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Best VR Headsets for Beginners



With more and more games being made compatible with VR, it appears it'll be the next big thing in gaming; if it's not already. However, the only issue is that VR's still relatively new and with that, confusing.

Not every VR headset is made to be a simple plug-and-play which makes getting into the game a daunting task in itself. That's why we want to make that process easier for you, with the best VR headsets for beginners.

If all you want to do is enjoy VR without having to bother about setting it up to a console, base system, or even your PC, then these VR headsets are perfect for you.


Best VR Headsets for Beginners


Google Cardboard

Maybe you're not sure if VR is for you yet and want to try it out before investing in the whole experience. A good affordable option to go about that process is the Goggle Cardboard VR. All it requires is a smartphone to operate, which you simply place in the headset.

There is a similar adaption to the Google Cardboard for the Nintendo Switch called the Nintendo Labo. This lets you experience and plays games in VR for your Switch.


Meta Quest 2

By far the most popular VR headset for beginners is the Meta Quest 2 – which is the renamed older brother of the Oculus Quest. The Meta Quest 2 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one VR headset at, an affordable cost. It comes with a charger, but simply needs to be powered on, and a couple of batteries for the controllers, and you're set. The games are downloaded straight to the VR headset making it easy to use and beginner-friendly.

The Meta Quest 2 has taken over the market for the best all-in-one headset. There are other options out there, like the Vive Focus 3, however, it's much more costly and does not offer as many games. Making, The Meta Quest 2 by far the best option for beginners and the one we recommend to you.


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