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Best Weapons in Wild Hearts

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Best Weapons in Wild Hearts

Monster Hunter is an exciting subgenre where players with a heart for revenge take on invincible beasts. For a long time running, Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise has captured the hearts of many, but now we have a new kid on the block. Omega Force's Wild Hearts dips its feet into the Monster Hunter franchise, and I must say the game delivers impressive gameplay that's different from what we've experienced before. 

As a ronin player, you find yourself in a fabled land littered with massive monsters known as Kemonos. The Kemonos are a threatening lot that the game describes as “a fusion of nature and animals.” Your task is to slay them all one by one as per the gods' instructions. Such a monumental task calls for the finest weaponry to topple the beasts. With eight weapon classes at your disposal, we've sampled the best kind that, if used well, will lead you to a seamless victory. So without much further ado, here are the best weapons in Wild Hearts.

5. Karakuri Staff

This is OP - Best Karakuri Staff Build - Weapon & Armor Skills Guide - Highest Damage - Wild Hearts!

First on our list is the Karakuri Staff, a beautiful yet deadly weapon. The Karakuri Staff is a long, sleek weapon perfect for striking enemies from a distance. The Staff stands out for its ability to transform into four distinct forms for specific attacks. Although other weapons in the game have their own set of tricks, the Karakuri Staff stands out for being the most elusive. As a result, it calls for plenty of practice for you to perfect its use.

The Staff is remarkable for dealing intense damage to foes, especially with its Juggernaut Blade Combo. You can unleash this combo using the Weapon Shift technique, which builds energy to deliver the Juggernaut attack. You must chain all the forms to build the bar for the perfect final execution. What’s more, jumping off a Karakuri structure will also unleash a juggernaut if you have four bars. 

Additionally, its range and precision make it an excellent choice for taking down foes from afar. The weapon also grants you a reward with the correct input timing.  

Class: S-Tier

Damage: Slashing

4. Nodachi

The Best Nodachi Build - Weapon & Armor Skills Guide - INSANE Damage - Kemono & Human - Wild Hearts!

Next up is the Nodachi, a massive Japanese sword that is equally elegant and deadly. The Nodachi is a two-handed weapon that requires a lot of strength to wield, but the payoff is immense. It's an ideal weapon for beginners owing to its simplicity and the intense damage it delivers, taking out a massive chunk from the Kemono's health bar. 

Despite being heavier than other weapons in the Wild Hearts inventory, the sheer power of the Nodachi can decimate enemies with a single blow. However, due to its weight, the weapon has a slow attack speed, which consumes much of your hunter's stamina. 

Moreover, the Nodachi's Lai attack is an impressive combo that unleashes the weapon's full potential. All you need to do is charge up its bar with a long press of the special button, resulting in a massive downward slam that knocks the snot out of your foes. Ultimately, the Nodachi is a weapon that requires skill and strength, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

Class: B-Tier

Damage: Slashing

3. Claw Blade

The Best Claw Blade Build is OP - Weapon & Armor Skills Guide - Highest Damage & More - Wild Hearts!

The Claw Blade is a set of twin blades ideal for fast attacks. The weapon comprises a knife on one end and a sharp piercing claw on the other. The Claw Blade lets you hook a Kemono and reel it in for a heavy attack using the blades.

However, fast attacks deal less damage than other weapons. But, as an experienced player, you can leverage the speedy attacks to land multiple blows, which add up to significant damage. Moreover, using the weapon gets you airborne, but this takes quite some practice to master. 

Despite delivering weak blows, the Claw Blades' agility allows you to dodge incoming attacks from your enemy while hitting them at their vulnerable points. The Claw Blade is a weapon that requires speed and dexterity with a rewarding payoff.

Class: A-Tier

Damage: Slashing

2. Bladed Wagasa 

Ultimate Bladed Wagasa Guide - Best Combos & Karakuri - Tips & Weapon & Armor Skills - Wild Hearts!

The Bladed Wagasa is a Japanese umbrella that transforms into a deadly weapon. Thanks to its parrying ability, you can use the sharp blade hidden in the handle to strike enemies with lightning speed while using the umbrella to block incoming attacks. If you're aiming for a more defensive playstyle, this is the ideal weapon for you. 

A significant drawback the weapon holds is timing. While unleashing the weapon's full potential will whittle your enemies, you must master its timing and study Kemono's attack strategy. 

A parry attack will fill the weapon Spindance bar, which boosts its damage output, allowing you to take down the most formidable monsters. However, you will need to put yourself at risk to deliver such a counter-attack. But with great risk comes great reward. 

Class: A-Tier

Damage: Piercing

1. Karakuri Katana

The Best Karakuri Katana Build - Weapon & Armor Skills Guide - Highest Damage & More - Wild Hearts!

Taking the top spot on our list is the traditional Japanese sword that also holds magical powers. With its razor-sharp blade, you can easily slice through your enemies while its magical powers stun or debuff them. The blade is ideal for players who prefer a more magical playstyle, owing to its unique abilities that turn the tide of battle in your favor. 

As a starting weapon, the Karakuri Katana is undoubtedly powerful in the right hands. Moreover, with its attack inputs, you can launch a devastating attack that splits a Kemono into two. The special slash triggers an intense finisher that places you in an advantageous position when slaying the beast.

Furthermore, the weapon stands out for its simplicity, making it a balanced weapon ideal for close-range combat. You can combine the Katana with any Karakuri to unleash its ultimate power. For instance, launching yourself on a jump pad will lunge you forward for the ultimate fast strike. Alternatively, you can set your blaze ablaze by placing a torch down.

Class: S-Tier

Damage: Piercing

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our list? Are there other weapons you think are better in Wild Hearts? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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