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Knockout City: 5 Best Seasons, Ranked

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Developer Velan Studios are just a couple of months away from celebrating the one-year anniversary of Knockout City. The game has exploded in popularity because of its new approach to competitive team-based dodgeball. If you have spent any time in this game you surely understand why. It is full of exhilarating, fast-paced, team dodgeball, with no shortage of strategy. So if you haven't played, gather your squad and prepare for some gripping action in Knockout City.

The game's fifth season has just launched and it comes with major news. The company announced it will celebrate the games second year by making it free to play on June 1st. At the same time, season six will be released and a bunch of new features. It sounds like exciting things are around the corner for Knockout City as it will surely see a big wave of players next season. Therefore, it's only fitting to rank the five best Knockout City seasons.


5. Season 1: Welcome to Knockout City

Knockout City Season 2 — Fight at the Movies Launch Trailer

Riding the success of the game's launch, Knockout City had a community of five million Brawlers going into the first season. The game stood out because of its relatively new idea for PvP based dodgeball, but it wasn't nearly the best season. It was still a ton of fun, however, compared to other seasons, the game didn't have too much to offer. Most likely because the game was already riding off of the idea that it is new and didn't need updated features to stand out yet.

Regardless, season one came with a lot of excitement as it was the debut season for Knockout City. The season came with five fun and unique games modes, and one exciting new map called Jukebox Junction. There was also the incentive to achieve League Play and perform with the best Brawlers in the game. Overall it was a great opening season for new players who were just getting their hands dirty on the competitive dodgeball scene but respectively had the least to offer.


4. Season 2: Fight at the Movies!

Welcome to Knockout City — Official Season 1 Trailer

Season two really pushed the spotlight on Knockout City with its list of new features. There was the release of a new ball, Soda Ball, which was a huge hit. You could charge up the ball and splatter your opponent's screen with soda. It was a very fitting addition but also added some new strategy to the game that could throw off a player's course or distract them while you come in for the kill.

The season also came with a neat new theme in the style of movies. The Holowood Drive-in map was added and would constantly change the playing field into different movie genres. It added a fun twist during the game that kept the scenery fresh and constantly evolving. It also came with six new playlists that offered creative and fun new game modes. The top ones for me were the free-for-all Big KO Chaos, and Superpowers! that came midseason. Season two succeeded with its new and creative game modes that really showed off the diversity of the game.


3. Season 5: Greatest Hits

Knockout City: Greatest Hits Season 5 Reveal Trailer

Season five of Knockout City has just been released on March 1 and it focuses purely on the game's greatest hits. It brought back some of the favorite game modes like Midnight Madness, Ultimate Experience, and Royale Rumble to name a few. There were also constantly changing playlists every two weeks which kept the game fresh. Season five might be higher up on some people's list as it attained to their favorites, but it didn't bring too many new additions.

This is most likely due to EA stepping aside as the game's publisher and letting Velan Studios have full control over their game. Obviously, without the additional support of a big-name publisher, it is tough for the game to compete against its previous seasons. However, there were some nice additions to the hideout with the jukebox, letting your team rock out while warming up. The trophy case was also a proud display of your achievements and was a nice incentive to push League Play and finally achieve diamond.


2.  Season 4: Alien Invaders!

Knockout City Season 4 — Alien Invaders Launch Trailer

Season four was impressive despite tight competition from season three. It wasn't as groundbreaking as the previous season but put up a strong fight. The new map, Alien Smash Site was visually appealing and very dynamic with its playstyle. There were crashed UFOs and hovering saucers that players could ride across the map. This really opened up how you could approach brawls by utilizing shortcuts and jumping to higher ground for new attack angles.

The new brawl pass that came along with season four also added a ton of new outfits to deck out your Brawler. There was also the addition of new alien-themed poses, ultimate throws, and taunts. The company brought back the popular Team KO mode in League Play which made it stand out as one of the best competitive seasons. Competitive never felt better than and is a huge reason this season stood out as one of the better ones.


1. Season 3: H@cked

Knockout City Season 3 — Hacked Launch Trailer

Season three of Knockout City stood out as the best for the amount of content the game added. It really exploded out of the gates and pushed the boundaries in so many areas, especially with the Brawl Pass. The pass gave an incentive to grind all 100 levels and obtain new cosmetics by completing weekly contracts. This contained a bunch of new cosmetics that let you deck out your Brawler and step into battle looking fresh and dangerous.

One of the coolest inclusions to this season where the new crew motorcycles. Brawlers could get different styles for their motorcycles and even match up with their team through crew customization. You could also personalize the crew horn with various sounds and songs. There were even four new voices to choose from for your player. Overall season three stood out as the best because of all the new content it brought. It really let you personalize your Brawler to fit your style and step into a match battle-ready.


Tell us what your favorite Knockout City season was and why in the comments below or over on our socials here.

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