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WWE 2K23: Wrestlers We Want in DLC

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e, there are a ludicrous number of wrestlers in WWE 2K23’s roster list. About 200 Superstars, to be exact. It’s such a ludicrous amount, in fact, that it has to be the most fleshed-out roster list ever seen in a wrestling video game. But our insatiable selves still crave more. Or, at least, the specific wrestlers we’re dying to play as, but somehow, they almost always fall shy of making it to the roster. Some made it in previous entries but got kicked out of WWE 2K23. And dare we say, “We want them back.” 

If you didn’t already know, WWE 2K23 is gracing us with DLC packs both at launch and post-launch. The DLC content promises some of WWE's most popular and up-and-coming wrestlers. In total, WWE 2K23 plans to deliver 24 DLC superstars and one manager throughout the summer. So, every month a new DLC pack will be released until August. Expectations run high as the full WWE 2K23 roster was made available in WWE 2K23, and a full roadmap of the additional 24 superstars across five DLC packs remains well underway. 

In anticipation of the DLC packs releasing every month after launch until August, we’re curating WWE 2K23 wrestlers we want in DLC so that our expectations are put out there ahead of time.

5. Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae is a surprising twist because she isn’t included in WWE 2K23, yet her name appears on the tag entrance list. Strangely, she is missing from the roster, so perhaps she’s slated for DLC? 

Candice LeRae took a break from WWE in July 2021. Shortly after, she announced she was pregnant and took maternity leave until her contract ended on May 6th, 2022. Thereafter, Candice LeRae returned to the ring in September and has been active ever since.

It doesn’t make sense that Candice LeRae appeared in WWE 2K22, then got cut from WWE 2K23. Whatever the case, Candice LeRare is a wrestler I wouldn’t mind in DLC or, certainly, WWE 2K24’s roster.

4. Uncle Howdy

If there’s a wrestler whose MIA act from WWE 2K23 caused the most uproar, it’s Bray Wyatt. Well, if you’re one of the disappointed fans who wanted Bray Wyatt in the DLC, I’m happy to say your wishes will come true on July 19th in the Revel with Wyatt Pack. Bray Wyatt should have been included on the main roster. However, the DLC pack will have to do, thanks to his late 2022 return.

That being said, we all know how creative Bray Wyatt has always been with his WWE persona, which begs the question of whether The Fiend, Uncle Howdy, or Funhouse will make it to the game. I’m rooting for Uncle Howdy because of all the mystery surrounding him. I mean, is he even Bray Wyatt or Bo Dallas in disguise?

The Eater of Worlds, Uncle Howdy, is by far and large the most popular of Bray Wyatt’s brain or the other speculative wrestlers likely behind the character. Regardless of who Uncle Howdy is, he’s definitely a wrestler I want to see in the DLC, as well as some form of continuation of the mysteries surrounding him. 

3. Michelle McCool

It's infuriating how women have always been treated as if they were a sideshow rather than credible professional athletes. WWE 2K23, on the other hand, is changing the tides in that regard, with the male and female MyRise modes showing great promise for more inclusivity in the future.

Female wrestlers like AJ Lee, Eve Torres, Victoria, and Michelle McCool are beloved by fans. Michelle Mccool, in particular, is a WWE legend who recently announced her retirement. She apparently grew tired of being treated unfairly because she was married to a WWE superstar. Hopefully, Michelle Mccool will make a comeback in DLC or on future WWE rosters.

2. Bronston Reed

WWE 2K23 Wrestlers We Want in DLC

Even though Bronston Reed returned in December 2022, meaning that he likely won’t make the cut to WWE 2K23, it still was disappointing not to see him featured in WWE 2K23. He may have to wait until WWE 2K24, but still, there’s no harm in hoping that he makes it to DLC by some miracle, especially when he’s already putting on great performances in the Elimination Chamber and has been a solid presence in the WWE scene since his return. 

Being a star on the rise, perhaps WWE 2K23 wasn’t the ideal game to make his debut. However, the DLC packs could still make for a good surprise, or otherwise, in the WWE 2K24 entry. 

1. Roderick Strong

WWE 2K23 Wrestlers We Want in DLC

Roderick Strong has been a regular on WWE’s roster for years now. Consequently, his missing from WWE 2K23 doesn’t go unnoticed, as fan outrage hits the roof. Particularly the Roderick Strong versus Cody Rhodes match that was highly anticipated for WWE 2K23, now that Cody is back in the WWE fold. At the moment, it looks like it’ll be a no-show. 

As much as we’d love for Roderick Strong to make it into WWE 2K23 via the DLC packs, it looks like the same reason he didn’t make it to the roster at launch may still hold him back from being included in the DLC. Unfortunately, Roderick Strong had an ankle injury in early 2022, which led him to take a break from the ring.

Considering the time that passed since the injury is quite long, perhaps it’s more severe than fans presume, given that it’s the same reason that led to Roderick Strong’s inability to perform the motion capture needed for WWE 2K23. They couldn’t use last year’s model either since Roderick Strong made a major gimmick change since 2K22. 

The only way Roderick Strong makes it to the DLC is if he makes a quick recovery and can sample all-new seasons for 2K23. Otherwise, 2K24 could be the more reasonable time frame (or longer). 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of WWE 2K23 wrestlers we want in DLC? Are there more wrestlers we should know about? Do let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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