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New Leaked Halo Infinite Video Shows Forge Mode Gameplay

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Halo Infinite

For the first time, gamers can get a glimpse of the game's Forge mode thanks to a new video circulating widely on the Internet. The new leaked video shows Halo Infinite's Forge mode in action. 

The leaks have disclosed some of the new features of the upcoming mode, including gameplay and creation tools. Forge allows players to create their own custom game types using a set of tools and scripting choices. The mode will be released at the end of this year as a free update. after the developers postponed it from the game's launch. 

The recent videos that Rebs Gaming posted on Twitter demonstrates Forge's versatility in customizing Infinite‘s weapons. Users can efficiently transplant the effects of one weapon to another using the tools. For instance, players can make the Cindershot fire rockets or make the Gravity Hammer attack like an Energy Sword.

The first leaked video was allegedly recorded from a Halo Infinite test flight. The video is essentially an introduction to the new Forge functionality. In the beginning, the video demonstrates Halo Infinite‘s new graphic scripting system for Forge. Players can design complex game modes with relative ease using the simple approach. Additionaly, the player used the “Weapon Type Combination” node to develop new weapons. Both videos then reveal several new weapon combinations. 

Halo Infinite Release Details

Halo Infinite‘s Forge mode is still in development, and 343 Industries has not announced a release date yet. The only thing we currently know is that it is coming with Halo Infinite Season 3's release in November. The leaked videos are evidence that the developers are currently testing Forge. Thus it is very safe to assume that the Halo Infinite players will soon be able to play with it.

Halo Infinite is currently available in PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions.


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