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5 Best Puzzle Games on Steam (July 2022)

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Puzzle Games on Steam

Puzzle games are one of the most interesting genres. Not only do they keep you invested in a game but also challenge you to apply logic. Such games are the perfect genre for players who enjoy taking their time to plan and strategize. Steam caters to gamers of all genres and that includes puzzle fans as well. The puzzle genre contains a variety of options for various types of fans. You can find hundreds of these games on Steam, from traditional riddle games to high-end strategy shooter games. The best of which include creativity and challenge. Below are some of the games that best represent the dynamic nature of the genre. Let's take a look at the five best Puzzle Games on Steam you can play today. 


5. Portal 2

Puzzle Games on Steam

If you have not yet played any game from the Portal series, you are missing out on one of the best puzzle games on Steam. Portal 2 is the sequel to an award-winning title that any puzzle game lover can appreciate. This game provides you with a series of portals through space and time. It follows a story centered around an AI guide. There are up to three characters to explore in this first-person perspective game.

Portal 2 also lets you explore and interact with the environment. As you move through this game you may sustain some injuries, which is normal; but keep in mind that you may die if these injuries get too severe. When this happens in single-player mode, the game restarts from the last checkpoint point. The game basically takes you through various science-oriented puzzles. Therefore it's not only for puzzle fans, even sci-fi fans can enjoy it.


4. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

If you are a puzzler, you may already be familiar with The Trine series. Trine 4 is the best of the series and is a blend of combat, creative puzzles as well as platforming. Because of its outstanding gameplay and design, the game maintains a top position on Steam charts. Trine 4 features the return of three familiar heroes from the game's predecessors. Their mission is a rescue operation aimed to secure a certain prince. As they move through the treacherous terrain they come across various trials, including terrorizing shadows; manifestations of a defeated prince.

Like most titles in the series, Trine 4 is a 2D platformer and focuses on physics puzzles. Although Trine 3 was more of a 3D game, the game's developers opted to revert to 2D with the fourth installment. However, they seem to have compensated for that with quality graphics and additional content. The puzzle activities you are likely to enjoy when playing Trine 4 include connecting ropes, telekinesis and conjuring boxes. After a couple of puzzles, you also get to fight monsters. Therefore, you get a bit of action incorporated into your puzzle game.


3. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Moving on to a more inclusive game we have Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes. Since solving puzzles alone may be lonely, this game gives players the chance to play with friends. It even goes as far as to include a VR feature that will give you a more realistic experience and connection. It is a party game that lets you work together with your friends to diffuse a bomb. One of you has to essentially diffuse the bomb with the help of the rest of the players who will be reading instructions. But here's the fun part; the defuser cannot see the guide and the players reading the instructions also cannot see the bomb.

If you play as a defuser, you would also need to explain certain parts of the bomb to the ones reading the guide. This is the only way to tell which module of the bomb the guide is referring to; they will have to visualize and identify specific modules. You have to do all this while considering the timer that is counting down to zero. If the timer gets to zero before you have diffused the bomb, it blows up in your face. This makes for a pretty interesting yet adrenaline-rushing experience for a team activity.


2. Glass Masquerade

Puzzle Games on Steam

For those who are into a more classic experience, we present Glass Masquerade. This is a traditional jigsaw puzzle that incorporates both art and culture in its design. Here, you have to connect missing puzzle pieces into variant decorated clocks. These missing pieces are odd in shape and you need to find the ones that fit in the empty parts of the clock. A pretty straightforward game but challenging nonetheless. For instance, some of the puzzles get extremely tough to crack due to the complexity of some of the art pieces the clocks feature. 

Glass Masquerade is an ideal game for those who enjoy art as it offers a wide variety of artistic content. Similarly, it can be a fairly relaxing experience due to its slow-paced gameplay. Not to mention the slow soothing music, which is just incredibly calming. The game also provides you with a wide load of content with its never-ending levels. For those who like jigsaws, this is easily a solid purchase.


1. The Room

Puzzle Games on Steam

If you have ever wondered what you would do if placed in an ‘Escape Room' situation, The Room is the perfect game for you. Test your ability to provide the best solutions when faced with the eerie puzzles this game provides. Your first encounter when you begin to play The Room is a mysterious box. You find it once you arrive at an abandoned apartment where you will have to solve your first puzzle. The first thing you notice is the inventory, this is a small pack to carry useful items such as keys. 

To play The Room, you need to be observant of your environment to spot the clues that will help you decipher the game. The most important equipment you can have in your inventory is the lens; it allows you to see hidden details. Your task is to unlock every single puzzle to extract the box within it; which gradually gets smaller as you progress. What's unique about this game is that it's so atmospheric and requires a lot of attention; even towards the smallest of details. The story is minimal for one obvious reason; you simply don't need that much narrative for this type of game. 


Which of the video games from the list above do you think is the best puzzle game on Steam? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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