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5 Video Game Homes We’d Love To Purchase in Real Life



Over the years, video game homes have moulded into stunning works of art, embellished with whimsical trinkets and innovative blueprints. And it's because of the visual appeal that each of them posses, that we can't help but wonder how it would be to physically live in them. Impossible, of course — but definitely a tempting thought we can't help but entertain.

The point is, if we were able to uproot and transport ourselves into another digital world, then we would. In a heartbeat. And if for whatever reason these following five estates hosted a vacancy it real life, then we'd be the first to sign the tenancy, no questions asked. Even if did mean sharing the home with a deranged serial killer.


5. The Baker's (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard)

Strip away the two million strung up doll heads and the tar-like creatures that sludge the halls, and you've actually got yourself a rather charming home. Granted, it would take a boatload of extra cash to restore certain areas, mainly with Marguerite's entire guest house — but for the sake of the manor and all its inner beauty — we'd happily board the extra weight and sign the contract in a moment's notice. That is, if we had a couple of million just lying around in our back pocket, of course.

Looking past the fact that the Baker's home is built to unravel your deepest fears and keep you tiptoeing from one room to the next, the design is actually one of the most detailed and expressive we've ever seen, with rooms that posses beautiful architectural qualities and characteristics. Take a moment to absorb it next time you're slugging through Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and you'll see what we're talking about.


4. Dwayne's Home (Visage)

Again, being a horror game, it's sort of hard to envision a beautiful setting when it's basically filled with paranormal entities and pitch black crawl spaces. Plus, with the electricity forever playing mind games with you, it's almost impossible to wrap your head around the actual layout of the enormous home. However, throw back all of the curtains, fire up a solar powered light, and you'll surprisingly find yourself in a place that's actually — entities aside — quite normal.

Visage boasts one of the best horror experiences of all time, with gameplay that tears directly from the likes of the cancelled Silent Hills chapter. Its rooms are vast and varied, open and homely, and it basically contains more secrets and unlikely passageways than anyone would dare dream of. Of course, it's terrifying in its video game state, but in real life, well, I guess we could ship it, frame of mind considered.


3. Nate & Elena's (Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

Leaping a few genres over, it's Nate and Elena's lavish beach home from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Because let's face it, who wouldn't want to retire on a remote beach somewhere where the sea crashes at the foot of your bedroom window? It seems like an absolute pipe dream in reality, which, of course, makes it feel even more appealing in video game form. And although it only featured during the closing sequence of the game, it was still around enough to keep us plodding through for almost an hour — just to take in the sights.

Complete with a second guest cabin on the other side of the private beach, Nate and Elena's forever home stands as one of the most picturesque and prominent homesteads on the market. Its rooms are filled with an abundance of trinkets from past tales, and its atmosphere simply radiates warmth and wonder. All in all, it's a dream home we'd love to spend a few hours in. It's also a place we'd probably give a left leg for — just to be able to live in for a couple of years.


2. Croft Manor (Tomb Raider)

For decades, it has been a dream of ours to live the high life in the renowned Croft Manor alongside its tie-in butler, Winston. And I know what you're thinking — and yes, we would entertain the notion of locking him in a walk-in freezer. But once that was out of the way, we'd probably soak up the lashings of history that gravitate towards the prominent estate and circle the property a hundred times over.

For decades, Croft Manor has stood at the pinnacle of some of the most wanted homes in video games. And it doesn't exactly help that each game alters the layout or opens up a new room that wasn't in earlier entries, either. It's forever shifting patterns and unraveling a new secret — and we'd love nothing more than to buy in to its mysterious design and explore it all for ourselves as proud and well-off homeowners.


1. The Finch's (What Remains of Edith Finch)

To this day, the wonder that gleams from The Finch's ten-tiered wedding cake home still astounds us, and forever beckons for us to return to its vibrant passageways and unorthodox extensions. Of course, playing through the story of What Remains of Edith Finch will probably convince you otherwise, but if the home was purely a shell with no concealed consequences — then it would be one of the most attractive estates in video game history.

From the moment you stroll down the winding driveway that's riddled with roaming stags to the second you ascend the tallest tower that boasts enchanting seaside views and silhouetted landscapes — you're hooked. Everything about The Finch's mesmerising complex is beautiful. And, if it meant having our names inscribed in its history — then sure, we'd be more than willing to accept the consequences of living there. And then some.

So, what about you? What video game homes would you love to purchase in real life? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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