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5 Essential Switch Games Coming Out This November



The Nintendo Switch platform has graced us with many quality titles. However, that being said, Nintendo has many more gems soon to be released. This November seems to be a great time for players to enjoy. No matter what kind of title you may be into, this month has you covered with a range of titles that differ in their genre. With that being said, here are the 5 Essential Switch Games Coming Out This November.


5. Harvestella

Harvestella is a game that combines the combat of an action JRPG with the farming and life sim elements of farm sims such as Stardew Valley. This melding of genres makes for a delightful experience for players looking for that kind of gameplay. Harvestella indeed has a lot of the familiar elements of other JRPGs. However, it is through its unique gameplay style that it stands out amongst its peers.

With a unique blend of farming sim and JRPG, Harvestella hopes to leave quite an impression on players. The story of Harvestella involves the seasons. The Season of Death Quietus has begun to deplete the world of its resources. This causes our hero to seek a solution and take care of different farm life. Players can also craft items within the game, as well as fish. These are sure to keep players busy while they deal with the incoming calamity. In conclusion, Harvestella is an upcoming game that hopes to blend genres and have crossover appeal to players. This is why we believe it is essential for the Nintendo Switch this November.


4. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a delightful cooperative game that will be released on Nintendo Switch soon. This means players can take the story of Cody and May with them on the go. It Takes Two is a game that beautifully blends different types of games into one cohesive package. The platforming and teamwork mechanics within the game are phenomenal and truly show just how important cooperation is. This philosophy is at the heart of what makes It Takes Two so good.

The game follows a married couple, Cody and May, who deal with marriage problems. Unfortunately, this affects their daughter, who, through magic, turns her parents into dolls. In this form, they must learn to work together to accomplish common goals. So the game has a very solid moral behind it and journeying through the levels as Cody and May feels fantastic. Not only does this title deliver solid platforming, but also entertaining puzzles and mechanics. Due to these reasons, we believe It Takes Two is one of the essential games that are upcoming for November for the Nintendo Switch.


3. Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers hopes to reinvent and reinvigorate the Sonic franchise. The game, set to release later in November, introduces an all-new open-world element to the Sonic series. This attempts to shake up the series for new and older Sonic fans. A lot of the characteristics of a Sonic game remain here, such as high speeds and the collecting of rings, but this is now done in an open-world setting which is new for players.

Players will also have to complete puzzles in this entry as well. This adds another new gameplay element to the game for players to enjoy. Borrowing heavily from open-world titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this Sonic title hopes to differentiate itself from its predecessors. The game also features collectibles for players to obtain. This adds to some of the longevity of the game for completionists. In conclusion, Sonic Frontiers is an ambitious new entry into the iconic franchise. If players enjoy the classic platforming that the Sonic franchise is known for, this new entry is sure to whet their appetites.

2. Sifu

Sifu is a game that is unique in its presentation and gameplay. The action roguelike sees players facing waves and waves of enemies in hand-to-hand combat. With a heavy combat focus, the game features over one hundred and fifty unique moves to unlock and use. In addition, the gameplay within Sifu is challenging by design, meaning players will be tested throughout its levels. This game features a satisfying blocking and parry system, adding more skill-based mechanics. The combat is focused on defeating waves of opponents as well as the occasional boss.

Sifu is a game that has a unique resurrection system as well. When players are resurrected after being defeated, they visually and effectively change. While growing in age will increase the power of your strikes, it also limits your health. This means that dying within the game can be a balancing act. However, players are not left to their own devices, as there is a dojo in which they can practice in-between levels. Mastering the parry system is vital in this game as it allows you to stun opponents, which can lead to you taking advantage of this in combat. Altogether, Sifu is a game that, if players have missed it, is essential to play for the Nintendo Switch in November 2022.

1. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are taking the world by storm. The latest entries in the highly praised Pokemon franchise, these games hope to innovate in many ways. For example, in the new Paldea region, the game focuses more on player agency, allowing them to play more openly than in past entries. In addition, the game also features multiple story routes to go down, which is new to the franchise. For example, if players are interested in being a student and learning more about the Pokemon world, the game allows that. This agency means players can get whatever experience they want out of the game.

With three different and distinct story routes, this game allows for more choice. This choice is at the heart of what makes Pokmon Scarlet & Violet feel so different from past entries in the series. So, in conclusion, if players want a classic Pokemon experience, they can find it here. However, if they want something new, they will also be satisfied with what Pokemon Scarlet & Violet offers. This makes this game extremely accessible to older and newer fans alike. Making Pokemon Scarlet & Violet one of the 5 essential games for the Nintendo Switch this November.


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