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Best Armor in Valheim

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Best Armor in Valheim

As a player in Valheim, you may experience danger in every corner, and the best way to protect yourself may come through a good set of armor. Armors in Valheim are one of the most essential items that protect you as a player and may help you get less damage from your enemies. Primarily, they are protective clothing items in different sets you can choose and wear in the game. Every set has mostly 3 or 4 pieces that may have a helmet, cape, leg armor, chest armor, etc.

There are plenty of armor and armor sets in Valheim, and you may find it difficult to pick the best one. As an inveterate gamer, I’ve spent countless hours exploring the vast world, fighting fearsome creatures, and refining my skills. Throughout this journey, I have discovered that my survival has been attributed to the choice of my armor. So don’t panic; we have a selection of the best armor sets in 2023 based on extensive research and personal experience.

5. Bronze Armor Set

HOW to MAX your Bronze Armour // Beginners Guide // Valheim Tutorials

Bronze Armor is a Black Forest-tier armor and comes as the first of the metal armor sets. Being an iron armor, it is generally heavy, which is the only downside of this set. The set has three prices, created and upgraded at the Forge, including the Bronze Helmet, Bronze Plate Cuirass, and the Bronze Plate Leggings. It appears on the list because of its protection and the fact that it is relatively easy to make once you defeat the first boss. The Bronze Armor base stats include 24 base armor, -10% movement speed, and no cape.

Once you defeat Eikthyr, you can start on this armor set, although you won’t have the recipe immediately. The recipe shows up when you create bronze for the first time. You need 2 pieces of copper and 1 piece of tin to craft 1 piece of bronze. To find copper and tin, you must walk through the Black Forest until you find one of the large chunks of copper ore. Tin ore is found in the same biome but in smaller chunks and usually close to the water.

The Bronze Armor is made from bronze plates created with iron and tin at a Forge. You need 15x bronze (30x copper and 15x tin) and 6x deer hide.

4. Iron Armor Set


Iron Armor is a swamp-tier armor, above and stronger than Bronze Armor. The armor set has three pieces, crafted and upgraded at the Forge, including the Iron Helmet, the Iron Scale Mail, and the Iron Greaves. The set is good beginner armor for you, as it’s easy to craft and provides decent physical protection at the beginning of the game. The unlock of the armor set happens after you craft Iron for the first time.

To craft Iron, you need Scrap Iron and a Smelter. You can find Scrap Iron in Muddy Scrap Piles inside the Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome. You can access the crypts using the Swamp Key, dropped by the second Valheim Elder boss.

Iron can also be found further ahead in the game if you have a wishbone, which Bone Mass drops. The Wishbone notifies you when you are close to buried Muddy Scrap Piles. Iron’s crafting recipe includes 60x iron and 6x deer hide.

The Valheim Iron Armor has stats that include 42 armor, -10% movement speed, and no cape.

3. Troll Armor Set

Troll Leather Armor Showcase (Valheim Guide)

The Troll Set is a Black Forest-tier armor comprising the best light armor you can wear, offering base protection with enough cover for the Meadows and Black Forest biomes. The set does not come with any movement penalties, meaning you can damage it without sacrificing mobility. The armor comes with a set of advantages: it offers a sneak bonus, which is essential when gathering resources in dangerous biomes or dealing backstab damage.

This armor set has four pieces crafted and upgraded at the Workbench. This is the only true four-piece armor set requiring a cape for the bonus. The pieces include the Troll Leather Helmet, the Troll Leather Tunic, the Troll Leather Pants, and the Troll Hide Cape. Comes with 19 pieces of armor and a 25% sneak if you wear the four pieces. You need to hunt Trolls to get Troll Armor. To craft, you will need 25x troll hide and 13x bone fragments.

2. Padded Armor Set

VALHEIM - How to obtain Padded Armor Quickguide

Coming in second on our list is the Padded Armor, which compensates with exceptional resistance damage. Padded Armor is a Plains-tier armor with four pieces crafted and upgraded at the Forge and the Workbench. They include the Padded Helmet, the Padded Cuirass, the Padded Greaves, and the Linen Cape.

Though it does not provide any resistance or extra buffs, the Padded Armor set is one of the strongest available in the game and allows you to traverse almost all biomes without the fear of being picked off by a Deathsquito. The set is lighter than the Iron Set but has the same -10% movement speed. You can craft the Padded Armor from 30x Iron and 55x Linen thread. You can get iron as described above in the Iron Armor. To get the linen thread, you need a Spinning Wheel first, obtained from defeating Valheim’s fourth boss, Moder. Collect Flax from the Plains Biome to create Linen Thread.

1. Wolf Armor Set

WOLF ARMOR GUIDE - How To Get Wolf Armor & Wolf Hide Cape in Valheim

The Wolf Armor set comes first, providing excellent protection against physical damage. The set is a Mountain-tier armor with four pieces crafted and upgraded at the Workbench and the Forge. The set includes the Drake Helmet, the Wolf Armor Chest, the Wolf Armor Legs, and the Wolf Fur Cape. The cape is the best-looking item in the game due to the cute wolf head draped over your shoulders as the player.

The armor offers high armor ratings and boosts your movement speed. With its balance of defense and agility, the Wolf Armor set is a fantastic choice if you favor mobility and survivability. It is also the most useful, allowing you to stay in the snowy Mountain biome without getting Frost damage. It has an amazing stat of 41 base armor without a helmet, making it an awesome choice.

Crafting the armor takes a lot of Wolves and silver. Both materials are found in the Mountain biome, and you will first need some Frost Resistance Mead. You will need 44x silver, 16 x wolf pelts, 4x fangs, 1x chain, and 1x wolf trophy to craft.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our list of the best armor in Valheim (2023)? What's your favorite? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.


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