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Battle Vision Network: Everything We Know

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Battle Vision Network: Everything We Know

If you love Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and feel it's begun to show its age, you’re in luck. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes’s developer, Capybara Games, is gearing up to launch Battle Vision Network, also a puzzle turn-based game. However, the game will bring fast and fierce battles to the web, allowing you to compete against human players. 

There’s still quite a lot of information Capybara Games is keeping under wraps, which is surprising given that the upcoming game has only just been announced. But we can confirm a few key details about the gameplay and release window ahead of launch day. Here’s everything we know about Battle Vision Network.

What is Battle Vision Network?

Battle Vision Network

Battle Vision Network is an upcoming online player-versus-player (PvP) puzzle-battler game. It plans to infuse color-matching puzzles with deep turn-based gameplay. While the battles will be intense and fast-paced, Battle Vision Network will still feel like a cozy experience. Furthermore, you’ll access a diverse cast of characters, grouped in teams in a galaxy far, far away. Player-controlled teams will compete against each other, seeking to scoop up the ultimate championship crown.


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All we know about Battle Vision Network’s story is that it will take place in an unnamed galaxy. You’ll engage in intergalactic battles against human online players. There’s a high chance Capybara Games will be releasing more information on the story, perhaps the backstories of the diverse characters. Just from the art style, the characters have charismatic looks and styles. It’d be grand if they could have backstories, too, that set them apart from one another and, dare I say, voice acting.

While Battle Vision Network doesn’t have a fully fleshed-out story yet, it does add an exciting plot twist. You’ll choose a team from a diverse cast. If you win with the Rag Tags team, for example, you’ll gain stats that shape the outcome of the story. Even more so, it’ll determine the trajectory Battle Vision Network’s seasonal narrative takes for all players.


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Get ready to engage in fast and fierce online PvP battles. You’ll compete against another human online player, taking turns creating color-matching formations. In a unique twist, any vertical matches you make will launch attacks on the opponent. However, any horizontal matches will put up a defense against incoming attacks. Matches will be snappy, taking roughly five minutes. Moreover, the gameplay will be easy to jump into. However, despite the ease of difficulty, you’ll still need to employ some level of strategy as you advance through the stages.

Battle Vision Network will feature a diverse range of characters to choose from. Each unit will have unique skills and abilities. In addition to unique strengths, each team will have a unique style and charm. It seems that players will be choosing teams as opposed to individual players. However, for each team, you’ll need a captain to lead the charge. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new units and further add variety and depth to the gameplay.

Speaking of upgrades, the game will add deep customization. You’ll unlock new costumes to bring out your captain’s charisma, along with exciting emojis, and even have the freedom to customize your win screen. While the customizations are aesthetic-centered, they can serve as valuable tools for taunting your opponents.

Being an online game, Battle Vision Network plans to establish a thriving live service experience, complete with seasonal characters, rankings, challenges, new twists, and more. You’ll unlock new seasons where you compete with online players, climbing the ranks to win the championship title. Interestingly, the Battle Vision Network community will decide who scoops up the crown.


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Capybara Games is currently working on developing and publishing the upcoming game, Battle Vision Network. You probably already know the studio from their impressive work on Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (2009). In fact, Battle Vision Network is quite similar to Clash of Heroes, both mixing the puzzle-solving and turn-based combat genres. You can instantly see the inspiration Battle Vision Network draws from Clash of Heroes, with the upcoming game evidently a spiritual successor to the beloved 2009 title. 

But Capybara Games has prowess in sword-slashing puzzle-solving battles, thanks to its beloved Grindstone. Also, more action-oriented games like Below and Super Time Force. Clearly, with the studio’s wealth of experience in multiple genres, it’s unsurprising that Battle Vision Network will be a mix of genres that, if done well, could pay off handsomely.

Battle Vision Network’s first announcement was only just made at the Day of the Devs showcase, during which we received the first reveal trailer. We also have a Battle Vision Network Steam store page, detailing the gameplay you can expect in the final game.



Feel free to check out Battle Vision Network‘s official reveal trailer in the video embedded above. It showcases the gameplay you can expect in the final game, which largely echoes Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes’ horizontal and vertical matches for offense and defense. Grindstone’s influence on the puzzles is also evident, alongside Sam Webster’s thrilling music score. Above all, the art style stands out, leaving nothing to chance. It’s bold. It’s vibrant. For the first trailer, it hits the mark, raising overwhelming anticipation for the final game.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

STAB - Battle Vision Network

Battle Vision Network is slated to launch sometime in 2025. It’s unclear when exactly the release date will be. However, we can confirm that Battle Vision Network will launch on mobile devices via Netflix and on PC platforms via Steam. As for the editions, they remain unconfirmed at this time.

In the meantime, you can add Battle Vision Network to your Steam wishlist to get a notification as soon as it drops. Alternatively, you can join Battle Vision Network’s Discord channel to keep track of the latest news updates. Better yet, you can stick with us right here on, where we post new information on all things gaming.

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of Battle Vision Network when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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