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Best Platformers on Mobile (April 2023)

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Best Platformers on Mobile (April 2023)


Platformers on mobile are a staple for many gamers out there. It’s the best way to experience platforming using touch controls and on the go. Whether a side-scrolling title or an expansive 3D sandbox game, it’s always fun to run, jump, and climb obstacles that continue to grow more complex by the day. 

If you’re not a fan of action platformers, there are a whole bunch of other genres you can try. From puzzle solving to adventure games, platformers on mobile continue to evolve to suit every type of gamer. So get your smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device you have ready. It’s time to go over the best platformers on mobile in April 2023.

5. Witcheye

WITCHEYE Gameplay Trailer (2019)

Contrary to its name, Witcheye is a vibrant, colorful platformer with quirky characters and equally quirky enemies to defeat. While there are no puzzles or open-world environments to explore, Witcheye perfectly crafts its combat system, presenting a fantastic, frantic set of sequences worth sinking hours into.

Furthermore, there’s a story to give purpose to its monster striking system. A witch transforms into a flying eyeball. She sets off into the dangerous lands of Witcheye to enact vengeance on a knight and wizard who stole her ingredients. 

It’s a fun, little story that blooms into 50+ levels of tricky enemies to fight, strange environments to awe over, and new secrets to keep tensions running high. Even though the story does grab one’s attention, it’s Witcheye’s original gameplay that will keep you glued to the screen for hours on end. 

Witcheye colors outside the lines, introducing a free-movement dash mid-air. It’s a unique touchscreen control system that constantly throws something new at you. Whether it’s the ability to stop within your tracks and alter the direction or bounce into monsters at will, Witcheye is a fun game that innovates while keeping things light.

4. Oddmar

Oddmar - Release Trailer

Alternatively, you might want to consider Oddmar which allows for controller compatibility to synchronize with your tablet. It’s quickly risen above the ranks to become one of the most popular mobile platformers, with over a million downloads. 

Oddmar has two main elements working in its favor: the graphics and the plot. Each screen is visually stunning, almost as if neatly sculpted with a purpose for every actionable item. It’s further elevated by the superb voice acting and cut scenes that are a joy to watch. 

After Oddmar’s community vanishes, he must channel his inner Viking to fight against swarms of enemies and restore order for his people. All along, he’ll evolve from his previous selfish attitude toward earning a place in Valhalla, where in Norse mythology, the greatest warriors go to find peace.

If not for the story or graphics, Oddmar still pleases platformer and action lovers, thanks to a seamless transition between movement, attacks, and defenses mid-fight. This adds more depth to strategizing your every move in real-time.

3. Dadish

When you combine a dad and a radish, you get a dadish, which should give you an idea of the type of game this is. Players embark on a quest to find their missing kids (or radishes). Along the journey, they encounter hostile fast food enemies, whom they must defeat to progress. 

There are up to 40 levels, all of which feature varied challenges and environments like snowy mountainous regions, grassy plains, the beach, and even an underground dungeon. Each level has a baby radish to rescue. Plus, there are four different bosses dispersed across the levels to keep you from passing through.

Dadish features such cute levels and dialogue, you’ll likely want more of it once you’re done. Fortunately, there’s a sequel you can jump into whenever you want a casual platformer. Though relatively easier than other hardcore platformers, Dadish is always a joy to play for all ages. It had charming humor and a retro style to make you reminisce about the days of the original Mario games.

2. Dan the Man


Though it sounds rather corny, the name, “Dan the Man” perfectly hints at what it’s about. Players take on the role of Dan, who is the man and star of his own retro platforming show. Dan the Man isn’t afraid to throw all his might against a wall to see what sticks. It’s the ultimate beat-em-up mayhem that stirs guns, combat, and platforming into one pot. 

Feel free to upgrade your character as you progress. You’ll need all the help you can get. Once you’re done with the campaign, you can jump into other game modes like survival, adventure, or multiplayer. It’s what’s great about Dan the Man

There’s so much variety in the modes, character traits, enemies, and worlds you play in. Oh, and you can opt for other characters besides Dan, whether Josie or Barry Steakfries, among others, each with unique abilities and personalities.

1. Limbo

Are you the type of gamer who gets spooked easily? If not, check out Limbo, which is one of the best horror platformers on mobile right now. Attached is a fantastic story about a boy on a mission to rescue his sister. He enters limbo, a dark, disturbing realm yet strangely beautiful. 

Each moment, however short, is a sweet experience, thanks to a thought-provoking puzzle design and an immersive soundtrack. So, try not to forego your headphones for the relatively short ride through limbo. The pathways are littered with obstacles, so along with navigating dark, misty spaces, there are challenging routes and monsters to get past.

When put together, all of Limbo’s design choices and gameplay elements culminate in a rewarding experience. It’s a masterpiece of a game that stands out from its counterpart and offers an experience you’re likely to remember long after you’ve put your phone down. Chances are, you’ll even return to re-experience the short but sweet ride again.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best platformers on mobile in April 2023? Are there more platformers on mobile we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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