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5 Best Games Like Harvestella

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Harvestella is a game that combines JRPG elements and elements from many popular farming simulation games. This combination makes for an overall enjoyable experience for anyone who enjoys either one of these aspects of the game. That being said, finding a game like Harvestella that truly whets your appetite for both farming and combat can be challenging. But have no fear because we have you covered. So without further ado, here are 5 Games Like Harvestella.


5. Potion Permit

Suppose you enjoy Harvestella for its combination of combat and farming. Then look no further than Potion Permit to take up your time. This alchemical adventure sees you playing as a young hero that is in charge of making various potions for the village that they live in. However, potions are not made without first sourcing the ingredients. This is where the similarity to Harvestella comes in. Players must farm in order to gather materials that will be used to help out the various townsfolk in this game.

Players will spend most of their time in this title tending to the sickly population of their town. This is done through their alchemical knowledge in order to make them better. Players can spend however long they need to procure these ingredients to make the medicine. With a lovely 8-bit-inspired art style, this game will make players reminisce on a simpler time in gaming. All in all, the town of Moonbury will certainly welcome players as they unravel the mystery of the town’s maladies in this terrific title.


4. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is a game that, while not having the same level of combat present in Harvestella, does feature combat rather prominently. In this title, players will face many challenges toward becoming great craftsmen. Players are invited to a workshop in they inherited from their grandfather. Here, players will be introduced to the people of Portia, who all have various needs you can take care of if you care to do so.

The combat within My Time At Portia, while simplistic, can be very fruitful for the player who engages with it. As certain drops occur off enemies that will aid you in your journey. Players will also learn how to craft various items needed to help the town. They can also upgrade their workshop to make the game more efficient for them. Resources for upgrading these items can be gathered in the open world. Sometimes, the player must engage in combat. In closing, My Time At Portia features a lot of the charm that makes a farming sim so fun, with an emphasis on crafting that can be really rewarding.


3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildGames on Nintendo Switch

While it may not be the most conventional pick for this list. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game with combat, foraging, and cooking. Players are no doubt familiar with this title. You play as the hero of Hyrule, Link, and are set on a journey across the land in order to defeat Ganon. Along the way, players will have the opportunity to cook various meals to their heart’s content and defeat many enemies to further their goals.

This game has been an inspiration for quite a few games since its release. Therefore, it is entirely possible that the open-world nature of Harvestella can be somewhat attributed to this title. If players have not yet enjoyed the Breath of the Wild masterpiece, then what better time than now? If players enjoy Harvestella, there is an excellent chance that they will also enjoy this game. While they might share core elements, the two games offer distinct enough experiences worthy of experiencing on their own. In closing, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game with many elements similar to Harvestella, making it a solid choice for anyone who enjoys Harvestella.


2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an incredibly charming game that features both combat and farming sim elements. Inspired by the likes of the Harvest Moon series, this game was created with that core concept in mind. Players will soon find themselves farming and defeating creatures in the mines in order to obtain gear. That is not the only thing to do in this game, however. Players can fish, romance different villagers, and simply enjoy the game’s atmosphere.

The world of Stardew Valley is incredibly immersive and has players planning out which crops they need to make the most money. Managing these crops is a significant part of the game for players who strictly want to farm in this world. However, if players wish to participate in combat, then the game has mines in which they can do so. Doing this will grant them various rewards based on how deep into the mines they go. In conclusion, Stardew Valley is a game that, if players like Harvestella, they will undoubtedly enjoy for its farming sim mechanics and enjoyable story.


1. Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 and Harvestella share a lot of similarities. These similarities make it an easy recommendation for anyone who enjoys Harvestella. This RPG sim is a sequel to the popular Rune Factory 4. Like other games on this list, players care for townsfolk and their needs. Tending to their farm whenever they can to make everyone’s lives easier. However, one element that sets this game apart from other titles like it is the ability to tame monsters. Doing so will allow you to battle other monsters with them in order to keep the peace around the village of Rigbarth.

This game also incorporates romance in a way, with players able to marry their character to various townspeople in the game. Players who are familiar with the Harvest Moon series will find a lot of similarities between the games, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy that type of gameplay. Altogether, Rune Factory 5 has elements that are reminiscent of games that are like Harvestella. This makes it a straightforward recommendation for players who enjoy those types of games.


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