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5 Best Witchcraft Video Games

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Witchcraft is an element that is rarely explored in games. While there are many games that feature magic. It is rarely explored in depth. With a world that can be interesting to delve into Witchcraft is a concept that many could serve as the basis for many games. It should be stated that these concepts need to be shown in a positive light. Rather than the stereotypical depictions of the craft. Without further ado, here are our picks for 5 best Witchcraft video games.

5. Spellcaster University


Spellcaster University is a spellbindingly good time. The game was developed and published by Sneaky Yak Studios with the publishing being done alongside WhisperGames. This title was released in its 1.0 state in June of 2021. In this game, you undertake the role of playing a school headmaster in a vibrant world. The option of which kind of magic you delve into is up to you. This adds to the replayability of the game and encourages multiple playstyles.

Will you choose to deal in white or black magic? Which manner of witchcraft will you teach your students? These prospects are up for the player to decide. The game also allows players to engage their mages in combat. This can play out through tower defense sections of the game. In which players must prepare to survive against waves of orcs. All in all, Spellcaster University is a game that will find players engaging in mystic magics. It is for this reason that it is the fifth pick in our list of 5 best Witchcraft video games.

4. Alchemy Garden


Alchemy Garden is a rather cute and charming game about alchemy. Fusing gardening and the alchemical arts into one adorable package Alchemy Garden encourages the player to explore its world. This is accomplished through players wanting to learn more alchemical recipes in the game to craft new potions. On top of this, the game also adds gardening and gathering mechanics that have the player exploring different biomes.

Exploring the world of Alchemy Garden is simply a joy. With the goal of gaining materials or blueprints for different furnishings, this game knows how to make you go back for more. Garden design is also an important element in the game with its own amount of depth to it as well. It is this depth that keeps players returning to this game again and again. Players can also craft tools to make each respective job easier to accomplish. In conclusion, Alchemy Garden is a wonderful game featuring witchcraft, it is for this reason that it comes in as our fourth pick for 5 best Witchcraft video games.


3. Potion Paws


Potion Paws is an incredibly charming game. Published and developed by Bitten Toast, the game is incredibly cute in its aesthetic. Released through Steam's Early Access program the game is able to be supported by players until its full release. After purchasing a house in rather desolate wood, the player finds a dungeon full of monsters nearby. Players are able to explore these eerie areas in search of rewards that vary in effectiveness and worth.

The game features crafting as well as gardening all in the use of witchcraft. It is this system that allows the player to combat the monsters that they come across in their journey. If players do have unnecessary items, however, they can simply offload these for coins in order to get items that they actually can use and need. You can even craft many foods that offer buffs and health to the player. As well as summon a ghost companion to accompany you through your adventures. It is for its charm and gameplay that we choose Potion Paws as our third pick for 5 best Witchcraft video games.


2. Bayonetta Series

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The Bayonetta series is one that has garnered much attention over its runtime. With the highly anticipated title Bayonetta 3 being anticipated by many a player. Many wish to continue the journey of the Umbra Witch. Featuring a rather deep story as well as a fantastic combat design the game has much to offer new and returning players. The combat in the game is one of the elements that receives high praise with each iteration in the series.

Developed by Platinum Games and published by Sega in its first iteration. Bayonetta was a smash hit. featuring the smooth and stellar combat of a Platinum Games game the game wowed critics. Praising the game as a must-play for action game fans the game created a legacy of great games. It is for this reason that players wait with bated breath for Bayonetta 3 to release on October 28th, 2022. All in all, Bayonetta is a game that shows just how stunning witchcraft can be. Making it our second pick for 5 best Witchcraft video games.

1. Little Witch in the Woods


Now comes our first entry on our list. Little Witch in the Woods is a game that has a very unique charm about it and is a wonderful title to experience. Developed in a charming 8bit style the game is certainly cute and nostalgic in its design. The pixel art fantasy game was developed and published by a South Korean studio. Sunny Side Up has a gem on its hands. Players play as a young aspiring witch named Ellie. Eager to learn more about her craft it is the quest for knowledge that leads us on this journey.

Released on May 17th of 2022 the game is a fairly recent entry into the ranks of witchcraft games. This does not detract from its charm, however. The game might be single-player but offers a ton of depth for what it brings to the table. It is a game that may fly under certain players' radars but is certainly worth experiencing for oneself. A joyous journey for any adventurous player Little Witch in the Woods has a ton of charm to it. It is for this reason that we believe that Little Witch in the Woods is our top pick for 5 best Witchcraft video games.

So, what do you think of our list of the 5 best Witchcraft video games? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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