparing a couple of minutes to prepare for the next couple of hours of gameplay doesn’t sound like a very bad idea. 

4. Pick the Right Units for Placements

team selection platform

Whether its for solo fights or the general battle arena, you need to have a team that delivers the perfect synergy. It all narrows down to picking the right characters for placements. Maximize your squad before every stage by assembling the right characters in the two-three grid. Each member of the squad comes with active and passive abilities and stats that you need to consider if you are to create a working synergy and line of protection. 

You can decide where to place characters on your grid depending on their stats and abilities. For instance, you can have the swift and strong ones at the front to take on the attacks head-on, while the feeble ones provide support from the back. Also, maximize on improving your unit’s score through in-game activities or targets. You can earn more valor points by triumphing over your enemies or meeting the winning conditions at the different stages. 

3. Align Classes and Leader Movement Types with the Enemies

Team alignment

Classes in Unicorn Overlord fall into different movement categories: Scout, Flying, Armor, Calvary, and Infantry. But it’s not easy for beginner players to know which of the categories is weak against a particular enemy type. This means your team assembly should be highly enemy-focused. Also, the movement type determines a player’s combat abilities and the skills and weapons they can access. Therefore, by understanding the traits of each class, you gain an edge in combat. 

Infantry is the standard movement type and is quicker, along with Calvary. They have good mobility so its easy to traverse normal terrain with them. Calvary’s mobility, however, is a little reduced when moving through forest terrain.

2. Pre-coordinate Tactics and Deploy Units Close to the Enemy

Combat aligning

It’s rather easy to trigger a battle in Unicorn Overlord’s gameplay. It’s an auto-battling game where opposing units get into conflict anytime they confront. But it takes strategy to maintain and win the battle. While actions trigger automatically, the game allows you to set the triggers well in advance, and know the sequence your combat actions would follow in different situations. Therefore, always coordinate your tactics by deciding in advance how and when specific skills will trigger. 

You will be setting conditions like using a specific skill, like an attack, whenever there’s a flying enemy on the battle field or activating this ability when a character’s feature, like health, drops below this point. However, combatants will use a set skill as long as it’s still active. You can always see whether a feature or skill is active from the symbols of AP, PP, and HP. If the skill is exhausted, you can wait for it to recharge. 

1. Be Tactical on the Garrisons

players fighting an enemy

The continent of Fevrith is quite feature-rich with towns, forts, bridges, and ruins, which you can take control of and make your Garrisons. They come in handy as you progress to enemy territory. Each Garrison has its own unique and beneficial feature, making understanding how to use them the top Unicorn Overlord’s best tip for beginners to explore. For instance, the towns will help your unit heal, while the bridges will hold your stamina. Having your team at a Garrison well in advance also ensures they never get stunned when a battle strikes out, and its easier to push the enemy back. Besides, your unit will have time to heal before the attackers strike and you can always see your healing level on the meter.

If the enemy gets into a Garrison before your squad and spots you approaching, they will also begin to gather reinforcements. You can see how strong their reinforcement is on the meter that fills slowly at the chess piece icon and that’s your opportunity to attack before the reinforcement fills. 

So, what’s your take on our Unicorn Overlord: 5 best tips for beginner? Do you think they are useful? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comment section.  

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