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5 Best Games Like Monster Hunter: Rise

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Monster Hunter: Rise remains a staple since its launch in 2004. The game stands out with its epic boss fights preoccupying the gamers with top-notch RPG elements that are well crafted. 

If you're a huge fan of this game, there are several games with the same RPG aspects, graphics, themes, popularity, and similar dynamics that you should look into. Let's look into five best action-heavy games like Monster Hunter: Rise.


5. Tera

5 Best Games Like Monster Hunter: Rise

Tera is one of the most complex and decadent progressive wise games , an aspect that makes it so similar to Monster Hunter: Rise. This game has single and multiplayer modes, with action-packed combat mechanisms that will test your skills. You should take the role of a benevolent priest or a vengeful reaper, Berserker, to take down giant monsters in a stunningly beautiful world in epic battles. Tera launches you on a breathtaking adventure that requires you to dodge and aim, land your attacks, avoid damage, and cast spells. Tactic and timing are crucial in this game. 

If you lean towards the traditional MMO world, then Tera is your game. Although unplayable on the console, it's well adapted for play, given room for control customization. Also, Tera is less thrilling as its non-combat elements such as PvP, crafting, structure, and story are woefully behind the times. 


4. Dauntless

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Dauntless is a free to play game whose combat system is more fluid and faster and therefore a perfect alternative for players who are not confident enough with the Monster Hunter.  It is not like Monster Hunter; but its storyline involves hunting monsters. Although it's a free-to-play game, it offers a lot of high-level content.

Dauntless lacks an actual storyline during missions. However, that's beside the case since most games of this genre don’t have one. This game is simple. You will play as the slayer and kill giant nasty monsters called behemoths. The game is solely about your progression. Each monster you slay enables you to get a bunch of crafting material, which you will use to craft more weapons to kill more monsters. There isn't much to do in the game but the moment-to-moment gameplay is fascinating.

Dauntless is a game that rewards commitment. The more you slay or use a type of weapon, the more your mastery rank increases. Learning attack patterns is as crucial as knowing your weapon combos. Dauntless is an insanely fun game that allows you to move in for quick sessions. This is mainly because it lacks complexity, has accessible monster action, non-intrusive free-to-play mechanics and a seamless cross-platform multiplayer. 


3. The Outer Worlds


5 Best Games Like Monster Hunter: Rise; The Outer Worlds

Similarly to Monster Hunter: Rise, there's so much to explore in this game and you feel immersed in the experience. The Outer Worlds is set in a vast colony solar system ruled by corporate feudalism and is filled with dark humor. The game features a first-person perspective and you can also create your character to unlock a ship. 

The Outer Worlds is a progressive game where each decision you make in the game will affect its progress and you as a player. The game has a very creative approach. Characters bring flair to the game, and the dialogue is intriguing, full of diversity, and witty. 

All through the game, there's a crazy-eyed mascot or satirical slogan, oppressive propaganda and policies. You as the player use dialogue to influence the game's story. For combat,there are different weapons in use but you can also use social skills if you want to avoid combat. Once you progress, you gain experience points where you unlock new skills and level up. This game creates a balance of past and future without pushing technology all over your face.


2. Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a groundbreaking game that shook the gaming industry for its extraordinary features, far from the norm. There’s a comparison of this game to Monster Hunter: Rise since they have similar learning curves. They also have highly unique characters, and great combat allowing players to use the weapons to their liking. The game is brutal and demands third-person RPG action.

Dark Souls is set in a world full of monstrous and disturbing creatures and things that are determined to end your life as fast as possible. Using whatever armor or weapon you can collect, forge or buy, the challenge is using every means possible to make your way through the deadly and damned place. You will frequently come across gigantic creatures that take pleasure in killing. Death is everything in this game. You will die so many times, whether, on the edge of an axe or the end of a sword. There will also be crushing by boulders, poisoning, assassinations, cliff pushes and stabbing.

If you're looking for a fun game, Dark Souls is not your option. But if you find it interesting in finding out the limits you can reach to test your focus, go for it. Once you begin to understand the mindset and twisting ways of the game, this is one of the most fascinating and thrilling experiences you'll have as a gamer. 


1. God Of War

God Of War is one of the most acclaimed and recognized games. It has continuously provided high-quality action-adventure experiences for Playstation gamers since 2005. This game is like Monster Hunter: Rise for its fantastic action gameplay and combat mechanism. Like Monster Hunter: Rise, God Of War has a stable and smooth combat style and many mechanics. 

The game’s framing is done by one continuous camera shot. It focuses on the relationship between Kratos and his son, Atreus. The storyline is straightforward and has a supporting cast, an amazing world and very satisfying combat. The journey begins when Kratos' wife dies, and he teams up with his son to fulfill her last wishes by setting out to the tallest point in all the realms. However, the journey has many obstacles, both god-made and natural and terrifying threats. Although the game is fun to play, it lacks a multiplayer mode. Nonetheless, it delivers handily and falls nothing short of a masterpiece.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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