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Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 All Lorestangir Locations



Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 All Lorestangir Locations

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 features Lorestangir pillars that function much like the Lorestones in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Each post reveals an audio log that recounts the region’s history, giving you a better understanding of the story. Notably, you must collect all Lorestangir pillars in the game to get the Tales of Midgard achievement.

The game features 18 Lorestangir posts spread across the map, and some chapters contain more posts than others. The Lorestangir posts aren’t always easy to find, and you may have to leave the beaten path to find them. Fortunately, this guide points out the precise locations of all Lorestangir posts in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

Chapter 1: Lorestangir Locations

Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2

Lorestangir #1: Landfall

The first Lorestangir appears when you point out the symbol on a Northman flag planted near a small heap of rubble. Additionally, you must focus on the giant floating symbol in front of the Lorestangir post to unlock it.

Chapter 2: Lorestangir Locations

Lorestangir #2: Freyslug Entrance

Lorestangir #2: Freyslug Entrance

The first Lorestangir in Chapter Two is easy to find. It is located just at the beginning of the chapter after walking a short distance alongside the slaver. It is hidden at the back of the small hut with the thatched roof.

Lorestangir #3: Returning Home

You can obtain the second Lorestangir in this chapter after recovering Senua’s mirror and beating the enemies in the burning village. Head back the direction you came from, past the deserted village until you find a barn with a hanging body. You will find the Lorestangir hidden amidst some fallen debris in an open area outside the barn.

Lorestangir #4: Draugar Ceremony


It doesn’t take long to find the third Lorestangir. It comes after Senua gets a terrifying glimpse of the Draugar ceremony when trying to save a captive. You must enter a dark section of the mountain and follow the main path until you reach a narrow cliffside. Next, you must climb up the ladder located in an open area on your left side and follow the torches until you find the Lorestangir.

Lorestangir #5: Meeting the Stranger

Senua saves the captive, Fargrimr, after collecting the third Lorestangir and fighting the Drauga. The two head down the mountainside until they reach a broken bridge. There is a fork in the path, and you should take the left path to get to the last Lorestangir in the chapter.

Chapter 3: Lorestangir Locations

Hellblade 2 Lorestangir Locations

Lorestangir #6: Red Hill

The first Lorestangir appears shortly after Senua and her two companions embark on their journey. They walk a short distance before reaching a large crack in the ground. The Lorestangir is located down the left path, next to the first Hidden Face in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

Lorestangir #7: Hilltop

The second Lorestangir is located at a hilltop village, and you must climb towards the summit to see it. First, however, you must escape the trial of darkness in your mind and learn about the Hiddenfolk from Fargrimr. Next, go left past Fargrimr’s tent and look for the Lorestangir between the huts near the hilltop.

Lorestangir #8: Hilltop

You can collect the chapter’s third Lorestangir after solving the game’s first ball puzzle. You can find the Lorestangir by following the open path and turning left when you reach the fork. Interestingly, you cannot climb the ledge with the Lorestangir. Instead, you must take the path to the right and squeeze through a small opening in the rocks to reach it.

Lorestangir #9: Hilltop

Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2

Interestingly, you must solve another Hiddenfolk puzzle to get the next Lorestangir. The process is eerily similar and involves squeezing through another hole in the wall. You must follow the main path past two pools and head left until you reach the hole in the wall. The Lorestangir is located just beyond the wall, so shimmy through the hole.

Lorestangir #10: Hilltop

The fifth Lorestangir is located very close to where you found the fourth one. Head back to the direction you came from until you reach the two pools. Continue along the main path until you see a small cave opening on the right side. Squeeze through the opening to reach the Lorestangir.

Lorestangir #11: Finding the Hiddenfolk

The final Lorestangir in the chapter appears as you solve your third Hiddenfolk puzzle. Look to your left when you reach the third round stone pedestal, and you will see it hanging from the ceiling. Notably, you must focus on the Lorestangir to get it off the ceiling.

Chapter 4: Lorestangir Locations

Hellblade 2 Lorestangir Locations

Lorestangir #12: Cave Entrance

The first Lorestangir is located a short distance from the underwater cave’s entrance. It appears after climbing down the third ledge. However, it is out of reach. You must drop down another ledge into the water, swim across the pool, and climb the chalk-covered ledge on your right to get to it.

Lorestangir #13: Cave Entrance

You must solve your first blue mist puzzle to get the next Lorestangir. Solving the puzzle unlocks an opening on the cave’s right side, giving way to the Lorestangir’s location. It is located below a small ledge hidden near the cave’s opening.

Lorestangir #14: Act of Sacrifice

The chapter’s final Lorestangir appears after Senua’s lucky escape from monsters. She enters a section of the cave with floating rocks and proceeds until the path forks. Take the right path to find the Lorestangir and then go back to the left path to proceed with the campaign.

Chapter 5: Lorestangir Locations

Hellblade 2 Lorestangir Locations

Lorestangir #15: To the Sea

The first Lorestangir is located above a small waterfall located along the main path. You can get to it by heading up the hill and following the right path to enter the waterfall cave. It is located at the end of the stream, where the waterfall starts.

Lorestangir #16: Sjavarrisi

The second Lorestangir appears after you meet Astridr and learn about her mother. It is easy to access, and you can get to it by taking the narrow path to your right when you reach the open field.

Lorestangir #17: Another Question

Another Question

The third Lorestangir appears as you solve your first glyphs puzzle. You can find it near the shipwreck when you get to the second stage. However, it is well hidden, and you must walk through the green mist and past the broken ship. Moreover, you must squeeze through a tiny opening to find the path to Lorestangir.

Lorestangir #18: Another Question

Another Question

The game’s final Lorestangir is hidden in a deserted village. You must walk through the deserted village until you reach the point where the path forks. Lorestangir is located along the left path.

So, what’s your take on our overview of all Lorestangir locations in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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