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10 Best Park Management Games on Xbox Series X|S

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Best Park Management Games

Theme parks seem to always retain their charm, and many people have fond memories of visiting them as kids and adults. They are so fun that many people wish they could be in charge. Fortunately, theme park enthusiasts can live out their dreams through various park management games.

Park management games are fun and deeply engaging because of the diverse activities involved and the high level of detail. They come in diverse themes, such as zoos for wildlife enthusiasts or rollercoasters for thrill seekers. There is something to suit diverse preferences, and the following ten best park management games offer the best gameplay experiences for Xbox Series X|S users.

1o. Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster: Console Edition | Launch Trailer

Planet Coaster features beautiful graphics showcasing diverse fantasy park infrastructure and facilities. You can build the theme park piece-by-piece using over 1,000 building components and watch as it takes shape. Moreover, you can also undertake extensive landscaping projects like raising mountains, carving out lakes, and even forming islands in the sky. You can then manage the park afterward to ensure that everything works well and the visitors have a good time.

Interestingly, although the game lacks a co-op mode, Planet Coaster players can still interact. They can share ideas or trade items, ranging from rollercoasters to entire parks.

9. Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters

Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters | Launch Trailer

While Planet Coaster is a classic park management game, the Ghostbusters version adds an unconventional twist: ghosts and ghostbusters. Ghosts are a constant threat to your fantasy theme park, causing potentially harmful paranormal phenomena.

You don’t build or manage a theme park in Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters. Your objective is to hunt the ghosts haunting the park and expel them. William Atherton and Dan Aykroyd, who voiced the original Ghostbusters characters, provide an engaging story for the game. Moreover, it features some authentic sceneries and soundtracks from the original Ghostbusters movie.

8. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic Trailer

RollerCoaster Tycoon is one of the best park management games, and the RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic edition combines the best features of the game’s first and second versions. It offers versatile building options, including your unique designs or pre-made rollercoaster designs. You can also design diverse environments and supporting facilities, such as shops and restaurants. Notably, the Classic edition comes with three extension parks: Ride Designer, Park Scenario Editor, and Wacky Worlds.

7. Park Beyond

Park Beyond - Gameplay Trailer | PS5 Games

Park Beyond is versatile, enabling you to play as a park designer, creator, manager, or all three roles. It is also highly detailed and covers every aspect of park management, from finances to your virtual visitors’ satisfaction. Besides managing the amusement activities, you can also manage shops and hire people to run them.

This game offers a blank digital canvas for you to design as you wish, enabling you to build diverse types of rides and other amusement activities. Interestingly, it features a comprehensive campaign mode and a versatile sandbox mode.

6. Park Beyond: Beyond eXtreme

Park Beyond - Beyond eXtreme Launch Trailer

While Park Beyond has a comprehensive approach to park management, Park Beyond: Beyond eXtreme is all about the thrill of rollercoaster-style parks. More precisely, the parks you design are specialized for daredevils, adrenaline junkies, and stuntwomen.

In Park Beyond: Beyond eXtreme, you can build diverse infrastructure, including over 250 scenery objects. You have nine building prefabs and one track type to work with and express your creativity. Moreover, you can choose from two missions and play two sandbox maps.

5. Bunny Park

Bunny Park - Launch Trailer 4K

Bunny Park is an unconventional and quirky park management game that focuses on bunnies instead of people. You create and manage a farm-style park habitable to bunnies. The park has features such as edible plants for the bunnies to eat, water ponds for the bunnies to drink, bushes, logs, pavements, and swings. Activities include feeding and petting the bunnies to keep them healthy and comfy.

Your objective is to expand the park and increase its rating to attract more bunnies. Interestingly, each bunny has a unique appearance and distinct pattern.

4. Pool Slide Story

Pool Slide Story - Official Trailer

Switching from games based on fantasy parks, Pool Slide Story focuses entirely on building and managing a water park. You can build various infrastructure, such as water slides and swimming pools. However, it goes beyond water park features and also involves the management of secondary infrastructure and services, such as food stalls and water gear shops.

Visitors’ satisfaction is an essential aspect of the water park’s management. Notably, you earn satisfaction points when your visitors are happy with your facilities and services. Moreover, your visitors can share your water park on social media.

3. Parkitect


Parkitect is a modern take on the classic park tycoon games. It is highly versatile and detailed, allowing you to stretch your creativity. Notably, you can work with over 70 of the most popular theme park ride types when designing your rollercoaster. Moreover, you can choose from various themes, including adventure parks or fantasy land.

This game features a challenging campaign mode comprising 26 scenarios with unique settings. It also has a more versatile sandbox mode. Interestingly, you can play both modes in co-op mode with a team of up to eight players.

2. Matchland

Match Land - Official Game Trailer

Matchland gives you an abandoned theme park and all the resources you need to revive and restore it to its old glory. You can design, build, and customize various facilities, including rollercoasters, carousels, buildings, squares, and more. Interestingly, the game and infrastructure feature a ‘60s atmosphere, but the graphics are modern and sharp.

The game features an engaging background story for a more immersive playing experience. Interestingly, some forces are out to stop the park’s renovation, and you must uncover the mystery by solving match-3 puzzles.

1. Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2 | Announcement Trailer

Jurassic World is hands-down the best theme park, albeit fictional. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the best aspects of this awesome but dangerous park in Jurassic World Evolution 2, complete with a new narrative, dinosaur species, and other exciting features.

This game throws you into the aftermath of the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, where dangerous dinosaurs break loose and start rampaging. The park is ruined, and you must construct new buildings and renovate existing ones to house your staff. You must also construct facilities to host the loose dinosaurs before capturing, housing, and controlling them.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the ten best park management games on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below. 


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