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One Piece Odyssey: Best Party Members, Ranked



.One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG that allows players to take control of the Straw Hat Pirates. Set on the island of Waford, the pirate crew must figure out the island's mysteries. Being a turn-based game, there is quite a bit of strategy that goes into team composition. From combative frontline roles to more supportive roles, each character can do their part to help your team throughout the game. Here is One Piece Odyssey: Best Party Members, Ranked.

5. Nami

Nami is a fantastic character to attack enemies from afar, as well as multiple enemies with her Clima-Tact. This allows Nami to use weather abilities in order to dispatch her foes. This attack style makes her better at staying away from the frontline action and more suited to a ranged role. While she may lack the tankiness of other characters and the ability to take a hit, she deals a massive amount of damage to multiple foes with ease.

Not only that but also her abilities do not cost the player a lot of TP. This makes it possible for her to use more attacks more frequently. But this isn't where Nami's utility stops, however, as she is also capable of finding treasure out in the world. This is a nice nod to her money-grubbing ways in the manga and anime. While she may not be the most all-around damage-dealing character, there are many abilities that make Nami viable. Such as applying lightning to foes using her Clima-Tact baton. So, all in all, Nami is a great pick for those trying to add something different to their party in One Piece Odyssey.

4. Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is an absolute beast on the battlefield when they utilize their various forms. Not only that, but Chopper also has a huge amount of utility, given that they are able to heal themselves as well as other party members. This will have players putting Chopper on their team for this reason alone. However, this isn't the only thing that makes CHopper really viable to use. Chopper's ability to transform makes him very adaptable to a number of situations. In addition, you can utilize his various Points in order to fit the situation. This makes the character one that players cannot afford to not have on their team if they wish to be able to handle a multitude of foes.

Outside of combat, Chopper also helps the team by reaching inaccessible places. He does this by shrinking down into his smaller form in order to pass through these barriers. This can help the player discover a hidden treasure or another way around the island. While it is true that his main utility lies in his healing ability, the secondary abilities of this character should not be slept on by the player.

3. Black Leg Sanji

Sanji is a character that can truly turn up the heat in battle. The battling chef of the Straw Hat Pirates is able to use fire to inflict Burn on enemies. This makes it so that enemies will take damage over time. This isn't the only thing Sanji is good for, however, as his skills as a chef definitely come into play in One Piece Odyssey. Players are able to go around the world collecting ingredients for Sanji to whip up in the kitchen. These will give many restorative bonuses to the player for their time.

Sanji's fighting style is one that is a marvel to look at as well, featuring tons of flashy yet powerful kicks. This makes every time that you damage a group of enemies a great time to watch because you get to see just how powerful Sanji's strikes are. Finally, Sanji being a Power-type means that he will go well with characters such as Luffy. In which the two become a powerhouse against their enemies. For these reasons, Sanji fits on a Power-driven team so well, and the food buffs he can supply are invaluable to the player's One Piece Odyssey party.

2. Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is the resident swordsman of the Straw Hat crew. His infamous three-sword style allows him to slice through his foes with ease. Zoro's typing in One Piece Odyssey is the Technique typing which suits him rather well. Regarding technique types, Zoro is definitely near the top in terms of strength. His technique typing allows Zoro to be fantastic against Power enemies. This makes him incredibly viable for daunting foes throughout the game.

One of the things that make Zoro stand out among the team is his ability to apply bleeds. These are attacks that cause the enemy to take damage over time following an attack. This ability makes a lot of sense, considering his affinity for cutting things. It should also be noted that Zoro can also cause enemies to do a reduced amount of damage to the player and their party. In closing, Zoro is a fantastic choice for your team and definitely brings the strength that makes the Vice-Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates so viable.

1. Monkey D. LuffyTokyo Games Show

What would a pirate crew be without its captain? Luffy is a fantastic choice for any team because of the versatility that his move set has. The ability to go into different Gear forms and utilize a ton of different attacks makes Luffy a must-have for your team. Luffy is able to also use this power to traverse, which can be great for getting around the world as quickly as possible. He is also helpful outside of combat due to his utilization of Observation Haki. This is an ability that allows Luffy to scan for items around him as well as enemies.

All in all, every team could benefit from having Luffy on it. It could be possible that the developers wanted to make Luffy really strong because he seemed to be head and shoulders above the rest. Luffy brings high energy to the party and can use a number of abilities in combat, including his Gear abilities which allow him to enhance his already powerful attacks making them all the more devastating. So to close, players' teams could definitely benefit from having Luffy at the helm of their One Piece Odyssey party.

So, what's your take on our picks for One Piece Odyssey: Best Party Members, Ranked? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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