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Prisma: Everything We Know

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Prisma: Everything We Know

Dreams Uncorporated blessed us with the gorgeous art style in Cris Tales. Now, they're gearing up to bring another visual novel to your doorstep. Titled Prisma, Dreams Uncorporated is gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign. While it means Prisma may still be a long way off from launch, a Kickstarter development process allows you to participate in the shaping of its story and gameplay. 

While still early in the development cycle, Dreams Uncorporated has been generous in revealing the story, gameplay, and more you can expect in the final game. Here’s everything we know about Prisma.

What is Prisma?

Prisma: Everything We Know

Prisma is an upcoming narrative-driven, turn-based, Japanese-inspired RPG game. It gives players the power of the magical Prism shards, which will allow traveling into the multiverse. As you run into multiple versions of you, and team up (or fight against) yourself, a larger mission will build up at Prisma’s core. Reality will begin to distort itself, threatening the stability of the multiverse. Can you save your world and the parallel universes from collapsing?



Prisma plans to tell the story of a girl called Alma. She has an old camera that gives her special abilities. The camera has a magical shard which allows you to travel to different worlds. These worlds have other versions of Alma, from different universes. However, all the versions of Alma possess the special power of the old camera’s magical shards.

Thanks to the magical Prism shards, each Alma has a unique perspective of the world. You’ll meet Alma versions who are hostile to you. Others will be friendly, while others will simply be NPCs who add to the story. According to Prisma’s Steam store page, the “doppelgängers, whether they become allies or adversaries, contribute to a storyline as intricate as the visually stunning world that defines the game.”

One interesting fact about the story is that the magical Prism shards will allow you to see the world through the eyes of Alma. When you run into multiple versions of yourself in the multiverse, you’ll begin to unravel multiple perspectives that add depth to the story and lead to multiple endings. 



Prisma will feature multiple versions of the protagonist. It will task you with assembling a party of different versions of Alma. These will push you to embark on several quests. You’ll tinker around with different magic shards, combining their powers to come up with exciting combos. 

Besides combat, you’ll make decisions that form stronger bonds. Depending on your decisions, each player will progress through the game uniquely. At Prisma’s core will be a narrative adventure. As you explore different universes, you’ll cause a rift that distorts reality. It’ll be up to the party you create to discover the different routes that will save the multiverse from destruction.

According to Prisma’s Steam store page, the upcoming game will combine multiple genres, including traditional RPGs. It’ll mash up Latin American and Japanese culture. You can expect “innovative mechanics,” which will craft a multiverse narrative that portrays its story and gameplay through “different perspectives.” Further, using the camera, you’ll be able to alter the world through visual effects and filters. As a result, the turn-based battles you’ll engage in will besides skill and strategy, display player artistry.



Dreams Uncorporated, based in Colombia, is currently working on developing and publishing Prisma. You probably know the studio from their terrific work on the gorgeous, indie JRPG, Cris Tales. They’ve also recently launched Lunar Lander Beyond, a reimagining of Atari’s Lunar Lander classic arcade game. Both Cris Tales and Lunar Lander Beyond have garnered positive reviews. 

With Prisma, Dreams Uncorporated plans to kick development off with a Kickstarter campaign. The pre-campaign is now live, with a teaser trailer out now showcasing some early concept ideas and art styles. “Every contribution, no matter the size, moves us closer to turning this vision into reality,” says Prisma’s official website. So, if you want to be a part of the development, now’s the time to chip in.


Prisma | Teaser Trailer

Feel free to check out the Prisma official teaser trailer that is currently out on YouTube. It showcases a quick sneak peek into the gameplay you can expect in the final game. Of course, Prisma is still in its very early stages of development. The Kickstarter campaign hasn’t even begun yet. So, there’s a high chance the gameplay in the teaser trailer will change with the final touch-ups. 

Still, Dreams Uncorporated promises “innovative gameplay mechanics, captivating storytelling, and breathtaking visuals.” The trailer does show lots of promises, with Alma set on capturing the perfect shot. Prisma will feature a story told from different perspectives. Each perspective will present opportunities to make friends and enemies. No matter what happens, the multiverse will need your help to restore balance. 

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

Alma Tech

It’s unclear when exactly Prisma will launch. The game’s Steam store page only indicates that Prisma’s release date is “to be announced.” It’s unsurprising, given Dreams Uncorporated has only just launched Prisma’s pre-campaign. The official website displays the press kit, showcasing the game’s description, teaser trailer, GIFs, and early concept images. These are meant to build hype around Prisma, with the Kickstarter campaign set to launch sometime soon. 

While we keep an eye out for more information and follow the pre-campaign on Prisma’s official website, we can at least confirm that Prisma will be coming to PC platforms via Steam. In fact, you can add Prisma to your Steam wishlist here as early as now to get a notification as soon as the game drops. 

As for the editions, it’s too early to say which versions of the game you can pre-order. By all means, though, follow the official social handle here to keep track of new updates. If not, you can always check back here for new information on development progress so far, along with news on other upcoming games.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of Prisma when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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