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5 Best Just Cause Games of All Time, Ranked

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Just Cause 2

Owing to the critical acclaim Just Cause games have received over the years, it’s fair to say the unending thrill of outlandish adventures is unquenchable. While Avalanche Studios is yet to announce an official release date for Just Cause 5, one can only hold tight, and reminisce about previous titles. 

If you have not played either one of these games, and are wondering the best place to start, then we have got you covered. In this article, we are ranking all the Just Cause games from worst to best. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.


5. Just Cause (2006)

Just Cause

The first entry to a series franchise is usually a gamble. It’s the title that sets the foundation for other future releases to come. Thankfully, Avalanche Studios delivered on the promise for the future in this close replica to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.  In Just Cause‘s first edition, you will experience an open-world, third-person shooter adventure series that challenges you to free-form gameplay. Taking on the role of a Latin field operative, your task is to fight for world peace. You can choose to tackle your missions in whichever way you like, which is the main perk most loved about open-world games. If you don’t choose to go the mission route, there is the freedom to break off from the game’s mainline story and go exploring the beautiful islands of over 250,000 acres of land.

Given the time of release, and in comparison to the game’s future releases, you may find the graphic detail subpar. However, if presentation matters least to you, then this title may very well be one of the best Just Cause games ever. 


4. Just Cause: Mobile

Just Cause: Mobile

Just Cause: Mobile is a recent spin-off game, incorporating the chaos and mayhem of Just Cause games exclusively via mobile phones. Gamers can choose to play with up to four other players or go for the competitive thirty multiplayer in the Co-Op and PvP modes. The only issue might be the shift from third person to top-down gameplay which positions players slightly farther away from all the explosive fun.

The full details are still light though, as Square Enix is set to release the full game to iOS and Android this year. With what we know so far from the trailer release, and the concept ‘early release’ game, there is much to expect from the game. What’s more? It’s completely free-to-play which is pretty great, though you can expect in-app purchases. It may not be the best Just Cause game, but it certainly is a worthwhile game to play.


3. Just Cause 4 (2018)

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 did an outstanding job in maintaining the best aspects of Just Cause games while adding newer features to boot. One thing to note is the fine line between creating an exquisitely designed game, with over-the-top cinematic qualities, without achieving the same impact in the gameplay mechanics of the game. In the former, Just Cause 4 did well to improve on previous games. However, the latter may have fallen slightly short. You will definitely enjoy Just Cause 4’s presentation more than in the previous games. But you may find the functionality of the game’s mechanics, such as the grapple feature, slightly disappointing. 

In the game, you will play as rogue agent Rico Rodriguez through a series of stunts and adventures as he tries to, again, restore world peace. The open-world setting is much bigger, the gameplay filled with more madness and chaos. You will have a wider variety of weapons and gear to choose from, all customizable to your liking. The only con is the lesser impact you would expect from such explosive fun. It simply leaves you craving for more in-depth integration of the game’s capabilities in more innovative ways. Ultimately, Just Cause games are most known for their action-adventure gameplay. Thus, a feature that should have been executed to perfection.


2. Just Cause 3 (2015)

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 took a long hiatus to get released, and the wait was worth it. Despite reviews about its slowness on game consoles and thoughts about a graphics downgrade, Just Cause 3 still stood out among its peers.  First, the open-world setting was much, much bigger. With the freedom to fly on your wingsuit, hijack vehicles, skydive from above on parachutes or course through the sea on speedboats, you essentially had the freedom to navigate extensive worlds of over 1000km2.  

The well-fitting madness in the South American action-adventure setting is immersive, as players found unlimited ways to unleash chaos. Much like a cinematic combat sequence, players engaged in well-balanced combat. And if you needed more tools to bring down a dictator, then you could cause extensive damage with an extensive selection of weapons and missiles to launch airstrikes. 

Graphically, the game was exquisite. Its colors, textures, and attention to detail brought all the action to life almost effortlessly. Just Cause 3 may very well compete favorably for the top spot in the best Just Cause games because of just how good it is. 


1. Just Cause 2 (2010)

Just Cause 2

Picking the best Just Cause game of all time was a tough call. Though in the end, Just Cause 2 is undeniably best-fitting for the top spot, and here’s why. For all the reasons Just Cause games have stood out from its peers, Just Cause 2 executes the outlandish adventures and high-flying stunts in the best, most-exhilarating ways of them all.

If you have not taken this game out for a spin just yet, well, it’s well worth giving it a shot. Although it was released in 2010, the game still holds up in the immersive and fun engagement it gives you. Here, you will enjoy a variety of exhilarating landscapes, vehicles, and stunts on unique gameplay using parachutes and dual grapple.


Hopefully, Just Cause 5 surpasses fans’ expectations to top this list, but as of now, do let us know what your ratings are for the best Just Cause games of all time. 

Do you agree with our listing? Let us know in our socials here or in the comments below.

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