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Zombie Army VR: Everything We Know



Zombie Army VR Promotional Art

Rebellion Developments’ Zombie Army is on the cusp of bringing its fleshy third-person shooter campaign into the world of virtual reality. That’s right, Zombie Army VR is en route, and it’s promising to bring an entirely new storyline to the canvas, as well as allow its players to “experience the fear, thrill and spine-chilling tension of the zombie apocalypse through the immersion of your headset.” So, if you happened to have that etched into your bingo card for 2024, then you’re in luck; Zombie Army is back for yet another swing, and it’s due to hit a multitude of VR platforms at some point this year.

Unfortunately, Zombie Army VR doesn’t have a release date just yet, although it is believed to be shaping up for a launch at some stage in 2024. Until then, here’s everything you should know about the upcoming VR iteration of the acclaimed series.

What Is Zombie Army VR?

Explosions (Zombie Army VR)

Zombie Army VR is the latest installment in Rebellion’s ever-growing third-person shooter series, as well as the first mainline entry to receive the virtual reality treatment. It isn’t just a port of an earlier chapter, either, apparently; the developer has made it clear that the upcoming title will incorporate a “new spine-chilling campaign, authentic World War II weaponry and impactful melee combat, and a wide range of accessibility features including color blindness, audio, rotation options, and more.”

In the past, Zombie Army has been known as a traditional third-person shooter, whereas the latest game will, in a true VR style, adopt a first-person approach, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic world and get even closer to the smoke and haze of the everlasting conflict between the living and the dead.


Wooden area (Zombie Army VR)

According to the devs, Zombie Army VR will feature an entirely new campaign, which means there’ll be new characters to onboard, scenarios to sift through, and perspectives to explore. As for what this story will be about, however, is still a bit of a mystery, thanks to Rebellion keeping a lot of its finer details under wraps. With that said, it will feature the return of the Deadhunters—an all-star unit whose only mission is to track and eradicate the undead and those who pull on their strings from the shadows. What’s more, it’ll also include several prominent figures, one of whom is none other than Hermann Wolff, leader of the Deadhunters movement.

“Following the story of the Zombie Army series, in Zombie Army VR you return to the field as one of the Deadhunters, an elite squad that is hunting down zombie war criminals,” the game’s blurb reads in part. “You will fight your way through undead hordes near the bombed-out city of Nuremberg and help Hermann Wolff, the Deadhunter’s legendary leader, find his scattered family and fight to free Europe from the zombie apocalypse.”


Dual-wielding guns (Zombie Army VR)

If you’ve ever taken the opportunity to plunge into one of the series’ earlier segments, then you’ll no doubt already have an idea of what Zombie Army VR will at least look like. If, however, you’ve yet to check in with the undead-centric saga, then just know this: the VR chapter will feature an “arcade-style scoring system,” as well as a two-player co-op mode. It’ll also host a wide array of fresh levels, characters, weapons, and a newly revamped Kill Cam, similar to Sniper Elite’s defining feature.

“VR brings a new level of immersion to the nail-biting action of the Zombie Army series,” the elevator pitch reads in part. “Use both hands to aim down the sights of your rifle and line up that perfect shot at range. When things get up close and personal, use each hand independently to dual-wield pistols and submachine guns. You will also need to master reloading drills as the undead masses bear down on you from all sides. Overcoming your nerves and operating under pressure will be crucial if you are to succeed.”

“To help send the undead scourge back into the abyss, you will have access to an arsenal of authentic World War II weaponry including sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols, and more,” the description elaborates. “You will also need to earn XP to level up your Deadhunter as you fight zombie-infested 1940s Europe, and use Weapon Upgrade kits to modify the range, accuracy, scope, and ammo capacity of your weapons.”


Undead enemies (Zombie Army VR)

Aside from Zombie Army VR and its console-based counterparts, Rebellion Developments has also worked on several other highly successful series over the years, with projects including Sniper Elite, Evil Genius, and Battlezone. Suffice it to say that, when it comes to talented developers who’ve a palate for undead-centric action games, Rebellion is a real contender, and a studio that’ll no doubt have what it takes to uphold the reputation and legacy of the Zombie Army franchise.

If, of course, you’re looking to delve a little deeper into Rebellion’s past works, then you can always check in with their portfolio and newsletters over on their official site here. Alternatively, you can follow their social feed for even more pre-launch updates here.


Zombie Army VR - Reveal Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Rebellion Developments took the liberty of unveiling Zombie Army VR over on its streaming handle a little earlier this week. You can check out the initial announcement trailer in the footage embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Finger guns (Zombie Army VR)

Zombie Army VR is currently set to launch across PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and SteamVR at some point in 2024. Does this mean that we can chalk out the possibility of it arriving on older headsets? From the looks of it, yes. But then, who knows? With any luck, it’ll find its way over to rival VR platforms at some point in the near future. Don’t take our word for it, though.

Interested in staying up to date with all things Zombie Army? If so, then be sure to check in with the team over at Rebellion Developments for all the latest updates via their official social handle here. If anything does change ahead of the VR installment’s release, then we’ll be sure to fill you in on all the key details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Zombie Army VR when it arrives on its chosen platforms? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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