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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills & Frills — 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Daisy Duck and friends, Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills & Frills

The latest free update in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Thrills & Frills, is here. Daisy Duck moves into the valley with new friendship quests and a boutique shop offering Touch of Magic fashion and furniture. The more tasks you complete at the boutique, the more rewards you’ll earn, including exclusive shop items. Furthermore, there’s a new “A Day at Disney” Star Path that packs new rewards. Plus, you can now ride Disney Parks attractions and even take selfies aboard. These and so much more await you in Thrills & Frills. So, be sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills & Frills best tips for beginners article to get the most out of your experience. 

5. Set Up Daisy Duck's New Boutique

Daisy duck in the fashion shop

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills & Frills introduces Daisy Duck. You probably know her as Donald Duck’s girlfriend. For Daisy Duck to rekindle her old relationships, she needs your help setting up her new boutique. Through the boutique, you’ll be able to explore Daisy Duck’s personal style and share the fashion designs you create with friends.

You’ll start by unlocking new and unique clothing and furniture to display at your boutique. You’ll also need to complete friendship quests by preparing custom designs to deliver to new friends during your Valley Visits. To grow your boutique, you can drop by every chance you get to redecorate. You can focus on a corner of the shop and tap into your inner creativity. Alternatively, you can complete inspiration prompts that, once completed, earn you new exclusive items, from Touch of Magic designs to furniture bases. 

4. Ride the Disney Park Attractions

Ride A Disney ride in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills and Frills

After a long wait, you can now ride your favorite Disney Park attractions in the Valley. What’s more? You can take selfies to commit the experience to memory. The attractions featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills & Frills offer a good variety of options to choose from. You can check out Aladdin's magic carpets, alien swirling saucers, Mad Tea Party, Pixar Pal-a-Round, and Inside Out's emotional whirlwind, to name a few.

It’s probably the most exciting update to the new “A Day at Disney” Star Path. Without the rideable attractions, the Valley doesn’t quite feel like a complete Disney Parks experience. Now, with Aladdin and Toy Story-inspired rides, you can experience authentic Disney magic out and about the valley. To hop on the different rides, though, you’ll need to earn Mickey Mouse tokens, which you can gain from completing friendship quests like farming or simply talking to NPCs in the Valley.

Each ride costs 30 to 50 Mickey Mouse tokens, which, while requiring completing several quests to earn, feel well worth the trouble. That’s because, besides riding on the Disney Parks attractions, you also decide where to place them in the Valley. You can build your own Disney Parks. 

3. Bring a Friend With You


Disney Dreamlight Valley has a ton of things to do, from exploration to quests and engaging activities to keep busy with. While previously, many of the fun activities you could do pushed you to take them on solo, Thrills & Frills encourages you to bring friends along. From mining, gardening, fishing, cooking, and crafting, you can bring friends along for the ride and increase friendship levels as a result. 

You can even take on time-bending with a friend to farm Mist for gamers with the paid Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time expansion. Mist is an in-game currency you can use to access unexplored areas in the Eternity Isle’s biomes, craft new items at the Time Bending Table, level up the Royal Hourglass, and power up the Ancient Machines.

2. Tinker Around with the Camera Mode

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills and Frills selfie mode

Disney Dreamlight Valley has made it easy to capture memories while exploring the valley. The feature returns, much better now, to allow you to take selfies on Disney Park rides. Before going on a ride, you have to enter camera mode. However, if you have motion sensitivity, you can always switch to selfie mode. The selfie mode is actually quite in-depth, so feel free to explore all its customization options.

You can alter your poses, filters, and frames. Before capturing a photo, you can switch from full body to wide shot poses. You can choose to focus on an animal pet. You can change facial expressions, filters, and frames to as many as ten options. While on the ride, you can move the camera left or right. You can change the image format and hide any UI elements still in view. 

When you’re pleased with the result, you can always enter the new, weekly DreamSnap challenges. Players will vote on the best snapshot, and who knows, you may earn fun rewards. The newest Star Path comes with exciting Disney Parks-inspired rewards. You’ll enjoy new styles for Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse, a new animal companion, and so many more rewards.

1. You Got Mail

Dreamlight Valley - Thrills And Frills: You Have Mail! (Intro Quest)

One of the core gameplay elements of Disney Dreamlight Valley is to nurture strong friendships with the residents. The higher your friendship levels, the more features, quests, and rewards you’ll unlock. Thrills & Frills introduces new ways to make friends during Valley Visits. The most notable is that villagers can now send mail.

The new mail feature can help increase your friendship status with the characters you meet. Furthermore, you can send and receive gifts in the mail. Giving gifts, in particular, is a neat trick to leveling your friendships faster. The more gifts you give, the higher your chances of earning more friendship XP. Once you attain a certain level of points, you’ll unlock new features, quests, and rewards.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our Disney Dreamlight Valley: Thrills & Frills — best tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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