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The Devil in Me: 5 Best Characters, Ranked



The Dark Pictures‘ The Devil in Me is the fourth and final chapter in the highly acclaimed horror anthology, and a gentle reminder that The Curator, along with all his unfinished stories, is still conjuring up passages for you to chronicle. And just like the first three games, along with Supermassive Games’ other IPs—Until Dawn, and The Quarry—the latest entry lets you take control of several lives, with a butterfly effect system that bears countless twists, turns, and conclusions still alive and kicking.

The Devil in Me takes us to the World’s Fair Hotel, H.H. Holmes notorious “Murder Castle,” a place in which mass killings were recorded in the most brutal ways imaginable. As modern day investigative journalists on a mission to document the hotel’s foul history, you’re invited to relive the horrors over a night of thrills and nail-biting encounters. Question is, who’s actually worth trying to keep alive?

5. Mark

Mark isn’t the worst character in The Devil in Me, but he is perhaps the most overlooked — especially when it comes to his own goals and ambitions. Although a camera operator by trade, the character does mention on one occasion about branching out to pursue a new venture. And unfortunately, this is quickly shoved aside in favor of other plot points, which makes his world seem somewhat insignificant and pointless.

Sure, Mark has his moments in the spotlight, but for the most part they’re a little too quick and have no real weight to impact the overall flow of the story. The fact is, he’s best suited behind the camera, because on screen, he just doesn’t pop at all — not even in the most crucial scenes of the tale. He’s forgettable, to say the least, and it’s a shame Supermassive Games didn’t devote more time to building his character arc before shutting down the story.

4. Jamie

Jamie returns as the series’ motor-mouthed rebel-with-an-attitude protagonist. Just like in Man of Medan, the character brings all the same personality traits to the table, only with a skimpier top, an entirely different love interest, and a new profession to boot. Apart from these original traits, Jamie is pretty much the same as her previous Dark Pictures persona. Is this a good thing? Meh, sort of.

There’s no denying the fact that Jamie is a strong character. In fact, some of the most important, game-changing scenes in the story are tailored by the character, which makes her one of the most important assets to the overall narrative, as well as one of the only few people with the power to influence the final outcome. Is she the best character in the game? Not even in the slightest. But she is, however, a well-rounded one with plenty of admirable qualities and skill sets to boot.

3. Kate

Kate stars as the leading lady of the failing TV series, and so bears an understandable amount of charisma and egotism. Peel away a few layers, though, and the star shines a lot brighter than most, and actually winds up becoming one of the most likeable characters in the game. Unfortunately, you don’t really see the real Kate until the middle part of the story, when the night is at its tipping point and the dangers really come knocking.

Depending on how you navigate your options, Kate can either be the local heroine who fights back and puts others first, or the selfish throwaway who strives to be the last one standing, whatever the cost. Either way, she’s a fantastic character to mold, unlike some of the others who, admittedly, lacked the wriggle room to make anything worth holding onto.

2. The Curator

Because what would a Dark Pictures game be without the one and only curator threading it together? It seems that by this point the elderly chap with a knack for chronicling horror stories is perfectly capable of bolstering an otherwise mediocre cast. Although his parts and fairly short and spaced out, they’re also incredibly memorable, and not to mention intense, atmospheric, and also strangely enlightening, depending on how far you nudge him to lend you advice between the chapters.

Fans of the series will know that The Curator is one of the best NPCs in modern horror, as well as the evident and rightful poster child of the saga. And, not to add a spoiler or anything, but from the way The Devil in Me ends, it’s becoming increasingly likely that he’ll be playing a larger part in future entries. Here’s hoping, anyway.

1. Charlie

Foul-mouthed, smoke-deprived, and surprisingly sprightly, the cockney producer known only as Charlie Lonnit has just about every quality we’ve come to expect from a leading character: depth, purpose, and a considerable amount of heroism that shines through in small bursts. That’s Charlie for you, and honestly, the guy almost carries the remainder of the cast on his back throughout the entire journey.

Of course, you could argue that Lonnit is arrogant, and perhaps even a little short-sighted when it comes to his subordinates’ needs. But at the darkest times, and in moments of peril, the producer comes through as one of the best and most thoughtful protagonists to date. Is he The Dark Pictures’ finest? No. But as far as The Devil in Me goes, he is, without a doubt, the most memorable character on the roster.


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