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Tips & Tricks for Gaining Twitch Followers

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Have your gear ready to start streaming on Twitch? Or you’ve been streaming for a while now with no sign of your Twitch followers improving? Not to worry as we’ve got you covered with these tips & tricks for gaining Twitch followers. With these tips, you’ll soon start streaming like a pro and begin enjoying all Twitch has to offer.

1. The basics

Before you start streaming, ask yourself what your goal, your niche, and the vision for your channel are. Your followers will tune in to watch you play when they know exactly what to expect from you. Next up, curate your channel’s profile and layout to further communicate precisely who you are to your viewers. The sky’s the limit for how creative you can be to make your channel stand out.

2. Be consistent 

We know it can get a little tough when there are few viewers tuning in to your streams. But don’t give up yet. With a firm goal and vision in mind, be consistent in all your streams. You don’t have to stream multiple times a day, but at least show up at the same time each day so your viewers know exactly when to tune in.

3. Stay social

Whether it’s your quirkiness that sets you apart from the rest, or how welcoming you are to everyone, make sure to always stay social for viewers to feel at home. Constantly interacting with viewers during streams through the chat room, and engaging with them outside of Twitch across your social media platforms will help them feel appreciated and welcome to always tune in.  


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