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Tips & Tricks for Starting a Successful Gaming YouTube Channel



Starting a successful gaming YouTube channel

How long have you been thinking about starting your own gaming YouTube channel? Most likely it’s been your dream since you were a little gamer. This is understandable since, at that point in time, we were all inspired by our own favorite gaming YouTube channels. Well, it’s no longer time to think and ponder, it’s time to take action! With these tips and tricks for starting a successful gaming YouTube channel.


1. Find Your Gaming Niche

Most gaming YouTube channels have found success because they have focused on a specialized niche within gaming. So the first thing you should ask yourself is: what kinds of video games do I enjoy playing and would want to talk about on a daily basis?

This could stem around a certain game like CS:GO for example, or a certain genre like FPS, MOBA, RPG, or Indie, which includes all games within it. It can even stretch to a specific topic such as game reviews, in-depth storyline analysis, or even compilations of your funniest and best moments. The reason for this is, when you talk about a niche that you’re truly enthusiastic about, viewers resonate and share their enthusiasm through you and your channel. It’s what keeps them coming back!


2. Post Consistently and On a Regular Basis

It’s likely you won’t find success after posting one, two, three, or even 10 videos, and that’s alright! A successful gaming YouTube channel isn’t made overnight. The best ones have found success because they are consistent and timely.

When a viewer engages with one of your videos, they are more inclined to watch others, and if they subscribe, they will check back frequently for new ones. So by posting consistently you have a spiral of content for them to engage with. And by uploading at a consistent time and manner, your subscribers know when to expect you’re next video, which they may be eager for.


3. Be Original

Being yourself will do you the greatest justice for achieving a successful gaming YouTube channel. You’ll frequently come across channels that lack authenticity and just blend in with the sea of generic and monotonous YouTube videos. You are the most authentic person you know, so be yourself and share your honest and unbiased opinion.

A great example of this is the videogamedunkey, who has made a successful gaming YouTube channel all on the concept of being genuinely honest and open-hearted about his personal views on video games.


Have any other tips and tricks for starting a successful gaming YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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