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South Carolina Betting:

South Carolina Betting

7 “Best” Sports Betting Sites in South Carolina (October 2022)

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As part of our efforts to cover the situation regarding sports betting in different US states, we have seen a lot of different situations; from states such as Hawaii, where sports betting — and any other form of gambling — is completely illegal, to states where the situation is somewhere in between, and even states where most, if not all forms of gambling and betting have been legalized.

When it comes to South Carolina, however, the state is nearly as strict in its anti-gambling stance as Hawaii. There was an attempt to try and legalize sports betting back in 2019, but the legislators’ stance against it was so strong that no one bothered trying to renew these efforts in 2020, nor in any of the following years to date.

There have been joint efforts that included the House and the Senate to legalize other kinds of commercial gambling, such as casinos. Another joint effort aimed at the creation of a special new commission that would study gambling and its effects, including both positive and negative consequences it could have on the state and its economy, and potentially work towards legalizing it if it was found to be beneficial.

Unfortunately, both of these efforts failed after a single reading in their respective committees, further cementing the fact that South Carolina will remain against betting and gambling for a long time to come.

When will online sports betting arrive in South Carolina?

While we are usually optimistic when it comes to the states that were trying to legalize online sports betting, even if they had poor results — there really doesn’t appear like there is much hope for it to come to South Carolina anytime soon.

As you may know, online sports betting requires legislation at the state level in order to be allowed in said state. However, 2020 and the years that followed have seen no discussion on the matter in South Carolina, signaling a complete lack of interest on the legislators’ behalf. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the situation is that the state’s appetite for online sports betting and gambling, in general, is quite low. With no interest among the general public, there is no pressure on the legislators, and so there are no efforts to change the state’s conservative views on the matter of gambling and sports betting.

As mentioned, the last effort to even attempt to make commercial gaming legal ended in failure back in 2019, and even then, there was no talk about online gambling or sports betting.

7 Best South Carolina Sports Betting Sites

These are the current top gambling sites that offer sports betting to South Carolina residents.

1. Bovada

The first on our list is the Bovada sportsbook and casino, which emerged in 2011. For the first five years of operation, the platform held the Kahnawake Gambling Commission’s license, but in 2016, it decided to give up on it after the Commission went through a policy change that Bovada did not approve of. For the last six years, it has operated without a license, but that still did not affect its quality or performance.

Its sportsbook offers a variety of popular payment methods, and the ability to bet on all kinds of big sports franchises, such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, and NHL, among others. Apart from traditional currencies, it also accepts Bitcoin, and it features mobile availability. And, if bettors ever experience an issue or need any sort of help, they can contact customer support at any time via email, phone call, or live chat.

If you wish to learn more about Bovada, we recommend reading our Bovada review. Then, if you feel like this is the platform for you, feel free to proceed to the Bovada website.

2. BetUS

The second on the list is BetUS — a well-known and highly-reputable online sports betting platform for the North American market, although the platform’s reputation has been flawless ever since its foundation in 1994. The platform, which is a casino in addition to being a sportsbook, is the holder of a Curacao Gaming Commission’s license, it is privately held, and it is highly secure and reliable.

BetUS features multiple payment levels, including Visa, Mastercard, and multiple cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and alike. In terms of sports betting, the platform offers numerous options, including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, cycling, golf, boxing, tennis, and more. Plus, players can also make in-play bets, meaning that they can bet on the games while they are happening. It is also rich with welcome bonuses, promotions, and other benefits that make it highly desirable among bettors.

For more information on BetUS, check out our in-depth review, which will tell you everything you need to know about the BetUS platform.

3. BetOnline

BetOnline is an online sportsbook that launched in 2004, and like our previous entries, it also offers a casino section with plenty of entertaining gaming titles. It is very user-friendly, starting with the fact that it offers a minimum deposit of $20, it features polite and capable customer support, and it is safe to use. It holds the Panama City license, and it features multiple secure payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, American Express, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrencies.

For those who make a minimum deposit of $55, the platform offers a generous welcome bonus, and those who use cryptocurrencies can also benefit from a number of promotions. In addition to regular, monotonous betting, there is also proposition betting that lets users bet on questions, such as which team will be the first to make the 3-point shot, and alike, just so make it more exciting.

If you are interested in betting on the BetOnline platform, we recommend reading our BetOnline review first.

4. Xbet

Halfway down the list, we have Xbet, which is a platform known for a lot of things, from tight betting odds to excellent customer service and the ability to offer things for novices and professionals alike. Xbet offers a myriad of deposit options, fast payouts, multiple betting options, bonuses, and a lot more that makes it highly attractive to bettors all over South Carolina.

The benefits of using this platform keep popping up, but in terms of flaws, it only has 3 eSports games, at least for the time being. But, there are plenty of regular sports, like MLB; NHL, WNBA, golf, soccer, tennis, MMA, boxing, NASCAR, F1, and many more options for new and experienced bettors.

If Xbet seems like a platform you would enjoy, definitely read our in-depth review and learn everything you can about it before proceeding to register on the Xbet website.


In the fifth spot, we have BUSR, which stands for Bet US Racing. This is easily the best racebook for the US, and one of the leading sportsbooks, available across the country, with the only exceptions being New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. Luckily, Ohlahoma is not on the list.

There are numerous betting options on the platform, apart from horse races, such as MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MMA, NCAA, betting on live baseball, and more. The platform offers multiple bonuses, including a sign-up bonus, casino bonus, cash bonus, and referral bonus. It also has great customer service available around the clock available via phone call, live chat, or email.

The BUSR website has a lot to offer, and we have listed its features and offerings in our BUSR review. So, if you are thinking of using this platform for your online betting, definitely give it a read first.

6. MyBookie

Nearing the end of the list, we have MyBookie, which is among the most trusted platforms for online gambling. Like most sportsbooks, it also offers a casino section, but both offer top-notch betting opportunities, with the sportsbook also featuring live betting options. You can bet on a variety of major international sports like basketball, football, soccer, and alike, as well as cricket, rugby, and even politics and entertainment.

MyBookie features multiple bonuses, such as a 50% sign-up bonus, a 10% cash bonus, and a 150% Casino bonus. The minimum deposit for Visa and Mastercard is somewhat elevated, sitting at $45, but if you use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, or XRP, the minimum is only $20. Other than that, the platform also has 24/7 customer service available via email, live chat, and even phone calls, so you can always reach out if there is a need.

You can learn more about MyBookie from our review, and then decide if it is a website that you wish to use for your online sports betting.


The last on the list is, which is actually a platform operated by BetOnline Group. The platform does not offer a great design, but don’t be deceived by that — it has been around for nearly two decades for a reason. It did experience financial issues in 2012, and BetOnline used this opportunity to take over. Ever since, the platform has been running smoothly, licensed by the Panama Gambling Control Board, and servicing US bettors with no issues.

It features multiple great betting opportunities, and a variety of payment methods, including crypto and fiat options alike, and it even has a casino section. In terms of available sports, there are all the popular ones, such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and even things like snooker, darts, and handball. A welcome bonus is also included, and so are numerous promotions for crypto users, and even a loyalty and VIP program.

For more details on, we recommend our detailed review of the platform, which will tell you everything you need to know about the SportsBetting website.

What are the legal betting options in South Carolina?

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no legal betting options available in South Carolina. The closest that the local gamblers can find is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina, which might open a sportsbook eventually. However, the location is approximately 200 miles from the state capital of Colombia.

The only available option for the citizens of South Carolina is to either leave the state and go somewhere else in order to access gambling sites and locations, or to use off-shore casinos, of which there are many.

Most popular sports in South Carolina

As far as popularity goes, there are plenty of sports that South Carolina citizens would likely bet on if given the opportunity. Horse racing, for example, is quite popular, and also the only form of gambling that is allowed, but only under certain conditions — specifically, as part of a few limited events. Outside of such events, it is not legal in South Carolina, and neither is pari-mutuel betting on races that are taking place outside of the state.

When it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, the situation is less clear. DFS betting is never made officially illegal, but it is also not regulated and taxed by the authorities. Being in a legal gray area, DFS providers started accepting bets from South Korean DFS bettors, and no one tried to stop them ever since, so they just kept doing it, and that’s the situation right now, as well.

As for traditional sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and alike — South Carolina doesn’t really have any professional teams that call the state their home. Instead, its residents tend to support NBA’s Charlotte Hornets and NFL’s Carolina Panthers. Other than that, chances are that the locals would bet on college sports, and NASCAR, which is hosted every year by the Darlington Raceway.

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