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Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home — Everything We Know

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Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home — Everything We Know

If you are big on farming simulators, you’ve probably come across the Harvest Moon franchise. Making its debut in 1996, the series boasts several titles to its name, and now it returns with yet another intriguing installment, Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home. The new title flies close to its predecessors by infusing role-playing elements against a farming simulation backdrop. It's yet another moment to strap on your work boots, rev up the tractor, and go farming. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on to learn more about the upcoming title as we peel back the layers in Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home—everything we know.

What is Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home?

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Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home is an upcoming farm simulation role-playing game by Natsume, Inc. Making the announcement on social media, Natsume Inc. revealed the return of the series with a hint about its storyline. It appears the game will still feature the same elements that gave the series its prominence over the years. 

The new installment will have you stepping into a farmer's boots and working your way through planting and harvesting crops, caring for livestock, and also building a social life. You should ideally get to leave your tractor and wander around. If you’ve played Stardew Valley and relished the gameplay experience, you’ll feel right at home with this title. 


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The Harvest Moon franchise introduced us to a young man who inherited his grandfather’s land. His job was to restore and maintain the farm, turning it into a field of plenty. In a similar fashion, Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home hands you the keys to the farm, but with a twist. Having lived in the city for ten years, you return home to the town of Alba. The townsfolk are not appeased by your presence, so it's up to you to prove them wrong. 

Here’s the game’s description from the horse’s mouth:

Home is where the heart is! After ten years of city life, you’re ready to head back home in Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home! Your childhood friend has convinced you to move back to your hometown to try to revitalize it, but it won’t be easy going! The town of Alba has seen better days, and not all its residents are happy to see a city slicker like you back! Can you convince even the negative naysayers that you truly have the village’s best interests at heart? And can you revitalize Alba? With the help of your childhood friend and other villagers on your side, you definitely can!


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In Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home, players will immerse themselves in farm management. This includes clearing land, planting crops, raising livestock, and selling their harvest. The beloved role-playing elements of the series return, allowing players to build strong relationships with villagers.

Moreover, the developers have announced several exciting new features for this upcoming title. Players can look forward to extensive customization options for both their homes and farms. The crafting system is also receiving an upgrade, enabling players to craft tools and other items to enhance their farms and homes.

Additionally, the game will introduce seasonal events. During these events, players will interact with townspeople, participate in mini-games, and earn special rewards, adding a dynamic and engaging layer to the gameplay experience.


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Natsume Inc., renowned for its family-friendly video games, is currently developing Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home. With hit titles like Reel Fishing, Pocky & Rocky, and Legends of Ethernal under their belt, Natsume Inc. has a strong reputation in the gaming industry.

Over two decades ago, Natsume Inc. introduced the first title in the Harvest Moon franchise, which achieved astounding success. This initial triumph paved the way for subsequent releases over the following years.

Unfortunately, in 2013, Marvelous made the decision to transfer the localization of the games from Natsume Inc. to Xseed Games. This led to the series changing its name, with new games launching under the title Story of Seasons internationally. The games, however, retained the same beloved gameplay. Thankfully, this transition didn't hinder the franchise's popularity, serving as an inspiration for other farming simulation games.

Games like FarmVille and Happy Farm proudly wear the Harvest Moon influence on their sleeves, showcasing the enduring legacy of the franchise. Notably, Eric Barone, the developer of Stardew Valley, has frequently cited Story of Seasons as a major inspiration behind his own farming simulation game.

In essence, the Harvest Moon franchise has played a pivotal role in shaping the farming simulation genre, laying a solid foundation for the rise of other games in the genre. Now the studio promises a nostalgia trip for fans of the series with their upcoming title.

In a statement, Hiro Maekawa, president and CEO of Natsume, had this to share: “We are excited to bring a fresh new Harvest Moon experience back to mobile gamers with Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home. Featuring the traditional Harvest Moon style that fans know and love, along with some familiar faces, we hope this will be a copy farming adventure favorite for all mobile gamers.”


Unfortunately, the devs have not released a trailer for this upcoming title yet. Natsume Inc. shared the game's upcoming plot, accompanied by the logo. 

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

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Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home is set to launch in August 2024, though a specific release date has not been announced yet. The game will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

As for editions, details are currently scarce. The developers, however, have various special edition packs available for the Nintendo Switch. The most recent edition, Harvest Moon: One World Complete, is now available for pre-order. Plus, it comes with an exclusive gift. You can order your copy of the One World Complete Edition here or browse other collections in the series. 

Since many details remain scarce at the moment, we will keep you updated as we learn more. Follow the developers' official social media handle here for the latest updates. Meanwhile, we'll watch for new information and let you know as soon as anything pops up.

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here. We'd love to hear from you.

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