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Ad Infinitum: Everything We Know



There’s a new realm of psychological horror that yearns to be torn from its portal — Ad Infinitum, a story-driven game that’ll look to blend the unfathomable horrors of one’s past with a terrifying world built on alternate realities and vivid dreams. And from the looks of it, this evidently gloomy chapter will tout far more than the odd fright, as made clear in its recently released in-game screenshots and pre-launch footage.

As it turns out, this freshly prepped horror isn’t all that far from hitting the market, either. That said, before you go jumping on the bandwagon, be sure to read on for all the latest updates on the project. Here’s everything you need to know about Ad Infinitum in 2023.

What Is Ad Infinitum?

Let’s get straight into it. What is Ad Infinitum, and how will it look to add flare to the world of psychological horror? Well, from the looks of it, Ad Infinitum will lay the foundations for an unsettling romp through the human psyche—an ex-German soldier’s horrifying memories, to narrow it down. In a similar vein to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Layers of Fear, Ad Infinitum will cast its focus on the veteran’s core memories—bleak times that continue to plague his psychological health long after the events of The Great War.

Judging from the footage that was revealed earlier this year, the game will be divided into two timelines. Like other games of its kind, players will be invited to explore an old manor home—a location in which certain trinkets have the power to trigger traumatic memories. It’s within these traumatic memories, being a horror game at heart, that you will face your deepest fears and unravel the events leading up to your psychological downfall. As for what these memories will turf up is another story. But more on that shortly.


As a reminder, the game will take place in the aftermath of The Great War. As for the story itself, players will take on the role of an ex-German soldier, one who carries an unbearable emotional burden due to the memories of the sheer horror that once plagued the frontline trenches. With the weight of the past looming over his shoulders, players will need to relive the highlights and face the trials and tribulations from a much, much darker perspective.

“You wake up in your bedroom, unchanged from your teenage years, in a run-down and deserted manor house,” the Steam description reads. “Suddenly and inexplicably, you are transported to the trenches where the horrors of war are overshadowed by vile and even more terrifying creatures. Unable to distinguish between reality and nightmare, you must fight to regain control of your life's narrative.”

“Unspeakable nightmares come to life in the recesses of your mind,” the blurb continues. “To escape the death traps and terrifying creatures, you must understand the source and motivation of each monster and solve the puzzles that stand in your way. From blind demons who can hear your softest footsteps to hideous disjointed puppets who move in the dark, horror is around every corner.”


It’ll be a survival-horror game at its core, with emphasis on the horror aspect above all else. Therefore, we can certainly expect to see our fair share of exploration, puzzle-solving segments, and nail-biting encounters. It’ll also be split into two sections, with one part focusing on unearthing clues to shed light on your family’s questionable past, and the second relying on memories of the war, as well as the various horrors that claimed them.

Of course, there’s still a great deal we don’t actually know about Ad Infinitum’s gameplay — the length, being just one of them. One thing’s for sure, either way; it’ll be a single-player game that’ll bring the meaning of psychological horror to a whole new level.


So, exactly who do we have to thank for this newest addition to the psychological horror domain? Well, in case you missed it — it’s Hekate, a relatively young studio based over in Berlin, Germany. According to the team, “Hekate aims to be one of the leading, and internationally recognized, game companies out of Germany.”

”The games we develop should be known for their state of the art audio/visual-presentation, dense atmosphere, engaging gameplay, captivating narratives and deep worldbuilding,” its official site reads. “Beyond the entertainment millions of players worldwide will gain from our carefully crafted experiences, we are also striving, to have them reflect about themselves and critical topics of the past, present and future. The studios common goal is to create thought provoking nightmares.”


Ad Infinitum - Pre-Order Trailer | PS5 Games

There is, in fact, a trailer of Ad Infinitum floating around on social media already. But don’t let us spoil it for you. If you’re after a sneak peek, then be sure to check out the footage embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Ad Infinitum will be heading to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mobile, and PC via Steam on September 14, 2023. So, hardly any reason to fret over where to find it come launch day, then.

As far as special editions go, Ad Infinitum will launch with the two: Standard, which will retail at $39.99, and Nightmare, at $49.99. Here’s what you can expect to find in the latter, according to the press release:

  • Ad Infinitum
  • 48 Hour Early Access
  • 10% Off
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Official Artbook

Has Ad Infinitum caught your eye? If so, then be sure to check in with the developer’s official social feed for all the latest pre-launch updates here. If anything chances ahead of its release, then we’ll be sure to clue you in on all the key details right here on


So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Ad Infinitum when it launches on consoles and PC later this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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