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Pirates Republic — Everything We Know

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Pirates Republic

Ahoy, Matey! So, the folks over at Golden Hing Games and Toplitz Productions have something special cooking for you. Get ready to set sail and explore the Bahamas in an upcoming open-world adventure called Pirates Republic. Funnily enough, Pirates Republic is a name change paying homage to New Providence, which sparked popularity in the 18th century as the “Republic o’ Pirates.” 

Originally, the game was called Pirate’s Dynasty, which would become a part of the Dynasty franchise. However, rather than create a dynasty spanning generations, you’ll focus on leaving your mark on New Providence, a new development direction befitting the name change to Pirates Republic instead. So, what more exciting updates do we know about Pirates Republic? Do we have a release date, trailer, gameplay, and more? Tag along with our Pirates Republic — Everything We Know article to find out.

What is Pirates Republic?

Pirates Republic

Pirates Republic is an upcoming open-world adventure game currently in development by Golden Hind Games and will be published by Toplitz Productions. The game was originally called Pirate’s Dynasty, as part of the Dynasty franchise. However, the developers chose to change the name to Pirates Republic because, despite starting off faithfully adapting the game to the Dynasty franchise, the gameplay development led them to a new direction that incorporated New Providence as the key setting for the upcoming game. New Providence is a real-life place that once gained popularity as the “Republic o’ Pirates” in the 18th century, hence the name “Pirates Republic.”


Pirates Republic will start off with small-time sailors who grow into the greatest, most notorious pirate crew in the Caribbean. They will do so by taking part in visceral naval battles on the high seas, hunting valuable treasure, and building and evolving their pirate’s nest. The goal is to establish an undying pirate legacy through teamwork with your crew and the inhabitants of the settlements you set up. 

Walking in the footsteps of the likes of Francis Drake, Henry Morgan, and Black Beard, players will mold a long-forgotten crew, capsized and left to die. They will embark on a journey that explores a seemingly deserted island. Along the way, they will meet more survivors who’ll join them in their quest to build the strongest pirate base that dominates the open sea. 

You may choose to set sail solo or with friends in co-op action mode. Either way, you’ll need to master bravery to survive both the land and the open sea. You’ll need to be on guard, keeping an eye out for the dangers that lurk in the shadows, waiting to prey on you and your shipmates.


Pirates Republic’s gameplay includes survival on both land and sea. Players will craft and build strong defenses. They will go on raids and work toward establishing a formidable pirate’s nest that no other being will dare to mess with. Toplitz Productions highlights the key features you can expect to see:

  • Fight – Survive, – Build: Become a legend in Pirate's Dynasty.
  • Co-Op Multiplayer: Roam the open seas with your friends and become the most notorious crew the Caribbean has ever seen
  • Procedurally Generated World: Each playthrough will confront you and your crew with new dangers and exciting new adventures
  • Explore tropical islands and uncover their secrets and distinctive features – either alone or with your merry band of trusted pirate friends
  • Survive and Build a shelter and protect yourself from nature's wrath
  • Find more henchmen and assemble your crew
  • Modify your ships to your heart's content with countless options
  • Fight at sea, secure your booty, and go down in history as a notorious buccaneer
  • Create your own pirate's nest and expand it into a thriving, vibrant town
  • Take Control: Explore and conquer a huge procedurally generated Caribbean island world.


Pirates Republic

Pirates Republic is currently in development by Golden Hind Games and Toplitz Productions. This will be the first game that Golden Hind Games works on. However, their team of 18 people is made up of experts in the survival and action genres, with a focus on procedurally generated gameplay. So, we can hold high hopes that they will deliver on the highly ambitious Pirates Republic game and make a name for themselves. Toplitz Productions, on the other hand, has experience in developing and publishing games with “heart and soul” across all platforms. Their most popular works include the “Dynasty” and “Giant” series.

While Pirates Dynasty was originally announced in 2022, Pirates Republic has since taken a different gameplay route, which led to the name change from Pirate’s Dynasty to Pirates Republic. Here’s what Darek Skrzypkowski, the captain of the Golden Hind, had to say about the name change.

“While we started as a pirate adventure that wanted t' stay true t' the Dynasty franchise, we followed gameplay trails that led us in a different direction, where we figured that raisin' Davy Jones' locker in the Caribbean doesn’t mix well wit' family life.” 

Robin Gibbels, the first developer on the Toplitz Productions team, also jumped on with his two cents, saying:

“The name might’ve changed, but the goal for our pirate adventure stays the same: To deliver a motivatin' genre-mix in an open world that ye can enjoy either alone or with ye mates. And even though ye will not have a dynasty that spans generations, ye will be able to leave a huge mark on history, when ye enter our version of New Providence. Ye can look forward to scenic locations, high-octane action with exhilaratin' ship battles, a huge map to explore as well as an extensive buildin' system.”


Pirates Republic — Everything We Know

There’s no Pirates Republic trailer release yet.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions


We can confirm that Pirates Republic will be released into Early Acces in 2024. It’ll be released on PC platforms. There are no editions confirmed yet. To keep track of new updates, follow the official socials handle here. We’ll also be sure to let you know of any new information as soon as it comes up.

So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Pirates Republic — Everything We Know when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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