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Valheim: Best Weapons (& How to Craft Them)

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Valheim: Best Weapons (& How to Craft Them)

There is a vast choice of weapons in Valheim, though it would take countless resources to craft them all. In the mythical world of this game, having the right weapon can be the difference between victory and defeat. This may apply whether you prefer close-quarters combat, archery, or exploring the treacherous waters; the game offers a diverse range of weapons that suits your playstyle. However, it is crucial to note that every weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, which makes it essential to adapt your arsenal to the challenges you face.

As a passionate Valheim player, I have spent countless hours exploring the vast 10th Norse Realm and daunting creatures. From mighty axes to devastating bows, the game comes with a promise of a range of tools capable of vanquishing your foes. I delve into the depths of the game’s weapon selection and share with you of the best weapons, along with detailed crafting recipes. I believe this is going to help you on your epic journey.  

5. The Abyssal Razor

Valheim: Proper use of Abyssal razor.

You know, when making attacks in Valheim, you may overlook the knife weapon type due to its low base attack power. The Abyssal razor is a knife whose primary attack is a 3 hit attack combo with double damage on the last hit. The secondary attack on it is a leap 3x damage. Case in point, against an unalerted enemy, the knife deals a 6x damage. The key components are readily available by sailing the Ocean biome, which makes its crafting easy. This should come after obtaining Fine wood from Birch and Oak trees in the Black Forest and then building a raft to sail through the waters.

To unlock the Abyssal Razor, you have to achieve the Chitin Resource. To get Chitin, you need first to find the sea turtle, mine Abyssal Barnacle on the shell of Kraken to unlock Chitin. Once you have the resource, the weapons will be unlocked and you can craft it in the Forge. 

Crafting Recipe 

  • Fine Wood x4 (drops from Birch and Oak Trees).
  • Chitin x4 (you mine from the backs of Leviathans on the Ocean).
  • Leather Scraps x2 (common drop from Boars)

4. The Porcupine

The Best Use for Porcupine in Valheim

The porcupine is basically a heavy club with pikes at the end. For a heavy weapon, it is fast and can deal blunt and piercing damage at the same time. The weapon is a one-handed club whose primary attack is a 3 hit attack combination with double damage on the last hit. The lower slower secondary attack of the Porcupine deals 2.5x damage and 2x staggering. 

The weapon's combination of blunt and pierce damage makes it an all-round effective weapon against enemies. It also has the unique ability to hit multiple enemies in a single strike, which makes it indispensable when facing off against groups of enemies or taking on the fearsome Bonemass.

To get the Porcupine in Valheim, you need to defeat the Moder boss in the Sage biome. After defeating the Moder, you need to upgrade your Forge to level 4 and find Linen Thread. 

Crafting Recipe 

  • Fine Wood 5x (chop Birch trees).
  • Iron 20x (smelting Scrap iron).
  • Needles 5x (enemy Drop from Deathsquitos).
  • Linen Thread 10x (flax via the Spinning Wheel).

3. The Draugr Fang Bow

Valheim - How To Get The Dragur Fang Bow! BEST Bow!

This weapon may be ultimately best if you prefer long-range combat. The Draugr Fang Bow, made during the Silver Age has its primary attack of firing arrows. The step in charging the attack increases accuracy, damage and velocity of the arrow. The arrow does not have a secondary attack, but deals higher piercing damage than any other bow, and can cause poison damage. When I get to use the weapon with needle arrows, I get the maximum pierce damage, higher knockback damage, and the poison bonus.

The Draugr Fang is far from the easiest weapon to craft, mostly due to the guck and silver you need to make it. To get the Draugr Fang bow, you need to clear the Swamp biome and defeat the Bonemas. Then you can find silver, which comes as the final piece to the Draugr Bow puzzle. 

Most of the bows in the game have only a 10-point difference in damage. However, the Draugr Fang has a base of 52 and a max of 76 total damage once fully upgraded. The damage is simply divided between piercing and poison, an excellent combination as poison brings on constant damage while instantly killing enemies.

Crafting Recipe

  • Ancient Bark x10 (obtained from Ancient Trees in the Swamps).
  • Silver 20x (found beneath the Mountains using the Wishbone from Bonemass).
  • Deer Hide x20 (Common drop from Deer).
  • Guck (from Gucksacks on trees in the Swamp. Mine using axe or pickaxe).

2. The Blackmetal Axe

Valheim Coop EP 39 I get my Black Metal Axe

Coming into the mix as a one-handed axe, the Blackmetal Axe is used to chop down Beach, Birch, Oak, Fir, Pine, Ancient, and Yggdrasil trees. In Valheim if you may notice, Black Metal forges some of the strongest weapons. As such, the Black Metal Axe brings a great deal to your arsenal, dealing a heftier knockback debuff. The axe’s primary attack is a 3 hit attack combo with double damage on the last hit. Its secondary attack is slow but has a powerful overhead swing.

Additionally, the axe serves a 95 base damage rating with a higher notch of about 110 slashing damage at its highest tier. It also boasts a 60 point knockback rating. You will need to defeat the Moder to make the crafting stations necessary to craft the weapon and gather the scrap by killing Fulings in the Plains biome. These materials unlock the weapon, but you need to have Workbench Level 4 to craft it. 

Crafting Recipe

  • Fine wood x6 (drops from Birch and Oak Trees).
  • Black Metal x20 (processed in a Blast Forge from Black Metal dropped by Fulings).
  • Linen Thread (spun on a Spinning Wheel from Flux found in Fuling Villages).

1. The Frostner

Valheim - Frostner Tutorial

Topping our list is the Frostner, a fearsome mace that not only packs a powerful punch but also delivers elemental damage. The weapon comes with a primary attack, a 3 hit attack combo with double damage on the last hit. It also gives you a slower secondary attack that deals 2.5x damage and 2x staggering. It also gives you some elemental war elements, as it is a late-game weapon that is fairly versatile. The weapon starts with an overall base damage of 95, split up into 40 frost, 35 blunt, and 20 split damage.

The weapon is somehow superior since it delivers a 120-point knockback and has a 3x backstabbing multiplier. Once you upgrade the weapon to its final tier, the frost damage can go to a maximum of 58, which brings the weapon’s overall damage to 113. To obtain the Frostner, you will need to acquire Ymir flesh, which you can only purchase from the traveling merchant Haldor for 120 gold. Haldor can only be found in the Black Forest biome. Once you add the Ymir flesh to your inventory, you unlock the crafting recipe for the Frostner. 

Crafting Recipe

  • Ancient Bark x10 (obtained from Ancient Trees in the Swamps).
  • Silver x30 (found beneath the Mountains using the Wishbone from Bonemass).
  • Ymir Flesh x5 (only purchasable from Haldor, the merchant in the Black Forest).
  • Freeze Glands x5 (Drops from Drakes in the Mountains).
So, what's your take on our picks for the Valheim: Best Weapons (& How to Craft Them)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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