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Ghost of Tsushima Creators Awarded Ambassadorships

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Two top-tier minds behind the award-winning Ghost of Tsushima will become tourist ambassadors for the real island. While not technically expected to do anything moving forward, Tsushima mayor Hiroki Hitakatsu has granted the prestigious title for the fantastic efforts of sharing Tsushima's rich history.

Through the power of the 2020 video game, millions of players have since come forth to learn more about the fascinating tales that took place on the small island. And now, because of the major success of Ghost of Tsushima, both game director Nate Fox and creative director Jason Connell are set to be rewarded with one of the highest honours Tsushima can give.

Ghost of Tsushima - Official Trailer | The Game Awards

Tsushima mayor Hiroki Hitakatsu wrote:

“Even a lot of Japanese people do not know the history of the Gen-ko period. When it comes to the world, the name and location of Tsushima is literally unknown, so I cannot thank them enough for telling our story with such phenomenal graphics and profound stories,” Hitakatsu said. “I did not appoint them for the purpose of having them do anything in the future. Thanks to the two of them, Sucker Punch Productions, and SIE, I have heard from people all over the world who have learned about Tsushima through their works, and now want to see, know, and go to Tsushima.’

Since Ghost of Tsushima came to light, the island itself has received donations from followers of the game to help rebuild a Tsushima shrine after being damaged by a typhoon. On top of this, the island has received a major upturn in genuine interest from fans of the game and has even accumulated millions of questions regarding the islands intriguing events.

Ghost of Tsushima went on to win multiple awards for its creative design.

So, what happens next?

Moving forward, Tsushima officials will be collaborating with Sony to try and encourage even more people to explore the island and its heritage. Through a new and exciting tourism campaign, both factions will set their sights on evolving the field of knowledge on the island with inspiration taken from Ghost of Tsushima. So, that's good news all around — and quite the impressive feat for a video game. After all, it's not very often we see developers go on to earn an ambassadorship post-launch.

We're hoping that this truly is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between Sucker Punch and the island of Tsushima. We're also crossing our fingers that, with the assistance of Tsushima officials working alongside the developer, a sequel could prove to be even more historically accurate. Though, if the second instalment is anything like the first — then we can rest assured that Sucker Punch will hit the nail on the head regardless.


Ghost of Tsushima released on PlayStation 4 on July 17th 2020. 

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